Why haven't you watched The End of Evangelion yet?

Why haven't you watched The End of Evangelion yet?

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I did. rei is just some random number of clones of her and some doll gets really big and I think rei dies and shinji goes "UWU uh..." like 50 times

forgot to mention the father is disappointed in shinji and is also having an affair with rei. all three holes.

i did
not a fan of rei because i'm not an estrogenous mentally ill internet tranny person
fan ofasuka because i'm a human being

I hated the anime since it all felt like really pretentious garbage and the movie looks like more of the same. Whenever an anime tries to be deep it winds up being cringy. If I need some intellectual argument or some greater theme I'll just go read a book.

because it's the end, and no more Evangelions are to be seen.


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Its trash.

Something about it, man...

>Its trash.
fuck you faggot

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I like the part with all the war crimes in it

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>tfw i actually prefer episode 25 & 26 as an ending
is something wrong with me?

I unironically liked the remake movies better.

I did. overrated shit

why haven't you watched yuru yuri yet you fucking faggot. even your m8s are telling you to watch it and yet you bang on about this outdated peice of shit anime about a guy trying to fuck the reincarnation of his mother and yet ending the human race.

Why are you assuming I haven't faggot?

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>calling someone a weeb on Jow Forums
Leave, leave and go use your mothers spine as the noose to end your life.

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I did. Eva is an absolute shit tier meme show. Everything after ep 21 is utter nonsense, I am convinced it is only liked because it was Baby's First Anime and all its "abstract" bullshit makes fedoralords feel smart when they "analyze" it. It has plenty of good moments but as a whole it is a series that says absolutely nothing despite using a lot of words. The impact this show has had on the culture and industry makes me scratch my head, but then I remember it all makes sense because anime has been brainless weeb pandering shit since '08.

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If you don't at least appreciate the significance of and depth behind Eva you're either an edgy contrarian or emotionally immature.

It was good. I liked when Asuka realized her mother's presence and jumped out of the ocean. Very uplifting. The rest was a little too convoluted but I feel like if I were younger, I'd be spending hours on the internet reading theories about its significance.

Because yuru yuri is terrible.

>but I feel like if I were younger, I'd be spending hours on the internet reading theories about its significance.
This is a fair assessment, I watched it my second year in college and while I thought it was really good and interesting it would probably have had a much more profound emotional impact on me if I were a younger.

End of Evangelion and Princess Mononoke are two of my favorite films