Post your most unique traits

Post your most unique traits

>resting heart rate of 55-57 for no apparent reason
>3 passports
>circumcised at 12 years old because of extremely painful and treatment resistant phimosis

thats about it

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I can speak 4 languages yet I'm absolutely incapable of communicating with people

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I'm a regular human, but... I admit I'm just another human.

Hey I'm also a low heart rate user
I'm also a low body temp user
I have some issues with my sexual organ as well but no one cares because it's not a penis.
Other than those, I'm pretty mundane probably.

i have a whide range of vocamulary
somehow people think im smart because of it

>childhood schizophrenia
>ya nyemnoga govaru po-ruskiy
>brain damage

I don't have anything unique...
I guess I'm an NPC

I'm 154cm
I'm asexual

asexuality doesn't exist brochacho just grow a up lil

Kek I'm dying of laughter, can we get a gf for this bad boy here?

You can make clones of yourself?

no it's exists, I'm asexual too.

>rare genetic disease that's slowly destroying all my organs
>life expectancy of made a meme that was featured twice on Pewdiepie's channel

Asexual here.
Just finished my first mitosis of the day, ama.

Post them? Just do it originally.

I have P E Y R O N I E S

I constantly acquire mouth ulcers, leaving me with several weeks per year of eating nothing and saying nothing. It feels like sticking pins through my tongue a week every month.
That's all I'm willing to give in this obvious glow in the dark datamining thread.

I have a bifid uvula

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I can burp the whole alphabet

>I intentionally gave myself lead poisoning
>I have several traumatic tattoos, that is pieces of graphite stuck under my skin, due to accidents

>leaving me with several weeks per year of eating nothing and saying nothing.
If you were a girl, you'd be the perfect girl.

Living in near complete social isolation abroad for uni for 5 years cured me of my social anxiety and i can talk freely with anybody now without that voice in the back of my head fucking everything up

I would say "I wish", but I'm simply far too intelligent and far too accustomed to male life to take on female responsibilities, not that real females have any actual responsibilities in this day and age.

user I'm sure you'd love to be a traditional wife.
It's very humiliation to do female tasks all the time but with some very high standards you'd use all of your brain taking care of home.

You should commit to more than several weeks per year of not speaking.

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My normal temperature is around 97 degrees instead of 98.6. I run cold.

>>resting heart rate of 55-57 for no apparent reason
that's hypothyroidism

No thanks trannies, I shall not fall for your deceptions.

No it isn't, I got tested for it a little while back

Sadly the whole "Elon __" meme got popular a week after Elon Musk was on meme review otherwise he might have seen it too, although he probably had seen it anyway knowing how much of a shitposter he is.

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Don't get me wrong user, but you lack some imagination and confidence.

>raped as a kid
>parents divorced
>dad unironically does cocaine
>only child
>scars from elbow to wrist, both arms, failed suicide
>spent half a year in a mental hospital

yeah you get the idea. I'm real 'unique'

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No, you're incredible common, a classical child abuse with drugs.

Not a tranny. Look up dunning-kruger effect.

Describe the rape

I know that I am intelligent based on my above-average IQ, my excellent academic performance, and my unrivalled win-rate for any debate in which my opponent is a female.

Oh my bad, I didn't realize who I was speaking to.
How do you define a "win" in a debate?

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har har, no.

I'm half-french and half-british
what do you want from me

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In which the female runs out of any viable counterarguments, the second I hear repetition is the moment my god-given intellect has granted me yet another victory. Looks like privilege in society means nothing in terms of intellectual capability. I like to finish off with a well-timed 'checkmate', to signal to my opponent that their efforts to counter my immense library of neuron-connected knowledge will forever go futile.

You fugking idiot

I am Batman.

I'm monobrow

i hope you turn 40 soon

Fuck off Norman you paki shit

Got a family with mom. We keep our relation secret.

>3 passports
Let me guess, one of then is from israel and you're a jew?

We seem so alike

I'm 6'4 nearly 6'5.

Nope, US and 2 European

>Fembot with an anime bodypillow (havent met another yet)
>Doesnt have a snapchat
>Collects items to make marvel and anime itabags

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I have an 8 inch wiener. ;)

gee that's original

eerily similar to myself

you forget to read the rest of the sentence?

There is no graphite under you skin user you are delusional

i have a weird upwards cureved penis, which is also about 3inch thick and 5 inch long

same problem here

>recovered from a cocaine/crack addiction!!!
want the full story??

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suree whats the story?


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I use a name on Jow Forums

I can drink a lot I know a lot of people say that but I mean it people have actually told me in several occasions and when I visit countries where the drinking culture is different people are amazed.

I have three tattoos that are all unique and each has a funny story behind it.

I solo travel a lot.

I'm a cringe master and have been in some fucking humiliating situations.

I got locked up in ikebukero in April for and over night and half day holding and I don't know why.

Iktr user. I haven't been in a psychward for so long because I've repressed so much over the years.

I swear one of these days I swear I am going to explode.

It really looks like memes speak for themselves.

I have one blue eye and one green eye.

can your method of learning?

i don't care about nudes or anything sexual unless i really want to, can watch an erotic porno and not even get a boner, manually get myself in the mood and i get hard

it does you retard, not even degenerate like homosexuality, so liberating

>am a baby at a strong 1 years old, or this many (for my other baby bros out there)
>i love the free snacks that come out my back
>goo goo ga ga waa waa

what about you fellow babies

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Vitiligo. Not really noticeable since I'm so pale though.

I'm entirely mute. I suffered paralysis of the larynx and while I can breathe fine now my voice never recovered.

>have a growth of veins on my ankle
>sky high blood pressure since I was a kid because of congenital issues and also being a fatass
>flexible enough to put both of my feet behind my head

I'm extremely resistant to cold.
I'm can't get angry for some reason.
I'm very detached from reality, haven't spoken to another person in over 3 years.
Other than that I'm not very unique i think.

I know that feel user, I know five languages but I rarely talk with anyone

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Hahahaha fucking based.

Imagine thinking repitition means the opponent has run out of arguments lmao

my left eye doesn't move to the left

>circumcised at 12 years old because of extremely painful and treatment resistant phimosis

Forced retraction most likely. It's not abnormal for the foreskin to not be retractable at age 12, and if people were trying to keep forcing it back, or if they had been when you were younger, that would damage it.

>Retracting the foreskin of a prepubescent boy with physiologic phimosis, although still a common recommendation by many health care practitioners, has been shown to increase problems such as scarring and infection. These might result in iatrogenic pathologic phimosis and lead to a higher likelihood of circumcision being performed at a later date.16 If the prepuce is unable to retract, there is nothing to clean under. The foreskin should not be retracted for cleaning until the foreskin has naturally separated and the child can do this himself. In fact, the owner of the foreskin should be the first person to retract his foreskin. Forceful retraction causes microtears that can lead to pathologic phimosis.10