A bearded wizard offers you a deal. If you accept it...

A bearded wizard offers you a deal. If you accept it, you will be able to instantly kill ALL members of a well defined group of people, just by paying a commission of 19.99$ to the wizard himself.
What does well-defined group of people mean? Well, something that is objectively describable with no doubts or exceptions. Bad examples includes:
>ALL niggers
>ALL homos
>ALL Trump/Hilary supporters
because there is no absolute distinguishing characteristics that made a person "a nigger", "a homo" or "a X supporter" But you can pick, for examples:
>ALL people who were born inside the city limits of Detroit as defined by the current city planning
>ALL male people who at least once in their life had a dick more than 3 cm inside their anus
>ALL people who casted a valid vote for Trump/Hillary at the 2016 general election
And so on.
Do you accept the deal? And if so, what group of people you will eliminate?

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>kill every male that's had sex before

Take that, Chad

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but what does "having sex" mean? You gotta be more precise dude... did you even read the post?

Based, now it's our time to shine brother.

No shit I'd take the deal
I'd eliminate all faggots (including lesbos) and all transgender people

>mfw I get to kill every single girl in the world thus ending the human race only for 19.99

Every person who sticked his erect penor into a vegina dies. How is this not precise enough lel

Kill everyone who is alive

>kill every male that's inserted their penis into a vagina

I'll take it one step further:

>kill all males that have put their penis inside a vagina, anus, mouth of another human or have been offered the opportunity to do so

Fuck it, even Brads can get the rope.

so, men victims of rape by women that otherwise didn't have sex on their own, would they be eliminated too?

all Californians who use lawsuits, protest, political clout or any other means to slow or stop rail/housing development

Yes, if a woman wants to rape you then you're definitely a Chad

Of course, if a man is hot enough to be raped by a woman he deserves to be killed

>"something that is objectively describable with no doubts or exceptions."
>I'd eliminate all faggots (including lesbos) and all transgender people
Sometimes I wonder if you act retarded voluntarily

Good lord yes. No exceptions.

what's a Californian? A person born there? A person with a document from the state? What if I live in California but I was born in Alaska and have a document from Utah.

Guys you are really, really stupid. You actually have problems even understanding the most simple intellectual rules or logical instructions. I am legit worried about you, your mental state and your life as a whole. I, as the OP, abandon this thread, do whatevere you want with it. I love to discuss scenarios like this one, but you guys... you guys are too stupid to make it interesting.

Every person whos skin is darker than #E0AC69 under neutral white, diffuse light dies.
Tanned? Sucks to be you, normie.

Here's the thing. You say something like "well-defined" but your examples don't really help.

>ALL homos

What the fuck is undefined about that? Anyone who's attracted to the same sex dies.

>ALL adherents to modern "trad" psuedo christianity who plan to breed.

anyone who resides in California, and they get killed if they have in any way attempted to block rail or housing development in this state

>Anyone who's attracted to the same sex dies.
what does "being attracted" mean? Is furiously fapping every day on a man and thinking ONCE what would it be like to kiss a boy the same thing?

ALL people who have paid money to "people who legislate in any style of government" in exchange for legislation or votes on said legislation, AND those who have received money in exchange for legislation either indirectly or directly AND those who ever have or currently own (defined as 51% stock ownership) or operated a large market share business (20%+) in the following industries: weapons, medical, entertainment, education, technology.
I believe this is sufficient.

Anyone (including actual females) who considers themselves a female can die

>because there is no absolute distinguishing characteristics that made a person "a nigger", "a homo"
But there are you fucking nigger, one is genetic and easily seen (black skin) and the other is an act of stickimg penis in butt

All fathers who have ever physically or sexually abused their children.

Everyone who posts in this thread lmao (except me)

Not all homos stick penises in butts. Lesbians do not. Not all male homosexuals have anal sex, and some heterosexuals do. That's what OP meant.

Kill the well-defined group of people that breathe.

And you still wouldn't get laid

all fag wizards with gay neurotic specificity requirements

Okay Mr. Wizard, I want to kill the group of people that despite being 13% of the population commit 50% of the crimes in the USA

>incel whiteboi
Has to wish that a bearded wizard does his bidding

>Chad blackboi
Does the killing himself