Fembots, how does it feel knowing that when I talk to you here I think of bending you over and pumping my seed deep inside you?

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>implying we don't fantasize about taking hard dick from a cute virgin boy

How does it feel knowing that when you talk to them they're thinking of bending over and getting pumped full of Chad's seed?

Very indifferent

>tfw my dick is too small to please a fembot
it's not fair bros

Why do you think we come here?

>a fembot will never leg lock you in place to make sure your seed reaches as deep as possible, and 'forget' to take the pill that one month

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Fembots, how does it feel knowing that when I talk to you here I think of you pinning me down and riding me in cowgirl?

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Alright that does it fembot, you can't just come here and tease boys like me like this, spread your legs.

good. fembots are a cancer.

So, but at least I can't see the lecherous sneer like I can irl

No different than what people think of me when they see me on the streets
A general sense of apathy

Fembots, how does it feel knowing that when I talk to you here I think of dogs and horses pumping their seed deep inside you?

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That's somehow hot, thanks user

That's actually an erotic fetish of mine.
Probably why I have a lot of Pokemon art saved on my office PC haha

Fembots, how does it feel knowing that when I talk to you here I think of transforming into your panties?

That's a fucking stupid fantasy desu

Fembots, how does it feel like knowing that when I talk to you here, I think of you hugging me and telling me that everything's going to be alright?

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I've an IUD user

Do you also have a fantasy of chilling in the woods maybe going to take a pee and a huge strong beastly creature pounces at you from the bush, immobilizes you and thrusts his beast cock inside to pump all his seed in you while you're struggling to escape but it's no use?

I just want to be worn

just get it removed user
how else are we going to start a happy family otherwise?

Holy nice digits user
Nah not really. I'd probably just silently accept it and let the ride play out though if it were to happen

I'd end up being the breadwinner in most circumstances and that's not something I'd rather enjoy. Would prefer being the stay at home mom for a period of time without worrying about a sudden lose in income

if you were my wife I wouldn't give you a choice tho
I don't want a stranger taking care of my kids, it has to be the mom

That would be nice, but still too nice for my taste.

Depends on if you're able to help support my current state of living expenses wise plus have enough for the child expenses
Fuck off you're not me

Hey I've got an idea, how about you find someone rich to have a kid with and he will support you but you will let me pump my seed in your ass or IUD pussy on the side?

Sometimes I also fantasise about huge boars with big balls fucking the fembots I'm talking to in a filthy stinking stable

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well I'm a piece of shit with self confidence issues and a complete degenerate, so I can assure you it ain't 'so nice'

what kind of living expenses could you need?
we'll have internet, a nice house, food a plenty, and we'll go out every now and then wherever you want (hopefully not clubs and whatever tho)
I love kids and I plan on having at the very least 3, so that'll be some work too

I'm not her, but I'd be ok with a poor lifestyle, as long it's traditional.

Did you say BOAAAAARS

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I own a nice sized plot of land that I have my horses on for one.
I tend to invest and purchase a lot of properties in my area to rent them out as well. This year I share a stake in an apartment complex that recently got developed as well as buying out a portion of this old strip mall that I hope to turn into small walk in offices for corps
I go out with friends constantly and shop for new clothing or get somewhat high cost meals
Groceries are a bit high since I tend to buy local. Specifically a lot of smoked deer meat
300 blackout rounds aren't cheap either. Every 2 weeks I go out to the range with a co-worker

Only if the stable was clean yeah. Like the ones I own
Also boars have weird cocks. They're like corkscrewed haha

The family across the sidewalk from Helene and I's house in Sunrise Pointe was named Harkonnen. It was Henry Harkonnen and his wife but I can't remember her name. Across the sidewalk on the other side was Avis Jorgenson who I think was Elizabeth Windsor, or else someone who played the disguise game with Elizabeth Windsor. She is "George's daughter" and avis means grandparent in Latin. Helene's address there was 5759, and in that spy movie from the 1980s where they go underground in through the secret door in the abandoned theater, I think it had 5759 written conspicuously on one of the blast doors deep underground.

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hows that corkscrew boar dick feel in your cunny

Fembots, how does it feel knowing that when I talk to you here I think of marrying you and having a wholesome family with lots of kids together with you?

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Never experienced it

How traditional are we talking?

>Also boars have weird cocks. They're like corkscrewed haha

Pig cocks can pierce the cervix and cum for half an hour

Oooo that's pretty hot

it feels like you're just a sissy larping as chad desu

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>Pig cocks can pierce the cervix
That would be extremely painful

>That would be extremely painful


fembots how does it feel knowing when i verbally abuse you on here i'm actually thinking about you being my loving gf and we're just having fun with some abusive sex games?

there's a lot of those around

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When I talk to a fembot I think of bowing down to them and massaging their feet with kisses while they post on r9k

>implying the "fembot" you think you're talking to is not a tranny at least 80% of the time
>implying a large chunk of your non - fembot - related interactions with people on this board haven't been with actual women who don't feel the need to go "I'M A GIRRLLL ON THE INTERNET PLS GIVE ME FREE ATTENTION" every 23 nanoseconds

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Verbal abuse turns me on so feelsgoodman

jesus christ shut up tranny

No if anything I fuck sissy boys like you

aww thats really cute you dumb cunt

XIX century or before.

I like insulting my worth more than my intelligence desu but cunt ain't bad.

ahaha she think shes worth insulting lmao

Sorry, I'd to leave for lunch, but I mean something like really traditional.

Come on user you can do better pls

>tfw no traditional wife to raise kids and live with in an quiet area away from the city

user, I think she's talking about it in a sexual manner.

what the original hell are you waiting for

that was without question friend

Another larper trying to bait some thirsty incel

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Do you want me to bullly you and insult you on discord? I'm busy now and this thread will die soon but I can give you what you deserve later

> Fembots, how does it feel knowing that when I talk to you here I think of bending you over and pumping my seed deep inside you?
You're welcome to your fantasies. I wear a chastity belt so that'll never happen.

your mouth is so shit id rather just jerk off

No it needs to be anonymous, that's kinda part of the appeal.


75% of the 'fembots' you're pumping semen into are probably trannies and larpers. Remember, Rule #30. There are NO girls on the internet.

That's rule 19, and those 25% are hot.

your face s-sucks

If you want me to insult you then fucking beg me for it. Why should I waste my time for some stupid fucking cunt, I got better things to do than spending time with your boring pathetic ass.

I thought Rule 19 was "The more you hate it, the stronger it gets." Either way, a girl on a place like Jow Forums is almost an oxymoron.

Girl can have asperger or autism. And autists tend to be on Jow Forums.

it takes a special type of failure of a woman to come here and want to be insulted by a bunch of losers lmao wow. you have a vagina and ended up here, bravo

Thanks you guys that's pretty hot

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Short fembots, how does it feel that when I hear about your height I think about fucking you on all kinds of objects and low places.

Imagine getting picked up by the waist and getting fucked while your feet dangle off the ground.

Haha there's nothing you can do about it shorty.

imagine being this retarded sluts parents lmao what a fucking loser

One of my ex used to put my cellphone in high places when he wanted to be mean with me, for some reason this turned me on.

i think my heart just melted a little bit

But there're many unusual things that could be done.
Like be tied inside a travel trunk

You are nothing without my dick in your mouth. You exist to serve me.

Concerned for your mental well being.
You can do a lot better than me user.

but i want a qt femanon gf over stacy

Honestly I've gotten over the feeling of being constantly sexualized. One night I was drinking with a big group and looking at people sexually came up. All of the guys admitted to looking at every girl sexually. I came out and said that I look at bigger guys and think about what they could do to me. Then every guy pretty much agreed that when they think about me they think about pushing me around and bending me over whatever they want because I'm small. I was shocked at first but then I kind of just got over it.

i dont know how girls dont realize how dirty our minds are and it never stops



Only the creepiest of basement dwellers use the term "seed" to refer to their jizz.

makes me feel good creeping you out

Do you creep a single girl, or many girls

ty originally for the new fetish