You are able to restart your life - this time with extremely high intelligence, but will be very ugly...

You are able to restart your life - this time with extremely high intelligence, but will be very ugly, possessing the least conventionally attractive traits of your respective gender (manlet, landwhale, etc)
You are able to restart your life - but this time you can customize the way that you want yourself to look at different stages of your life, including your gender, race, and voice - however your will have one random crippling mental deficiency (autism, asperger's, early onset alzheimers, schizophrenia, etc)

in both instances you forget everything about your former life, and are born again in the same year you were born to a random set of parents who are compatible with the traits you have selected. Should you select the 'customize appearance' pill and receive depression or anxiety as your deficiency - it will not be meme depression or anxiety. It will be real anxiety or depression where you are physically unable to speak with people and have meltdowns on a daily basis, or are unable to get out of bed at all and if someone forces you to you scream-cry at them and still don't move. In neither scenario can you become famous or be remembered extensively by history.

Which pill do you swallow?

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Dumbass, I already am the first pill and I'm also already have asperger's, autism and depression so what the fuck is there to lose from me taking the second pill?

The second pill, I already have schizophrenia. If my life was the same but I was 11/10 that would be spectacular.

Is this a trick question? The red one of course which obviously is the first pill because it's accepting reality whereas the second one turns you into a normie

> least conventionally attractive traits of your respective gender (manlet, landwhale, etc)
some is (landwhale) while other not or barely (manlet).

Do I have to take one?

>in both instances you forget everything about your former life
That isn't my life anymore, it's someone else's life

High intelligence is attractive. You literally cannot be ugly and high intelligence.

That strikes me as a woman-ish thing to say. Are you a woman? I have always been told I have high intelligence, and have academic performance to back it up, but I bet you would think I'm ugly if you saw me.

Anyway yes intelligence is attractive and almost guaranteed reproductive success. Ugliness is subjective. Some people think Asian people look good, or fat people

>least attractive trait
Short guys are the most powerful species on the planet.

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Most powerful slaves and cannon fodder

Our powerful bodies cant be perceived by you so your mind copes by seeing us as shorter than you.

I'd choose to be schizo so I can have gibs for being mental. I just want a comfy life at home

Pretty sure intellect is negatively correlated with reproductive success because intellectuals start going existential and shit unless you mean "have one child at least". Attractive I agree with.

At the extreme end of measured IQ I can see lower reproductive success, like with extremely rich or top models and stuff like this. They feel they have fewer options or spend less time on that part of life. I personally would consider values as part of intelligence and neglecting family life would be a dumb dumb choice unless you substitute with raising students/prodigies

Second option. I'm already schizo so no big deal.

You guys are fucking retarded, just choose the extremely high inteligence pill then escalate until you're a millionaire or some shit. Perhaps invent something to make you less ugly.

>models have top tier IQ
People can't really be this retarded
>intelligence is attractive
it's really not

Can I just be a really stupid girl? I'd even happily be essentially retarded if I'm still capable of personal hygiene and makeup. I could live with being the kind of girl who's very childish and stupid but still quite pretty

I realize now I think I just want to be Hannah Hays

Intelligence is attractive yes. It also indirectly builds attraction by awareness over fashion, style, income, and confidence

will you remember taking the pill? cause I think I took the first one