She's been tested and approved. Yep...

She's been tested and approved. Yep, looks like I'm gonna be eating her pussy every morning for a week without any repercussion of throat damage.


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>looks like I'm gonna be eating her pussy every morning for a week without any repercussion of throat damage.
what kind of things do you have to test for

Record everything and show us user

You're paying her 3k to eat her pussy for a week?
Damn. Sounds like a great time.

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What do you look like? A brief description would be fine, I just want to know how much work she has to do to earn 3k in a week

being a woman is so easy. I wish women were as degenerate as fucking stupid men like you. I would whore myself off til no tomorrow. fuck you, you stupid fucking arsehole

I wonder how much it would cost to eat a fembot's pussy for a week

You know it's a scam right?

Agreed. If I were a woman I'd get started as soon as I turned 18. 10 years of whoring myself out and I'd have enough money to live the rest of my life as a NEET.

It depends on who it is. Not OP but I've given girls money for things before. It's not a big step up to eat their pussy. You have to be deliberate to eat her pussy every day for a whole week, but just once isn't shooting very high.

Nothing stops you from whoring yourself out you know.

How pathetic. Whats the fun in this? Paying for sex, so dumb. I'd rather go out on the hunt like a real man

Fun time's up ahead, guys.

>Yeah, you bet I'm gonna be drinking her pussy from a straw. Best smoothie ever!



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>paying to eat pussy
>not her eating your ass at this price

Are you the rich asian guy? Man you are an inspiration to all gooks. Money can buy you pussy.

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Seriously, I can't get over just how big and perfect her ass is. I had her measure her ass cheeks (width wise) and it turns out that a SINGLE ass cheek of hers is wider then my midsection.

>straight up yum time in Disney


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Theres no demand for it

Why do you keep greentexting rad? Are you saying its radical that you get to eat her pussy? Cause that's not how you do it

But there is demand for any woman no matter how ugly or fat?

Idiot, read the reply chain. He literally says "I wish I were a woman." It's a guy. Everyone here in Jow Forums is a guy. Guys have very little demand to be whored out, even less if it involves getting money. Unless you look good. But nobody here looks good, so.

Yes. Men's taste varies widely. Me personally, I'm into nearly every race, height, body shape, weight, hair color, eye color, etc there is. The only woman I wouldn't fuck is an Australian Aboriginal. There's a huge demand for all kinds of women.

fucking retard alert paying that much for sex

Fucking based RAD

hahaha m8 just go outside of your fucking house for a minute, go to a bar or club or something and hook up for FREE!! Don't be an idiot, who the fuck pays to eat pussy anyway yikes

>he thinks women's tastes don't vary wildly

>>he thinks women's tastes don't vary wildly
They don't, cause nature. Men and women are opposites. Women pretty much have a narrow taste in men.

Women will be ready to fuck a guy then decide not to because he said something that seemed a bit insecure. Women's taste is fickle as hell.

Do you have a source for this other than your ass?

Go to Asia or Africa or Eastern Europe and you can fuck 20+ girls way hotter than her for the same price

Fuck, now I want to cum inside a girl, spread her pussy, stick straw in there and blow air to make bubbles.

If you're American, you don't even have to leave the continent. You could go to right outside of the Mexican border and fuck badder women for less.

3k just for land whale pussy?

3k for a hoe?
bitch getting in a week what i work in three months reeee

I spoil girls that I find extremely attractive.

Yeah its called nature you fucking faggot

I checked nature and she said you are wrong and a dumb faggot.

Yes, she did say you are wrong and a dumb faggot.

thats how you end up with a retarded kid
>why are you retarded
>dad blew half my brain outof my moms snatch before I even reached the egg

No proofs, so you are wrong. Stupid gay incel.

Nature is proof you dumb cunt. Stay mad bitch

What a waste. With $3000, you could buy a plane ticket to Thailand and fuck a different woman every day for a month.

I'm not attracted to my own kind.

>paying that much money for a fap
beta as fuck

thats not even close to how it works man come on

Nature says you are a gay homosexual.

Nature says you're wrong kek. Dont get too excited