Realize I'm bisexual

>realize I'm bisexual
>still don't want to fuck dudes because its degenerate

I'm scared guys, in this era of pride and embracing your sexuality, I feel like people are gonna lynch me for not acting out my gay urges.

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I'm only gay for fembois.

If you're gonna go gay then raise your standards to the max.

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No, femboys are still men, you're still at a higher risk for stds than any other group by fucking them. Thats why they are literally traps.

What are you on about you idiot? You never have to even tell anybody that you are bi. The point of pride is being able to act out those urges without being lynched.

What idiot would fuck one?
Why not have a fap party?

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Just because you're gay doesn't mean you have to act like a faggot.

Go on Grindr and get TOPPED you'll love it or TOP sissies and twinks

No one day I want to tell people about my latent faggotry, it would be hilarious. I just worry they won't understand why I won't fuck dudes. Men who don't act on their gay urges are pretty much universally hated, we are the incels of the lgbt community.

Oh never mind then. I still fap to lots of faggy porn but that's where I draw the line.

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Post some hot porn links

No gay shit though.

>No gay shit though.

might be a issue

Its okay if its trap shit.

But man to man is gay.
Clean shaved is cute desu.

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Minimal effort at being original with a beaten to death topic, which is a bit appreciated.

Just don't tell people about it user. Denying degenerate urges is based.

Oh shit, I'm in the exact same situation. But I'm slowly drifting into degeneracy, I try to fight back but it seems futile. What bad can one time do? I just wanna try it that's all

This captures my fantasies perfectly

Its a necessary topic. MGTOW doesn't just apply to straight men, fags are opting out of sex as well so its nice to find like minded people.

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>one day I want to tell people about my latent faggotry
>I just plan on never acting on it
So you want to unnecessarily create drama for attention? Why is the LGBT always like this?

I think I've got it under control. I believe guys fuck up by trying to fight it too hard, but I allow myself to indulge in gay porn from time to time, and the post fap clarity reminds me that I was just horny and having sex with men is pointless. But don't let me discourage you from going full gay, I just tend to go the extreme when it comes to staying away from unnecessary vices, that's why I don't drink alcohol at all.

Its not that I want to create drama, I'm just not ashamed of what I like, so I feel like eventually its gonna come to a point where I'm gonna expose myself in casual conversation or social media. The problem is that you can't really express an interest in homosexuality without people thinking you also want to fuck dudes, so its kind of an awkward position to be in.

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OP I fucking swear to god if you don't start sucking dick

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I mean I'm just the same as you but weaker. I've never done sex outside of a relationship but it's getting too hard. Jerking off to men doesn't help, in the long run I just wanna try it more

I'm pretty weak too, I think it just easier to stay away from things you've never done, and since I never fucked a dude, its easy not to cross that line.

stop watching porn and get off Jow Forums.

>>realize I'm bisexual


Yeah that would kill a lot of my gayness, but I've got it under control.

Bisexuality is a myth
Your either

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Perhaps, but there are still people who fuck both genders for whatever reason, the label is meant for them.

Fuck bisluts
I hate bisluts
Yall are two faced pussies who always choose the easy way out while also trying to steal our thunder and play the persecuted victim card.
T. Lezzie

Lets be real, no one cares if a woman is gay, its inconsequential.