Breed made especially for killing humans

>breed made especially for killing humans
>vicious strength and instincts of a killer
>they're kind sweet natured dogs

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they were bred for fighting against other dogs (same goes for other breeds) not for fighting against humans which is why with people they tend to be the sweet natured dogs we know
people shouldn't forget that dogs are animals
also since when did pitbulls become less dangerous than chihuahuas I am sick and tired of people babying those little demons

>Another fucking shitbull thread

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Doesn't matter what they were bred for or muh chihuahuas.
They're the killers.
Can't wait till your brain dead nigbull mauls you and gets put down by the boys in blue while you cry.

>Awww look how cute he is!

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I just hate that they are so ugly, which makes it all the more apparent people only want them because they are the bad boys of dogs and want to tame one. Like a Shiba Inu are low key asshole dogs, but they look awesome which is why people get them, but pits are the opposite, people get them because the are known to be assholes.

The history of pits are interesting and cool imo. They are a continuation of a long line of war bred mollosian mastiffs. Wh*tes breed them to be brutal wardogs for millenia so it's hilarious when they maul some dumb white kid at an airport. It's your fault. ;)

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>knowing your dog has been aggressive months prior
>not neutering them
they did it to themselves not to mention it sounds like someone did something because no dog (that i know of have heard of) would ever strike with no obvious warning signs

>doesn't matter what they were bred for
are you actually autistic or just pretending to be for these (you)s
dog's were bred for a purpose otherwise everyone would have the same mutt
my point is that dogs bred for aggression have a disposition to be aggressive it is the responsibility of the owner to take blame for not knowing how to train their fucking dog

Can we get cute lion photos and convince people they're good pets too?
>doesnt matter what they're bred for
you stupid? Dogs have insticts you numb nuts, they follow their instinct and what their bred for.

You cant train out instincts you fucking narc. If that were the case, you could have any animal as a pet, but you cant because some are bred to fucking kill.

not being neutered is the problem with pit bulls. i read somewhere (sorry no source) that the vast majority of un neutered pit bulls snap and become violent, while almost all neutered pitbulls don't.
imo all pet dogs/cats should get a neuter/spay

So if I chop a lions balls off, I can walk it around on a lead?

lions arent domesticated retard your argument doesnt make sense

Pitbulls werent bred for domestication either really you fucking idiot. They were made for wardogs. It's laughable how you white brainlets think walking around a fucking chunky ass killer is ok. When kids constantly get fucking mauled and the owner gets blamed, yes its their fault for being a dumbass and walknig around a dog that was bred for killing not for being a pet.

*black woman materializes in thread*
he wud a gud dog
walkin hisself w/out leash
on da wey ta da vet fo he shots

>Being insecure about dog races.

I've seen it too many times. My next door neighbour was the same, until one day his pitbul fucking attacked him out of a blind rage because the owner woke his dog up and got mauled.

ok except thats not true at all i am lmaoin rn

>not realizing this is what legitimate breeders are trying to do
I hear you user it's not your fault your family line got tainted by the "nigbulls r bad >:( " gene
thank you! there is no excuse for you not to neuter your mongoloid dog

They are the niggers of the dog world. How many maulings have you heard come from Golden Retrievers?

samefag lamo

>has porsche in her name
The fuck is wrong with US fags

It's cool to be contrarian, just look at the amount of clueless people who participate in politics like it's a spectator sport.

This website has always been full-on contrarian

Yup, people love to believe the opposite just for the attention, although that popular opinion was put there for a reason. It's just that history repeats itself.

quite a lot apparently
>being able to carry guns in public (with limitations ofc)
>being scared of a dog

Doesn't matter what they were bred for or muh chihuahau. get out of the weeds. They're killers.

Humans breed them, humans.

the people that breed them to do this are the problem

Mostly whites own pitbulls.

Op is a faggot like always and pitbulls are good doggos

>good doggos

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by population at large? ok. how about per hundred? definitely blacks.

mostly white women have them because they have daddy issues

>bred to be slaves
>freed, literally nothing good came as a result
>normies: we can't enslave them reee

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That girl is gonna make an awesome movie villain.