Ideal Boyfriend Thread

Alright fembots, let's see what your ideal BF looks like.


>Ideal age
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
>Ideal location
>Ideal interests
>Ideal occupation

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Some of these questions are kind of dumb, but OK

>Ideal age: close to mine
>Height: 6'0 - 6'5. I won't date anything shorter than 5'11.
>Ideal location: close to me
>Ideal interests: Movies, football games, drinking, typical normie stuff really. I would like him to tolerate some cuddle time with romcoms.
>Ideal Occupation: Doctor, Lawyer, Anything except military, law enforcement
>Dealbreakers: Drugs, weird fetishes, slobs, assholes, men who are out of should go to the gym and stay fit. Small penis (sorry). Should have a decent, sized cock. Must love dogs and cats.

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What's the point

Let's be honest shall we? we all want this to be a /soc/ for outcasts.


This was a thread for fembota, not gay men.

>>Ideal age
>>Ideal physical features (height hair/ eye color race etc)
Brown eyes 5 11 long hair any race except black (mixed ok)
>>Ideal location
>>Ideal interests
Cars woodwork anything outdoorsy fitness guns
>>Ideal occupation
Anything is fine with me as long as he is not miserable and enjoys what he does.
>weak chin
>hates children

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This bitch gonna stay single her entire life

>ideal age
I like older guys, do 30-47 (Im 19)
>Ideal physical features
atleast 5'7, blue eyes and white
>Ideal location
>Ideal occupation

>Not racist
>No niggers please
Typical fembot

Heh, sorry zoomers, looks like this one's for me

why are you here user. pls go

I'm not a teacher and live in a neighboring country. Others pass. Good enough?

not attracted to most black guys. it's an aesthetic ideal. i am going on a date with a black guy in a few weeks though. people read too much into these ideal bf threads. you can like someone without thinking they look perfect.
why wouldn't i be here? it isn't as if i'm looking for a bf on this site. read OP post. NO CONTACTFAGGING

Fuck sake. Why do all the white girls gotta get blacked these days

because white men stay inside playing video games all day and seethe over the fact that black ppl exist then start incel clubs to blame women for their being alone

>Ideal age
I'm 21 so anywhere between 22-26
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
6'0+,dark hair, blue or green eyes
>Ideal location
>Ideal interests
>Ideal occupation
not giving me enough attention

>Ideal age
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
>Ideal location
Huntington Beach, California
>Ideal interests
>Ideal occupation
Me not meeting his expectations or ideal

>Ideal age
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
Non-white, thicc,

5'9", very skinny, pale, black hair, dark brown eyes
NY/Long Island
Movies, tv, politics, memes
Wants to contact me

>Ideal age
Idk just somewhere relatively close to mine.
Don't mind younger or older as long as age gap isn't too large.
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
Ideally white, preferences would go white > asian > light skinned hispanic >hispanic.
I don't wanna say I'm racist but if I'm ever gonna have kids one day I wouldn't want them to look extremely different than me hence white being ideal and black ideally not being a thing at all.
Hair color doesn't matter, eyes would be neat if blue or green but it's not like I'm gonna be picky about that.
I wanna say I give no shits about height but I would like someone around my height ideally. I'm 5'10 so anywhere from 5'6 to 6'2 would be good. Too tall or short and hard to really hold hands with comfortably + few other things.
>Ideal location
US just because I'm a burgerlander
>Ideal interests
Vidya games, anime/manga, cooking/baking, something creative like woodworking or something else involving hands-on stuff. I'd like to make things with someone one day.
Would also like a farm one day so would be heavily ideal if person liked animals and wouldn't mind helping me care for plants and shit. Chickens are a necessity if you don't like cute chickens please reevaluate your life.
>Ideal occupation
Something he enjoys that won't stress him out. Also something that wouldn't have him gone for long periods of time probably. Bonus points if passionate about it but not necessary. I'm the type of person that probably won't have an occupation I love, but will probably just use an occupation as a means to afford the things I care about.
Abusive, manipulative, unwilling to improve things he dislikes about himself (if he has trouble motivating, understandable, but if vehemently against it, doubt a relationship will go well), heavily reliant on recreational drug / alcohol use (acceptable if actively desiring/working towards remedying this)

tfw post too long

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You're the most wholesome girl to post so far, I hope you find what you're looking for friend.

>Ideal age
No more than 3 years older, no less than 2 years younger
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
Dark Features, at least 5'11. Race doesnt matter too mcuh but prefer non-white.
>Ideal location
East Coast but willing to move and travel
>Ideal interests
My interests + any unique or creative.
>Ideal occupation
Dont care. Does whatever he likes to do as long as our combined income can support 1-2 kids and a comfortable-ish life.
Doesnt want kids or a family. racist. Abusive. Doesnt care about the world around him. Doesnt care about the future. Uneducated or Unwilling to learn. Closed minded. very into casual sex or hookup culture. Low or no emotional intelligence. Rude,mean spirited, or cynical. Not interested in going outside or exploring.

I'm 6' with dark brown hair and blue eyes, tell me about you

Funny easy of saying boring.

>Ideal age
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
5'8 or above, don't care about eye or hair color, but must be white, ideally goes to the gym and is in good shape, but at the very least not fat and not extremely skinny
>Ideal location
>Ideal interests
STEM interests, i work in a STEM field and want to have this in common with my partner. someone who spends a lot of time reading in general and doesn't have too many "wasteful" passtimes is good (e.g. playing video games occasionally is okay, but doing it every single day for multiple hours = trash). should also be kinky as i have some weird fetishes myself
>Ideal occupation
engineer of some sort, or anything that requires a masters level knowledge or above in a STEM field, lawyer is also acceptable
fat, lazy, unemployed, unmotivated, poor hygiene, bitter/abusive/manipulative, small dick (less than 5"), vanilla/boring in bed

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>>Ideal age
Same age as me or a bit older
>>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
Taller than me
Wavy hair
Light skintone
Bony skinny hands, long fingers
>>Ideal location
Near me
>>Ideal interests
Typical doomer shit
>>Ideal occupation
Doesn't matter
Dishonesty, narcissistic, normie, left-wing, disliking animals, incel thinking

>5'7 is too short for most girls here.
Oh well

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i really hate that you guys actually fall for stuff like this

If only those manlet fools took more showers then they could finally be considered as attractive as taller men.

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>5'7 is too short for most girls here.
Try beeing 5'4"

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>Ideal age
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
5'5-6'6, idc much but I guess I prefer blonde/light brown hair and blue eyes. Must make an effort to dress/smell/look nice though. I prefer fit body types but any body is ok if they're working on getting healthy.
>Ideal location
>Ideal interests
Hiking, biking, camping and picnics, artistic interests like drawing/music
>Ideal occupation
Whatever makes them happy and isnt minimum-wage dead end kinda job.
Fat but wont lose weight, poor hygiene, addicted to social media/games, irresponsible, aimless

I'm a real fembot. But if you dont believe me...idc

im fat, not incredibly so and i hold it well because im a big muscle man though, working to get fit
my penis is like 4.2 inches(would be longer if less fat), just curious if these are dealbreakers for women since im trying to get a gf

Where are you on Strong Island? Do you want to escape as well?

>Ideal age
>Ideal physical features
6'2", blond/red hair, blue eyes, british
>Ideal location
>Ideal interests
going to the theatre, skiing, snorkeling, being a foodie
>Ideal occupation
finance, consulting, or the entertainment industry
being a tory or brexit party voter

this is the ideal ofc. I would settle for MUCH MUCH less.

would you accept someone who was bald if they met the rest of your criteria?

This is me, too bad you're probably ugly


all i want is a psych loving gf with a love of the outdoors.

This is the only criteria

look at this eastern european looking trash.
his face looks like utter garbage.

Low quality bait
Based. Simple. Clean. I like your attitude.
Hummmmmmmmmm no
No no no no no
Bet you're fat with daddy issues.
Dark hair, blue or green eyes, over the 90th percentile already. Height, 6.0+, over the 60th percentile. You're going to get an hard time finding him femanon.
Why don't you have a man already then doesn't seem so complicated. Settle down for a fat guy who's desperate to dispense love
Very low quality bait
Mmmph occupation student in ny you guys will have fun with the debts
You seem an interesting person
You too, even if not sure if bait
I don't think it's fun to have an all stem household. Personally I got immediately bored. Like if only interest make sense, but try to couple with a /lit/ guy. You can then both take advantage of one another interests. Only problem is income, but money is not everything.
This guy too seems above average. But fairly realistic.
Are you willing to relocate to Europe?
You might actually be more lucky looking in the north, London is doomed

gj triggering the losers and neckbeards here

>18-23, nice hair, hazel eyes
>dont care

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They don't actually do that in real life lol. I mean soulless whores will fuck anything but not actual women

Please tell me how you're gauging bait "quality."

Posts that are clearly aimed to be targeted by the average demographics of this board

>tfw most girls want a guy who is somehow working a job he loves
>tfw all I can do is manage to get by with a job I hate

That's me but I'm a bit older. Sigh

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>tfw met a guy who meets all my expectations and more
>tfw met him on this board

Sometimes browsing this shithole pays off I guess.

My ex probably said the same thing. She left me. Dont be an ass

Among the unwashed hordes of incels there are a couple gigacocked Chads browsing this board, and that's all I'm saying.

>tfw i might fill and even exceed many fembots ideals
>except not a single one or even non fembot females will put firearms in ideal interests
Tfw /R9(Jow Forums)/

Are you calling me a gigacocked chad? Cheating on your bf already christ, fuck you whore

>Ideal age
Younger than me is ideal.
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
5'5"+, dark blonde (but I hardly care about hair even bald is cool with me), any eye color, Caucasian would be ideal.
I care more about features I find cute like large foreheads, longer, thinner faces, thick eyebrows and pleasant voices.
>Ideal location
Don't care as long as I don't end up somewhere hot.
>Ideal interests
Video games, some type of creative hobby.
Being handy and a Mr. Fix it type would be incredible, but I know that's pretty rare.
>Ideal occupation
Don't care much. Obviously, a cushy job would be great so I could be a stay at home mother, but I'm fine with anything as long as he has a job.
Does drugs, drinks a lot, history of cheating or having many sexual partners, has a scary mean streak, doesn't want children, vegan/vegetarian, picky eater.

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>Thick eyebrows
>Just redid my pipes
Let me clean ur asshole qt

If real femanon, why are you applying for a bf on Jow Forums?

>This guy too seems above average. But fairly realistic.

Because I've lost control of my life.
For real though it's because I live in an area where white people are the minority, most people are in their 60's+ and I take care of my disabled mother.
This isn't an application since OP just wanted to know ideals and such though.

>only ideal bfs that describe the average robot or the kind of person the average robot could respect/get along with are valid
>attraction to anything else is a shitpost

>Ideal age
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
not an obese tub of lard, preferably hispanic but doesn't have to be
>Ideal location
west US
>Ideal interests
can be anything but normie shit like clubbing or getting wasted with friends
>Ideal occupation
can be whatever it is they like/don't like. not averse to NEETs either.
is a normalfag, is under 22 years old, has high libido, watches porn excessively

Okay I guess
>Ideal age
My age or older. I think 2 years older would be a good number.
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
Taller than me I guess but not very tall, no taller than 6ft. Not very difficult, I'm very short. White. Brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin. I like freckles on a guy too. I wouldn't mind if his hair was slightly greying. I've seen some younger guys start to go grey early and it looks awesome.
>Ideal location
The UK. Long distance is not very ideal
>Ideal interests
Vidya, anime and something kind of active I guess. Martial arts, hiking even gymfagging. Not a must but it would be nice.
>Ideal occupation
I don't mind at all. Something he enjoys and is passionate about. I mean I wouldn't want him to be in debt or anything but ya know.
Fat, balding, super left wing. I don't have many deal breakers.

Me but I have high libido so rip

We'd be very compatible, but way too far away

>Ideal age
My age. Slightly younger or slightly older are okay too.
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
Any height whatsoever. I'm really really tall so I've given up on finding a guy taller than me. It would be nice but I'm happy with anything. Blonde or brown hair, green or blue eyes, white.
>Ideal location
Europe/Western Europe generally speaking. There are some specifics. I really like the accents of Britain. Welsh and Scottish accents are probably my favourites.
>Ideal interests
I watch a lot of movies so it would be nice if we had that in common. Some kind of sport would be pretty good too because I'm pretty active.
>Ideal occupation
I don't really have a preference. As long as they aren't begging me for money they can be a NEET.
Drug addiction, poor hygiene, not white. I don't want to sound racist but I'm pretty stereo typically white (Blonde, blue eyes, very light skin) and I would want my kids to be too.

>enjoying the welsh accent

It's charming. I don't know I just enjoy it.

>age - 20 to 25
>physical features - white/jewish, brown hair & eyes, nice hair (like wavy or curly), symmetrical face.
>location - near me or within 3 hrs
>interests - reading, philosophy, watching tv, working out.
>occupation - law or politics.
>deal breaker - boring convo, someone who isn't nice or kind.

I cant believe there is a fembot from island and of course I miss her by 9 hours

Are you jewish? If so are you from ny?

hello my dear... are you ugly?

What would you find more interesting?

Which emirate of burgerstan do you belong to fellow burgani?

I plan on someday purchasing a wilderness property, building a cabin on it, and living in seclusion/off-grid in a self-sustaining way. I've always figured this would entail dying alone, but seeing some of the stuff posted here, I'm thinking otherwise. Would any fembots mind that sort of lifestyle?

I'm in Nevada right now.

I definitely like the idea of being predominantly self sustaining, but I don't think seclusion/being off the grid is something I'd like to live with long-term.

all femoids and traps add Box of Rain#2487 or your mother will die in her sleep tonight

>I don't want to sound racist
You do

Well surely you don't want a racist gf, user? Get over it and stop trying to guilt-trip people for not wanting their children to look like you.

I am this person. I like distance running, hiking, camping, and enjoy waking up early to work on seasonal art projects before going in to the office (analyst for a gps company). I am sad that I'll never meet you, but it gives me hope that there are other outdoorsey nerds out there somewhere.

>pale, very white with any hair/eyes etc
>anywhere if able to travel easily
>anything if self supporting/stable

>an actual femanon itt who doesn't sound batshit crazy or infantile
Saying you don't mind bald men lifted my spirits up because my hair is receading and i'll probably be bald by my late 20s. Interested in my contact info?

Reading is not a higher level pastime than video games, it just makes you look smarter.

This is probably bait but
>Live in europe
>love cinema
>into cycling
>am a neet
>like taller girls
I have discord if you're interested in talking

are you an ausfriend?

why are you into bald men? that doesn't seem very rare amongst women

I tick all the boxes, neat.

>Ideal age
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
5'9-6'4, brown hair, brown eyes, light complexion
>Ideal location
>Ideal interests
Lefty politics, Netflix thrillers/horrors, beaches and carnivals, trying out different foods
>Ideal occupation
-not a leftist
-wants children
-smokes cigarettes
-weird fetishes
-shorter than me

Hey fellow leftyanon
>wants children
Damn, why not? Im on the fence with this, but the way the world is going I guess there is no point

i said deal breaker was bald men

No you didn't specify that dummy

i did nigger original post said
i was lazy and just went with
>bald men

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>>Says the nigger mutt.

I hope you're a real lefty and not some nazi third positionist type bs.
I don't really want kids for a multitude of reasons, one being I would hate to go through the painful process of birth itself,
and two raising a child sucks up way too much time and money out of your life, there are a lot of better things to do imo

well that's what you get for being lazy

>I hate nazis and right wingers and everything not far left, where should I go?
>facebook? no
>reddit? no
>tumblr? no
>twitter? no
>4chin? PERFECT

yeah I have to admit R9k is trash but I relate to some of things being said here. im not as far left as some may prefer, but I am generally on the left in most aspects.

>bohoo lower your standards men

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>Ideal age

>Ideal physical features
at least 5'7 (anything taller than me)
not super skinny and not super fat
no blue eyes
Lips aren't too small, same with eyes

>Ideal location
close to where I live

>Ideal interests
likes history and politics (has to accept the views of others and not make every conversation about politics a debate/argument) - also not opposed to trying out physical activities

>Ideal occupation
anything that allows him to support himself and not be too miserable

genuinely mean spirited, harshly criticizes me for having certain interests, very religious (having some faith is fine, but I don't like the idea of not being able to get married because I won't convert and practice whatever religion he belongs to), regularly uses drugs recreationally/regularly drinks at home, wants to hurt me or wants me to hurt him for pleasure, expects me to do everything for him, thinks that men shouldn't cry, has a super high voice/sounds like a 13-15 year old boy, doesn't care about politics and history

>Ideal age
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
Preferably taller than me (165cm)/any hair/light-colored eyes/white
>Ideal location
>Ideal interests
Art, esoteric music, reading, history, vidya, and camping/hiking.
>Ideal occupation
Not important.
Having anger issues, obesity, and being apolitical.

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I guess I can't be too attractive if I'm here.
So be it I guess. We all have preferences.

I probably fit most of this from what I know, but you're too pure for me if this is true. I don't think you'd be happy with someone like me

>Ideal age
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
Dark coloured hair, has to be wavy i dont like straight hair, brown eyes, idc about race, somewhere between 5'9-6'6 (i'm 5'9 myself), reasonably in shape
>Ideal location
obviously close to me
>Ideal interests
someone who's daredevilish, i'd like to go bungee jumping or skydiving with
>Ideal occupation
i dont really care about occupation as long as its stable
smoking, drugs, weird fetishes (farting, vore, etc)

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