Just bought the Jordan 12s

>just bought the Jordan 12s
>$228 down the drain

Regretting this decision.

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You could have given that money to a fembot


you can't make this stuff up

>not getting the Jordan 4 or 5's

I just buy cheap knock off jordans. not a big difference and I dont care I have like 12 pairs

I already have a girlfriend.

$215, plus shipping. Got it on GOAT.com

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imagine spending $228 to look like a nigglett

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I don't believe it. Chinks/hapas always have Yeezys. I guess you've gotta settle when you work at BK.

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flip it faggot

How are they op? Worth the price? Planning on copin a pair

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Yeezys look like something fags would wear.

They match my gold chains, my fitted hats and they feel nice. Get em bro.

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Those are for niggers. Also a good way to get shot if you end up in the wrong street at the wrong time. They will actually shoot people for Air Jordans.

It's like you don't even try to be clever anymore.

Imagine spending more than 50 dollars on fucking sneakers. These people are allowed to vote.

Imagine being a poorfag and thinking that $228 are expensive lmao

Just because you have an excess of something doesnt mean that wasting it isnt fucking retarded. You can always be richer

What the hell do you mean? Yeezys are ugly as fuck and for millennials..

$228 is nothing if you're in the 6 figures.

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>I maek moneeys
>can spend moar on stooped sheit

What's the deal with sneakers even? They're just shoes, bro.

>not buying docs
>not buying vans
>not buying any other fucking shoe
disgusting and vile

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You sound like a bum. Only a bum would be jealous over sneakers.

I am just an accessory for my gf. I must dress nice or my gf will leave me.

I have Vans...

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>I must dress nice or my gf will leave me.

Sounds rough, my guy

who is jealous? spending 200+ on something worth $10 made in bangladesh or Malaysia is pathetic and laughable. also getting shot over it is doubly funny.

>my gold chains
Stop trying to be a nigger

ye ok gj op thx for the blog update
liekd nd subscribed

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>responding to avatarfags without sage
Youre a part of the problem

I forgot to sage. My bad.

Can I get a picture of them? You can possibly resell them depending on which color way you got.

Same as me. i bought a clock and some nice pair of shoes but then realized I never leave my home

I have these. I absolutely love the style, worth the money. Don't feel bad, at least you don't wear autism shoes.

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I got the Playoffs version. The black and white.

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Proud owner of Jordan 7s here

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>Get em bro.
where u live?

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those are the jordans white trash wiggers buy to have Jordans lol

you guys suck at EVERYTHING lol

Mountain View, Ca and im strapped up.

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Which colorway 12s? If it wasn't the Taxi or French Blue then you need to kill yourself.

12's are ugly depending on the colorway, you should return them and buy a cheaper AJ1 or 4 colorway.

this. I have Chicago red 1's, royal 4's, fear 4's, bred 5's, af1 black logo, and some more jordans.

all fake of course but fuck 12's.

>I got the Playoffs
>instead of the superior taxi

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of course the light blues like in the pic

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>not getting a pair off Aliexpress for like 60$

Aren't you the chinese guy who's a GM at Burger King...?
>complains about how much he hates black people and black customers
>wants to dress like them
oh, the irony

a NEET could have lived off that for over a week, faggot

>he could have said "that money could have been given to the poor"
You're the worst type of couch potato

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where are you faggots getting these ridiculous prices

i would not pay $50 for real shoes

Doc's are for trannies and homos

Depending on which size you have and the condition sell them shits on stockX for like $30-$70 profit

I'd never spend 228 but the generic brand shit for 50 is usually uncomfortable.
I always try cheap ones first and usually they feel terrible

>my gold chains,
lmoa, why dis azn boi be trying to imitate a nigga??

>gold chains is exclusive to blacks


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Well, not exactly exclusive, but wearing gold chains seem kinda trashy/thuggish to me tb.h

also nouveau riches love it

consider suicide
t. wearing a nice pair of leather Clark's I got 2nd hand for a few bucks

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>feel bad for overspending
>i make six figures
yeah... you are dumb nagi