What's keeping you from improving yourself, facing your fears, and taking control of your life user?

What's keeping you from improving yourself, facing your fears, and taking control of your life user?

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I'm just really tired at the moment and feel like sleeping, is this a valid excuse?

What even is self improvement? Is it just a word the tries to hide the fact that it's code for lifting?

I have chronic back pain.

well partly just laziness but mainly the lack of any real desire to improve. There isn't some life goal that I look at and say "Yeah, I really strongly desire to accomplish that".

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my crippling depression and lack of support

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I'm afraid of failure. I don't think I've got what it takes to succeed.

All these phrases are vague and don't really mean anything. They're just words for doing conventionally respected things like lifting and stuff. I don't have a goal to reach or any ideals to realize that are compatible with the world.

a deep feeling of unworthiness, and a fear of the responsibilities that would come from doing so

What would I do with the control?

This if someone just nurtured me or a little and gave me the tools to succeed I would be able to make it.

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Nothing, fellow go-getter, after this lunch it's back to work, for me. LET'S GOOOO

A lack of wealth in a system where it is almost exclusively inherited.

Chronic physical pain and depression

Depression and because i care more about that other people would think about myself and living my own life also i dont have the guts to do something by my own

Do I even need to explain any further?

I would say schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, being heartbroken, being poor, crack cocaine.

I simply find no joy in life, why strive over nothing?

I hate this particular wojak edit. What is it supposed to convey and why is it positive?
Why do people pick a particular wojak edit and think "yes, this is me, I identify with this, my personality is based on this poorly edited drawing".

>if someone just

Never make the mistake of thinking your happiness or success is the responsibility of anyone but yourself.

Go outside. Get interested in things. Figure out what you want in life and pursue it, everyone else be damned. You got this user.

The world you fucking nigger.

Nobody wants to see you succeed.

Work and debt
So kinda knowing taking control of my life is impossible at least for a year

Never said it was anyone's responsibility you dweeb. This is the equivalent of calling incels entitled. All I'm asking is for a friend you nigger

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laziness, i know im a loser and i dont make any excuses, isnt this what the board is all about?

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too lazy to do that


No it isn't you newfag. Lurk more

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>No it isn't you newfag. Lurk more
whatever, kid

>whatever, kid

Doing it for three years non stop. I feel for the /sig/ meme fuck. I should've spend time with family

kys yourself your kill self idiot

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anxiety and I have no direction or real aspirations.

gotta get get gett

Wageslaving makes me miserable but i need the money

It's a horrible cycle

Because I know that no matter how well I do or what relationship I get into, it will never be as good as the one my ex and my friend is in. No girl could ever replace her let alone be better.

lack of discipline and ox-like contentment

I'm doing it tonight.
Just can't decide how.
Do I slit my wrists or hang myself with a shitty USB cable?

I guess I could steal my parents car, stuff a sock in the exaust and die slowly inside the car...
I just need an option tonight that is easy and won't let me pussy out.
Already half a litre of vodka down, I intend to be done by the end of the bottle.

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The Illuminati. And that's that

self improvement never worked in the past when I tried so I fell into a cycle of self-hatred and depression until I got fat and unkempt

livestream it 14original88

Idk. Just kinda fucking hate myself.

laziness and procrastination, tho I'm taking baby steps. I've been avoiding electronics more often and finding more proactive hobbies.

>hanging with a USB cable
not gonna work, retard, if you're gonna do it put more thought into it so you don't turn into a vegetal.

Deafness; just shy of half in both ears. doesn't matter how confident you are when you can't fucking hear what a girl or potential friends are saying.
Doesn't matter what you do; go to a club or on a date but you can't fucking hear and make conversation so what's the point.
Not to mention that because you naturally socialize less and miss out more on what the conversation is about you become even more awkward and socially inept and you're still fucking deaf anyway.
Saps every bit of optimism you have.
There's no way you can get better at socializing when you physically cannot do the one thing that is so instrumental to socializing.

Some have it worse but I'd happily go bald or super fat if I could get rid of deafness, at least if you're fat you can actually fix that.
No amount of diet coke or burpees can fix my brexit ears.