Live in rural area

>live in rural area
>on probation for being black
>no good will to pick up cheap video game shit
>no amusement parks
>no concerts
>people are too poor to travel
>just sad pick up truck driving retards everywhere
>coldest winters in the world
>nothing to do
>no concerts
>no malls
>no places to buy things
>no hobbies
>no people to do things with
>house is 300 years old
>parents are unfit to be parents and poor
>dont upgrade it at all
>windows are 300 years old
>windows are made of wood and scrape up and down to open and close wood on wood
>windows are covered in old chipping lead paint
>house is leaking all over it rains
>live in cold as fuck constant rainy and windy climate
>house is shit
>full of lead asbestos and mold
>health is failing
>eyes are black
>always look tired
>cant function
>cant do anything
>always look like i have cancer
>nothing to do around at all
>literally nothing
>20-40 miles away from small villages with nothing in them
>7 hours away from a major city thats impossible to visit because of village poverty
>no one around in my town at all

its raining today so I guess im just listening to the rain drops in my room today. very very loud rain drops. very fucking loud. right next to my head. I hate my parents. I fucking hate my parents. I fucking hate god.

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can you guys answer me. at least call me a nigger or something im so sad

move to the city, nigger

i cant god trapped me here

Changing your image for once you subhuman cunt? It's hilarious how much more over exaggerated and pathetic your story gets each new thread.

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over exegerated? what the fuck am i making up. what is one thing thats false or the truth is stretched in any way?

Where do you live Dicklicker?

Why don't you go on Grindr and let rural dudes TOP your boitwat you have nothing to lose and you cant tell me you wont get TOPPED there

Its really weird how you come up with new ailments and complaints every 2 days when you make a new thread, you really think anyone believes this shit? And fuck off with this "probation for being black" shit, it's your fault you're in this situation, if your life really was as bad as you said, anyone sane person would have left years ago, it's not hard.

We all know you are white LARPING from the suburbs and you are mentally ill also everyone hates you

>on probation for being black

typical dindu nuffin.

Typical black person blaming their problems on everything else, not surprised he is to stupid to even keep his story straight

new York. new York city is big and rich but if you go upstate its like a rural gulag Russian prison hell hole. coldest place on earth. poorest place on earth. rednecks. stupid shit. literally the only "feature" of my town is a fucking barn

every single business near or around me has died and they are just crumbling old buildings now

This bro gets it 100%

every single aspect is true. pile of lead paint next to my window. entire ceiling is brown. ive been saying this same shit since day 1. I just cant fit all the stuff to complain about in one post theres too much so I keep my complaints to a general topic. this one is about poverty so im talking about how poor my shit parents are.

this is true. rain is falling down in my room next to my head right now and loud as fuck. i have chronic fatigue and narcolepsy i have to sleep 24/7 and always tired.

my house is always cold ive said that a million times. theres no mall amusement park concerts or fun near me ive said that a million times.

Simple go on Grindr go to the city have sex for rent get a job save and get pounded till you can move out

Join your nations Armed Forces today and find your freedom in the Fight for Freedom.

Purpose, Brotherhood, Essential Skills. Nonstop Sex and Love.

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Ok so prove it post pictures of house and room or BS

> for being black
literal dindu nuffin browsing r9k, pathetic

He wouldn't make it and keep fags like that out of the military

Play Pokemon TCG Online on your PC.

ill take one later im bed ridden from exhaustion and I tried to nap but the rain drops are keeping me up and id have to post it from my phone

and im paranoid of you fuckers using my photo to trace me with computer shit seeing where I live

No fuck you faggot do it now no bs moon cricket excuse

You're dozens of miles from anywhere. What are they gonna trek out to visit you.

Watch every episode of Star Trek NOW.

lol. I only like the first 2 generations of pokemon anything after that is shit its why I gave up on all pokemon games. I have a big ass collection of pokemon cards but im too scared of being poor to keep collecting them.

LMAO hey guys OP is poor but post from a computer and has a cell phone :/ you truly are black

Do you have any valuable originals? The online game is free.

Sell your sissycunt for money if you are poor

yeah right dude ill get doxed do you know how bad it would look if people found out I come to some frog trading forum to complain about my life every single day

and if I lose this I have nothing. its my main source of communication. its my only place to vent. its the only place where I can talk about my literal life living in hell and be unknown

It's not like you have anything to lose you fucking girl

yeah I have almost every holo I think just missing the gym trainer cards

STOP being a faggot. I have money. I have a bunch of money. it is my parents that are poor. im suffering their stupid poverty. god trapped me here so I can never leave or move out or be happy.

dude. everyone has internet are you retarded? I went to a crackhead den one time and they were sealing rooms off with plastic to save heat and heating the whole house with an electric stove and people were nodding off and smoking cigarettes with needles in their arms

they had internet phones and computers. that doesnt make you rich. it doesnt mean shit. i bought my own phone anyways

Damn you are the biggest sissy on r9k whining and crying like a fag all the time you might as well transition

How did you make your money?

Selling Holo's?

yes I do this is my safehaven and only spot for "friendship" and the only place I can talk about how shitty my life is. I really really dont wanna get doxed and lose this and it would kill my small town reputation.

Selling crack as I stated above also stealing

Dude your post are all over the place you mentally ill fuck

Oh. How do you while away the lonely hours.

Do you get delivery vans out your way or are you too remote. I used to live on a ship alone I could scream and scream and no one could hear me. Had a guitar and learned some chords. Had no internet either. It was the best time of my life.

the second I get doxed is the day I stop posting here

I cant let people know I post here

>the only place I can talk about how shitty my life is

no one cares

thats not me. I scam for money. I dont feel bad. people have better lives than me. every single person ive seen has more money a better life than me happier family. I dont care if I steal from people. I need shit and I have to take it from the world to get what I deserve

and I dont. all I do is scam and take kratom to get high and I either cry or want to kill myself 24/7. I never feel happy or not lonely.

doesnt matter. i have to get it out. there is no one around and no one else is as sad as me. this place is the only place in the world where people are as sad as me.

what are your scams though?

Do you have a vehicle?

I cant say everyone here would do it and no god struck me down and I lost everything

Don't breed.


I would pity you but scammers are the lowest of the low and I couldn't give a rat's if you live in the middle of buttfuck nowhere

I have no choice. I was born so god damn fucking poor. parents too poor to buy me a car. sell drugs. parents are still too poor to help me pay half for a car. decide I want to move to big city. its impossible. lose everything because im stuck in place

10-20 miles from a job. -30 degree winters for 9 months and then 90 and sunny and humid as fuck for the other 2 months. only job around is burger king. no car to get there. would have to bike or hitch hike to go and make 30 dollars per shift and have no way to come home

oooor sit in my house and make thousands of dollars. im smart. i did the smart logical thinb. it was logic.

How the fuck do you find the strength to post this shit daily? Is there a team behind this shit? For what purpose? Are you the evolution of the Gangzhou guy?

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I am driven by pure hate and depression.

Paint your sadness so people all over the world can feel what you feel

>oooor sit in my house and make thousands of dollars

this is how op pictures himself while he scams csgo items for a living

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Did you go to school senpai?

thats what im doing. I hope if I ever become a rapper ill talk about how much I hate god and how everything in my life is my parents fault and how I was forced to steal

How old are you?

I ask this originally

That sounds comfy.
>New York
seriously? I'm a Brooklynfag, I didn't know that kind of area was so close. I don't hate the city but it's noisy and the streets are filthy with garbage piled up everywhere. Don't even get me started on the homeless.

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>>on probation for being black

explain pls

europeans didn't sit on Jow Forums and complain, they built up civilization in snowing, resource-poor europe
go out and show you are worth anything, nigger, start with learning woodwork or something to fix the windows, scrape the old paint and paint shit over with new one

You must go deeper, thats anger not sadness. Fine the real pain within you

i also live upstate and i could knew where just from your description

where do you live roughly im near binghamton

>no concerts
That's good actually

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fuck no dude I am not scraping pure lead paint with 0 knowledge of what im doing

thats fucked up

Do you think people knew how to build all the stuff from start? This is why your kind never left the continent except in arabian or jewish shackles as slaves. What the fuck is common sense like wearing a mask to not breathe the dust from scraping and vacuuming whole room/leaving windows open for a while to let it all blow out? What is internet or asking nearby carpenter for tips?