If you lost in genetic lottery what's the point in living?

if you lost in genetic lottery what's the point in living?

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lmao he looks like a fucking troll

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If youre not born chad, theres no point in trying to be chad. Give up on women and find pleasure in doing something else.

In my experience being genetic trash gives me a sense of humor thats very down to earth and enjoyable.

like what? drugs?

Nobody is born chad, you become chad.

to work hard and build stuff so attractive people have nices lives

I'm 5'8
Do I have a chance of becoming Chad

imagine thinking this, imagine deluding yourself to the point where you believe there is something more than a genetic lottery separating chads from virgins

no lmao, you are a manlet, enjoy having rape charges pressed against you if you ever so much as touch a woman

based delusional retard

cyberpunk 2077
tes vi
the new masquerade bloodlines game
john wick 4

these are my 4 reasons to not kill myself

pretty much
try psychodellics and heroin

i will try my best till the day before my 30st birthday
if it doesnt work out im gone, i know im gonna do it as i performed previous suicide attempts but without success. my guaranteed one will be a heliumtank, i already found the items on amazon.

there's no point even if you won.

no matter how you were born you still can be very successfull

You are literally Chad height. Made to fuck bitches.

If you're the Guy on the left, pity be upon thee.

>being genetic trash gives me a sense of humor thats very down to earth and enjoyable.

Ya bro. Reminds me of the time when I drove to the "Stop being depressed" movieplex in "Be yourself" Town, to watch the new "Just change your personality" romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler. I never felt so alive

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>those earrings
Height doesn't matter if u fuck dudes

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kinda this
plus I'm cursed and fail at literally everything
it's sad life but when I'm drunk I can't but laugh at how miserable and fucked up my life is
like you know how in RPG games you spend points on different attributes, perks and skills? well I feel like I forgot to do it and all my stats are set to 0 or 1
apperance, intelligence, luck, dick size, family, health, genes, talent, all I have not
funny isn't it?

Ya being genetic trash is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery funny! Hahahaha (I guess)

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I've lived long enough to realise that there's no point. Nothing is fun when you're unwanted, nothing can fill that void.

eating and other instant pleasures like drugs and hookers can

it really is when you try to distance yourself from your body and life
I for example spend most of the day in the realm of day dreams, I can be whoever I want in them
very comfy

maladadptative daydreaming masterrace

women don't love anyone, not even chad. every day they're just satisfying one emotional drive before moving onto the next and if you're lucky you're a part of that process

Thats bullshit! Left is mogging intentionally!

Use the bloomer logic: "There is always point! UwU"

maybe for an hour or so