Reddit bad

>reddit bad

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It couldn't be more obvious that you're new.

why did you answer him you fucking retard? just let the thread die out

Because "board culture"
meaning you're supposed to hate for no reason, it's honestly embarassing

>just let the thread die out
Nigger it was up for 3 minutes what are you talking about?

redditors are the 9faggers who kept breaking rules 1 and 2 and brought everyone and their mothers here
now Jow Forums is an toxic wasteland of different government organizations experimenting with methods to surveil, manipulate, coerce, and entrap people on the internet

>muh "muh board culture"


they are annoying conformist

>inb4 a mass of shit threads floods the front page to push this thread down

For conspiracy fanfictions go to dailystormer or whatever, this is not the place

Because they're annoying conformists who make garbage content. You should go back there.

> karma points
> becomes pic related
what's more bluepilled than that ?

They also have all kinds of porn so there's a huge contradiction going on.

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What an oddly specific thing to say. Very specific.

Take your meds dude lmao


God doesn't care that you were "just following orders"
you could have stopped them, but you didn't...

Karma/accounts encourages everyone to post the socially acceptable thing, instead of what they really believe.


their layout is buttfuck ugly. they shadowban anyone right of extreme leftist. or just outright ban. tons of onions eating pussies. homos. actors.

The entire board is an echo chamber filled with NPCs who will down-vote you to oblivion if you do not agree with their opinion.

What are some good sub-reddits or whatever you kids call them?

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reddit is unironically everything wrong with the modern internet encapsulated into one site

Because we abandoned that place in 2018 lol
am I right fellow oldfags?

this user gets it
the majority of you are absolutely retarded

>they shadowban anyone right of extreme leftis
t_d is one of the biggest subs

this is the bottom line. vote-terrorism. its a stupid system.

>He fell for the "porn is evil" meme

i googled it and it says it's 296th by sub count

Though I agree that "based" is now used more to describe a post that conforms to people's views (much like the upvote system on Reddit) rather than actually being based, it must be said that posts that do not receive any replies containing said word will not be hidden, and that no one can go back and pull out some irrelevant shit about something you've said in the past (excluding tripfags).
Socially-enforced echo chambers are nearly unavoidable, but Reddit goes one step beyond by actively suppressing unpopular opinions.

Because it's a site that doesn't promote discourse and silences those that disagree with the mass through downvotes, ad homs and bans.

They're arguments boil down to "have sex" and "incel" but unironically. I also just hate most of there sense of humor. It's normalfags personified. I do go there sometimes to find streams and see what faggots think about games or movie discussions, but I would never make an account and be a part of the community.

The karma and vote system makes normalfag soicuck groupies say and post what they think everyone else wants to hear (instead of what they really think) for imaginary internet points and virtual social validation from strangers. It's even worse than bait on this board.

because it's filled with mostly liberal buffoons that only care about le epic science and space, and dank memes that definitely never get old also you have a small percentage of alt-right idiots but like the seriously retarded kind

>believe being nerd is cool
>barely scratched the surface of their 'nerd hobbies'
>think random is funny
>politically correct
>full of fake news
>punish you for having opinions and not just agreeing
>echo chambers
>24 hour meme cycle so encourages efficiency over quality
>post history they can use to avoid arguing your points

>they often have a weird sense of humor in that theyll find whatever meme comes their way to be funny

>their lingo is the cringiest, especially when it comes to insults because they cant say slurs without being banned
>reddit spacing to strech out replies, artificially making them more visible

>superiority complex in thinking that theyre the best community

>kikebook memes are originated from there which is why they have a lifespan of about 2 months until they move on to the next shiny thing

>upboat culture which means people try so hard to be funny or critical just for attention and to stroke their ego when really theyre just copying other people

theres so much wrong with that site but its the community that is pure cancer. honestly far worse than the ifunny or 9gag invaders of 2010

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big bang theory is what normalized nerd culture, and reddit is what normalized big bang theory

If you wanna know why there are actual cucks on this site, go look at their cuck subreddit.

>older user who experienced the 90s internet
>spend the early 2000s on the forums with all the single mums, balding metalheads and other eccentric folk
>with all the information at my finger tips become obsessed with certain subjects
>find Jow Forums in 2006 and it quickly becomes my home
>posts get shorter and short but trolling becomes more common because posts now 404
>As time goes on I lose more and more interest as normals flock to this website and shit it up
>Just want to have a proper discussion but can't here because eventually it becomes a memeslinging fest
>google keeps linking me to plebbit
>cave in and make account
>specialized subject board has proper discussion
>it's mostly shit tier but there are still decent posters who just want to talk

I just want my pre-2007 internet back, Jow Forums is the closest thing for actual ideas it moves too fast with so many people finding this website thanks to the elections. reddit isn't that bad but the attitude of people from there is evident. I don't care about identity and upvotes I just want more than generic shitposting thats consistent with this website.

Hmm heres why

>shitty upvote system that turns the already echo chamber subreddits into further echo chambers because if someone questions their beliefs they get downvoted and no one sees it.

>retards who use post history as an argument for anything

>the fags there are so retarded the lgbt board says you dont need dysphoria to be trans so they've convicned AGP's to transition who will kill themselves in the future.

>shitty powertripping admins and mods who jerk their dick after banning the person who said "white people aren't all terrible" because he's a "fascist"

>the absolute butt fuck large amount of socialists and communists who shill as hard as they can to make people think they're right.

its literally proven that the fbi posts on Jow Forums

redditors are incredibly unfunny, tryhard people, and they come here and act tryhard and make the site less funny with their epic greentext blogposts

Karma and upvotes/downvotes make people conform to societal norms, and if you say anything controversial you get banned from the subreddit

>newfag bad
OP is right 90% of this board are just NPCs

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>implying any of this type of literature is pushed mainstream by powerful groups like left wing literature and ideas are

because of their users. Same reason of Africa being a shithole

>leftist bad
>mainstream bad

This is why, to me, the right are the biggest NPCs. Their entire shtick is "we're not lefties, we're not mainstream" even when their guy is the most powerful man in the world. You ARE the fucking mainstream yet you keep parroting the same 'we're the obscure edgelords' shit because that's what Molymeme or whoevers your star e-celeb of the month tells you.

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Lol, you the same people who say iFunny is bad despite it having the same problems as you. At least that has some actual funny people who make good stuff like this

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Meant for (you), with original love

This, I literally posted to a gaming subreddit about a DLC I didn't like politely, and then everyone downvoted me who didn't agree with my opinion.
It's almost impossible to have a normal debate within the reddit community

Because leftist NGO's have spent millions turning it into a propoganda machine that is only taken seriously by pseudointellectuals who listen uncritically to NPR.

Karma system, shadowbanning, namefagging and post history, that's why. You can start a post on some subject just for some fags to come and post "hurr durr look at his post history and karma, obvious troll!". Can't shitpost either cause it will get you banned. Can't insult anyone cause it will get you banned too. And of course the fucking upvotes and attentionfags.

Now go back there if you like it so much you faggot.

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>trump is unironically right wing fascist

hes not hes just some capitalist crony but he was the better pick. and yes being mainstream by definition is Npc

>e celebs

this is how i know you fags are from reddit, the online right wing that shills for that garbage is redditors magapedes also why the fuck do you have your shitty memes signed by political groups you spaz