Reminder that there are Air force officers on this board right now

reminder that there are Air force officers on this board right now

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Incels should be jailed, they are clearly a threat to society

Nah, this is fake. I refuse to believe it. God Himself would need to come down and prove it to be real for me to believe it

Nigger there's no fucking WAY that's rreal

I think being in the chair force is almost as pathetic as being here.

Ughhhhh why do normalfags keep doing this shit alek minassian was ONE fucking guy who did something. I'm not gonna go around shooting people cause I cant fuck a bitch

>it's real
glad im not a burger

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its real

Why would the air force being doing that? If I was an officer on that base and I got told I had to be on the lookout for incels amongst my troops I'd be livid. They're in the air force to serve, not to get laid.

I cant even take this shit seriously anymore. Theres no way the fucking Air Force would get briefed on this shit LMAO. What are they gonna do, call in a drone strike or some shit on some lonely redditors?

And he's treated as a saint by the incel community.
The "ironically" argument breaks when this woman hate crap and worship of murderers happens daily.

Thats funny since there were a ton of incels in the air force when I was in there. The military is a loser magnet.

To all the air force members on this board, a personal message from me to you: Not my fault that women are selfish high standard hypergamous non monogamous whores who wouldn't fuck me if it literally saved their life. Thank you for your time, kindly fuck off now.

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>women have never worshipped murderers

This is fake because the image isn't even relevant to incels. If it was a picture of Elliott Rodger or blackops2cel then I might believe it

is there porn of becky?

its real tho

Who is this? Is it the ugly slav with a call of duty shirt that gets posted on Jow Forums occasionally?

the A in USAF stands for autism

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> there are glowniggers reading this post right now studying on incels

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>tfw actually living in the best possibe timeline

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Why the fuck does the air force care about incels? They run out of Muslim children to bomb?

>tfw no Becky gf
Just kill me now

Hell they probably made the post.

They had sex, so they know they're targets. They know they're in the wrong.

Because Air Force would have the highest proportion of incels in it

>mrw at least someone reads and even replies to your posts, even watches you beating your meat via your untapped webcam

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I hope they don't take our peepee poopoo castles, it's the incels' last bastion of hope in this insane world, we can't survive without eating some poopoo

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>When there's no more arabs to kill you give a brifing about incels

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being in the chair force is just as pathetic as being on Jow Forums

That's true though? Imagine your taxes going towards these welfare queens.

another proof that airforce is the most autistic branch out there

Why the airforce?
Are they afraid of the incels using projectile ejaculation to take down helicopters and planes?

more like chair force

they are the chairforce after all they do nothing but sit in chairs all day so what else are they going to do other than bitch about fagcels?

how much of a cuck do you have to be to die for weapons manufacturers
you know their wives are getting deepdicked by Tyrone and Chad while they are out bombing muzzies

The filthy jews must be the ones responsible for this...

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>Chad and Stacey are now normal normie language now
>incels are being shunned and bullied for their simple lack of emotional ability

God I hope they are,

Fuck you, General August.

Ironic how the branch with the highest amount of whores happens to also make this into a real brief.

]A guy in my shop literally got an LoR for making a Muslim joke when we literally see Muslims getting droned.

Why is it so hard to believe that we would class certain people into groups?

Incels are a group. Wake the fuck up people.

Why does the Chairforce need a briefing on incels? Also whats wrong with that belief?

Worshipping murderers or hating women online isn't illegal sweaty.

Does this mean that they are going to start the war against I.N.C.E.L? are they going to take our IPs and do drone attacks?

Any glowniggers care to explain to us? We know you are here.

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Well there is a Garand Thumb daddy on Jow Forums, who is a chairforce NCO.

yo. what if the air force bros BECOME us? it starts with "ironic" trolling.. but when stare into the abyss, it stares back.

If there is a shooting, they need to know the shooter's motivations to handle the situation appropriately. So they classify every possibility, from radical muslim to angry incel. Better to have a label ready than to have to explain what the fuck are those stacies that are persecuting the shooter.

>Better to have a label ready than to have to explain what the fuck are those stacies that are persecuting the shooter
Kek, reminds me of this

I still don't know what the Chairforce has to do with this, though. Are they going to drop bombs on a school shooter or something?

wow. so ive been getting trolled by an entire air force base? and i won. and those nightly fly overs would be air force tracking my sim card/phone.
gg gentlemen

ive been a Targeted Individual Person, and Ive been zapped by sonic weapons by the air force.

all good, my friends. thanks for everything

>incels THINK women can't be incel
>the image itself says becky has a million orbiters

They need to act like they are doing something, and posting screenshots of Jow Forums looks good on a power point presentation about how they are combating extremism. They expect to "Gather data" which is code word for "Gather useless information so we look busy, and keep our cushy job."

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Why don't SJWs see that discriminating virgins is about as retarded as discriminating people for race, gender and sexuality?

Because normies LOVE their labels and being able to categorize shit. To not be labeled or categorized means something that is alien, puzzling, not part of the hive mind.

Probably the recent mass shooter.

fucking rofl hahahaha

Because incels aren't human to them.

>normies LOVE their labels
oh the irony

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I imagine many robots end up in the military since you can sign up with next to no barrier to entry

>muh categorization is bad post modern rubbish
we can't communicate without names for things nigger

>will likely die hair

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Because the masses always need a scapegoat to solidify their shitty conformistic hive-mind.

the mob always wins. it won't be long before every chad and stacy is vivisected alive in public

That'd be amazing to witness. Like isis but against normies.

yo. why are air force bros still larping as robotos

>the dark web
is that just incognito mode?

Brenton Tarrant was memeing hard on pol, and we saw how effective the glowniggers were at prevening the attack, unless of course they (((let it happen))). They cant do shit as long as youre not a fucking retard and reveal too much info.

Imagine if this was during the LGBT-raid. Knowing that statistically, a small percentage of air force soldiers, would become meme gay.

el lo el

Yo. so im TIP? means you have follow my posts... what i were to start posting on MLP and LGBT? you would have to follow me there


air force throws a pizza party everytime a robot goes postal = more funding to monitor net activity

They should rather start bombing tripfags first.

makes sense for the air force the be the branch that knows about this stuff

The dark web is where incels, alt-righters and elite hackers post cp and memes, according to the media. Or pretty much everything that isn't facebook and youtube, according to normalfags

so that las vegas numbers thats been calling me, which one of you was it?

Hahaha holy shit they acually made this show. There are no limits to normiedom.

I guest its feels good to be the internet's bad guys again after all this years, even if /pol take the lead instead of /b

pol and b are pawns. the "hackers" are probably glows using them as an anonymous leak

Yes. Fuck tripfags

Its just an excuse for people (mainly women) to openly hate on unattractive and undesirable men. In the old days you'd just get called a nerd/geek/virgin or whatever and they'd laugh about it and move on. Now since women have more power that isn't enough they want you to be publicly beaten and executed.

Look at how many sex-having normals kill people in comparison to virgin men.

Holy shit this had me kek.
There are SVU writes reading your posts right now.

lets go to war with iran already. you lads have too much free time

Imagine being this much of a brainlet.
saucio originalio

If I see an NPC I'm going to call them an NPC. That includes you, faggot.

Lol nice try. Thats like saying atheism is a religion.

aside from the fact that its extremely concerning that the united states military is communicatin in memes, i dont see what they even tried to accomplish
it only proves that femcels are manipulative and evil people, but yet they make the character attractive and thus still capable of a romantic relationship

Incels are caused rose of national socialist. Top official of nazis are beta

For sure this info will come in handy when you take a face full of shrapnel from an IED for Israel

imagine being in america and paying taxes

Sorry about that. We'll do better next time.

i hope so, for your sakes. ive been honing my psychic-teleknetic blast, prepare to have your weapons turned against you.

This is why the military must prepare.

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air force director here, have sex user

I never respected the military. It went to shit in 1919. Last time they did anything good was World War One.

>mfw it will soon be literally a crime to virgin in US

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Has anyone found the full presentation?

history nerds are the biggest faggots on earth

This is normie 1 to Chad command. Suspicious nerd in my sight.

I wish I was American trully kino country, just like in the movies