Currently having a big sweaty wank edition

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>imagine making a new thread before 530 posts

poley BLOCKED me on KIK

Been thinking about this girls butthole

1000 piece puzzle time

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Enjoying the new coffee table I see, have a good one lad

I really am, it's like that day I got the new front door, and the new toilet day

Nice jigsaw table lad

But WHY?
what possible thing could you have done to turn off that drooling pervert?

chika is very lovely and cute

>tfw Job Centre advisor suggests you get tested for autism

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whats in it for you? More monies?

How long did you wait for the reconsideration?


No I don't think so, though he said I would be more protected because of the Equality act. Mostly it just sound like interviewers would have to cut me some slack or something. I have no issue securing interviews, just passing them and he thinks that might be the problem.

just had a video interview and also had one yesterday.

it's for a remote javascript position.

Now i'm eating nice food

fingers crossed. how is everybody this fine afternoon

2 weeks for the first appeal, 3 weeks for the second

Thinking about my future and feeling quite anxious haha

>just had a video interview and also had one yesterday.

Did you wear trousers?

Telling my mum I've been fired tomorrow. She knows something's wrong she was just saying she was worried.

fired from what lad and how?

Addicted to Cookie Clicker again

Do I take a new job that pays 5 grand more and has career progression or stay in my comfy dead end job where I watch YouTube all day?
Please tell me I'm confused.

Defence Engineer.

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From my job. Too much time off.


I'll admit that this made me laugh.

There's a lot more to consider. How will your commute change, company benefits, working hours, how soon will you see progression, how much work will you be doing, the people you work with, the culture, what you want out of life.

>tfw waited 12 weeks
Should be done soon they said they'd escalated it to a team leader

If I rent out a venue and get catering, will any of you turn up?

Dead end, can't buy comfy

>Falling Down

Me in 15 years.

I wore trousers yeah guess I'm a sucker haha. Shirt, trousers, shoes, all helped me to get in the mood. Been busy today user?

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no shit, mind telling us what it was?

if you have some kind of passive income why not stay chilled? have you thought about what you want in 5 years?

Depends when desoo

I have never had a job in my entire life and I never will

need your PPI claim forms lke yesterday lads

You told us that you have friends on /soc/ now Poley, so go ask them if they'll meet up as we're clearly not going to be interested.
You can stay there too, cheers.

I will phone the police on that if it happens and report it as a paedo meet where you'll plan the next child to kidnap
I'm not joking either, I am the fabled reportfag and my work is known

I will commit to attending your birthday celebration of you book something with catering

The bitch said the same thing to me but as an insult.. Thankfully I'm on ESA don't have to deal with them anymore

>report it as a paedo meet
With 2 confirmed paedos already, that's a good idea.

Would a table at KFC count?

No mate, no one will come. I know it's hard but it'll hurt you a lot less than settig something up and having no one turn up

I was just a factory pleb, wrapped boxes of after 8s

>Birthday celebration at KFC

It's paki'o'clock in here tonight

He'll likely make sure it's one of the halal KFCs as well. Bet he knows which ones are which.

>Amer will soon be THIRTY

Yeah that would be fine. What day is it again, might have to swap a shift at work

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More years on this planet than brain cells in his head.

it's thursday m8

Korean girls > all others

It'd be nice if I was on ESA but even if I am autistic I'm definitely not autistic enough to qualify for it. It's bittersweet.

you'd be surprised, it's all about fill in the forms right

There's 9 of them in Manchester and 12 in Leeds so he won't have trouble finding one lmao

Shippy to lend Poley his book about the difference in cranium measurements between races and their link to IQ

Yeah but I've had a job in customer service and I was a manager for three years, they won't believe someone who can do those jobs well is incapable of getting work.

How's your penis these days?

I actually do have one, and poley is free to borrow it

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still a little stiff

Specifically this page

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I desperately want a Moni gf but she's never willing to put in the effort to meet up and always comes up with some excuse.
So to the rest of you, don't bother, she only wants the attention and dick pics.

Where's pakis on this graph?


So are pakis in the blacks?

Pakis are a sub-race of Caucasians

moni is just a typical female after all

lmao Shippy never disappoints

>he has never been to a west end musical with poleaboo

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>this accent
Is it Kent? Estuary? Essex?

>Pakis are technically White

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Come on lads, don't respond to paedophiles.

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>Source: an earlier edition of this book
does let it down a little.

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Maybe they should use 'Caucasian' instead of 'white' then

>child rape
fucking kek

>baby genital mutilation
fucking roflmao

Poley borrowing Shippy's book and not reading it but leaving it lying around the front room to kick up a fuss

need something to take my mind off my oneitis lads what do

wank to the thought of brutally raping another girl

>MFW I can't stay awake longer than two hours at a time
What the fuck is wrong with me?

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Pop down the club and get a bit of couger milf pussy.

kek, not the same user but reminds me that there's a lot of northie milfs in Manchester.

>a bit of couger milf pussy.

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accountancy is the answer lid

A spot of paedophilia maybe?

i am in love with her lads

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Excuse, you tell me where I find mechanic

Get outta here, Shippy.

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>doing a master's
>everyone off doing their projects
>class only meets monthly for journal club
>final deadline for dissertation is August 19th
>been applying for jobs since January
>turn up to journal club today
>literally everyone besides me either has a job offer or a PhD offer

I'm so fucking at the end of my rope with this shit. I checked today and I've sent over a hundred applications out. It's not like they're cookie cutter ones either - I genuinely put effort into them but I just get fucking nothing back.

I've had two interviews, one by phone and one by skype but they were over a month ago and I haven't heard anything back.

I don't want to repeat what happened to me after undergrad where I was unemployed for a solid year. Please don't let this shit happen. Why is everyone else but me prospering? I've been to uni job services, my academic tutor, some senior staff and a bunch of other people for advice on finding work and critique on my CV but nothing changes.

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I often wonder if this photo was taken at the exact same moment as the one with Mayuri and cola

Up there then turn left then go to the end of the road and turn left then go to the end of that road and turn left

What field are you in?

Warehouse work would have looked better on your CV than a gap

You can see Mayuri's arm you waterhead. Come off it lad.

Pic related shows his jumper.

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Well no because the same person who took this one also took that one.

For some reason, I have always thought it was poleaboo in the image with me at the pool table

What is that? A hand for ants?!

why didnt poley post pics of them wearing their paki clothes after the wedding like they promised

Corrrr look at that sexy lass on the left.

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Is it something you lack
When I'm flat on my back?
Is it something that I can do for you?
It's always someone you hate
Or it's something you ate
Tell me is it the way that I touch you?
Have you found a new mate
And is she really great?
Is it just that I'm much too much for you?

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it's funny until you realise he's gotta spend the rest of his life like that

oh yeah I was really looking forward to that actually.