Which one would you say is a better path to take for the average Jow Forums lurker?

Which one would you say is a better path to take for the average Jow Forums lurker?

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College if its not for some shit degree. Becoming a doctor is a perfect job.

>implying incels can become doctors

I'm trying to make this desicion right now. Finished university with a religion degree and I can either

1. Teach at highschool/primary school
2. Start a trade

Teachings more money but putting on a facade and having fiesty kids doesn't interest me that much
Then again doing a trade seems pretty boring and monotonous

What do u guys think

Trade Schools. That way you have a skill that no one can take away from you, so even if you fall on hard times you can sell your services.

A college degree means fucking nothing in this marketplace.

>making money
Nigga the fuck?

It really depends on the individual. I struggled with academics but I did well in shop classes. The tradesman life made more sense to me and im happy being a butcher

Dude, start teaching. You get a salaried position + get 3 months off for summer break where you can just NEET out. At least that's how I interpret it.

If it doesn't cripple you for life college is simply better.

We have technical colleges in my local area that do shit like Computer studies and all that shite alongside the Trade skills stuff and most of my successful friends actually went this route instead of staying in more academic establishments. The courses had more hardware and hands on units that let them skip ahead in University etc.

Life is always a gamble with the unknown. It's easy to look back and work out what the best option was in 2008 or 1994. Where the money is in 2028 is a gamble. If I had kids that were oblivious as to what to do as i have been I would advise them to apocalypse proof themselves.

Medical staff, plumbers, cooks, mechanics, Builders. The real shit. They'll always be somewhat in demand.

Working on ships in my 20s I realised that for people wanting lives of adventure and travel. Everywhere in the world wants cooks and mechanics. Even with electric vehicles on the rise they'll be reliable paying skills. Even in the Antarctic.

Here's the honest truth man, you hear a lot of debate on this but here's the truth
- theres nothing wrong with Trades
- if you're smart and capable enough for a good uni degree, you should do one
Trades are fine but the work is uninteresting and your pay is limited. You will never work in dynamic environments that test your intelligence or give you hard problem solving skills. It's really a matter of intelligence and your ability to do a proper degree, if you finish university you have an endless ceiling to do anything you want.

Trade. College is not worth the debt incurred generally unless it is a high paying job or tech. If you are considering STEM just go to college unless your parents are willing to house you for a local job/trade business in which case it is actually smarter to just get a job with no bills for a few years and invest every penny so you have a significant bankroll and secondary income before you strike out on your own. If you have the luxury to invest your entire income, do it and you can retire early to mid 30's depending on the job then soon buy your own house and forever neet comfortably. More years for even bigger passive income if you wanted. Money now is more valuable than money later, and most (non-tech) degrees only yield significant income once you are multiple years invested in the field and that is also after all the years wasted in school. By the time you would start to live it up and pay things off as a doctor I will already be retired. So just trade school unless you got full scholarships and want to pseudo-neet with them or are going into tech.

That's not true for all trades. I'm a machinist, and some of the solutions we've come up with to make abnormal parts were really convoluted and took forever to think of. Some trades you're right with, but not all of them

Go into debt for a degree unless it's one that sets up you with a job even a placement position before it's over.

Every degree job will replaced by AI by 2050.

Well, college isn't a good investment for people who work with their hands and work the problem at hand, if that makes sense

I could spend thousands of dollars for a degree that MIGHT get me a job, then pay off the debt after years of school

Or I can do what I've done and learn thing quick and hands on, in a trade course at the community college that's a semester long and gets me trade certifications
That if used pay well on top of virtually no cost for the courses

Things in professional white collar fields, retail, and desk work doesn't work for me. I couldn't hold a job in retail because of how irrationally strict many companies are about social behavior, at least for me.

I work in a factory now, and I thrive in it because I don't have to worry about image anywhere other than the product I'm making, and my attendance and ethic

teaching HS is stressing as fuck. Kids don't care and are just there to fuck and fight each other. Have to worry about little cunts saying you molested them if you gave them detention for something. plus the pay isn't that great now and hasn't been upped in quite a while.

most robots going into a trade will get bullied by their coworkers

therefore college, you can at least focus on your strengths (autism) and become slightly smarter than a HS grad so you can come back here and make r9k a better place while you continue to desperately wage it out because you still can't get hired

exactly, trade work is for real men. The whiny out of shape robots here simply wouldn't be able to handle the bants.

I hate everything about college, but I also can't into trades. wtf am I supposed to do?

blue collar work isn't all that great. even if you're in a union the wages aren't too great. plus you'll be surrounded by a bunch of knuckle dragging normalfags who will bully you to the point of suicide.

best option for a robot is to be a neet or go homeless. you don't owe the world anything.

>hurr grug strong! grug swing hammer!

That's just if you work in a shiit-tier inner city high school.

Work at a warehouse. It can be comfy

that's the mentality most of them have. They pride themselves on toughness, avoid medical care if they get sick/hurt and work through it when they are. They also bant with each other, hard. You're never going to be accepted if you can't take it and bant back.

It's ok for builders but these working class grafters are the same working in kitchens. I had food poisoning 4 times in 6 months working in a restaraunt and as it turns out it was just one Chef who constantly worked sick and made everyone lunches.

I've worked (unoffically) in trades for a fair bit, the trick is to try to learn, ask questions, and understand. Use the autism to help you think about how to solve problems as they arise instead of the head on approach a lot of others take.

As far as banter goes, I've been called worse things in an hour than other people could say in a lifetime

Trade work. It has massively helped me in life, and I didn't even need to get into massive debt.

wouldn't I get bullied there too?

A college degree is basically

>if this doesn't work out mommy and daddy will just give me a different job

I wouldn't go for a trade school because long term you may be imposing a lower ceiling on your income. That, and socially your just putting yourself in another bubble without seeing what's out there. Uni sucks, but it can change you in little ways, hopefully positive.

You could opt for a middle ground and go to a community college with a technical degree option, like engineering. Having a college degree doesn't necessarily give you an advantage, but it prevents you from being excluded from the applicant pool or promotion.

Neither. best r9k can do is pack boxes