A girl I was talking to on discord was my "e-gf" recently told me that she was flirting with another guy and felt bad...

A girl I was talking to on discord was my "e-gf" recently told me that she was flirting with another guy and felt bad about it, so I stopped talking to her. I'm pretty broken up about it, closest I've ever had to a real relationship. It's not even that I have trouble with women it's that I just cant fucking stand women with shitty personalities and I've probably met maybe 10 tops in my entire life that I considered worthy of my time. I've always considered cheating to be partially the fault of the other person, they should have seen it coming and not got with that person in the first place, now I dont know what to think. She wants to stay together but theres no way in hell I'm getting back together with her after that, no matter how bad she may feel about it. I feel like an idiot and just need to vent, plz comfort me

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Girls always flirt with other guys
They'd even do it with a hot waiter infront of you
What matters is who she's going home with/if she's not cheating
But distance emplifies things like that
It was prolly just a shit test, if she was gna cheat she wouldn't tell you

People flirt with other people all the time. It's harmless most of the time.
Of course the fact that she told you about it and that she felt bad about it means she was either trying to make you feel jealous/insecure or she wanted you to excuse her behaviour.

I dont give a shit if it's normal. I'm not normal and I'm not looking for someone who's normal. Normal people are cunts, and those cunts do plenty of shitty things and hide it behind their normality. I dont want someone like that, I'd rather be lonely and single. Still, it hurts ending something like this. I didnt even give her a response, I just ghosted her. Shes not worth my attention anymore.

Do you guys think I did the right thing? I feel like I did but I also feel like shit, it's the first time I've ever ended a relationship.

Lmao get over yourself. E-relationships are the biggest meme and are pathetic and stupid. You'll realize this later on.

t. Ex gf was an e-gf

She was honest with you acknowledging her weakness and you dumped her
Nobody is perfect, I hope you can still apologize to her and win her back

It's my best chance of finding a decent woman with the same interests as me. Everyone at my college and my town are stupid and slutty. I'm not settling for whatevers closest to me.

She knew what she was doing was wrong and she did it anyway. How do I know she won't do it again? I'm not going to be made a fool of again, and i dont want to be with someone who does things like this. Feeling bad about it afterwards doesnt make a difference.

This is the Chad move. Don't listen to these faggots

Same happened to me OP. We even had online sex. Just block her and move on.

this, good job OP. Move on, but... yeah feelsbadman.

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Thanks fellas, feeling better now

It's a relationship not a prison, stop being so possesive. She acknowledged her faults, unlike you who can't deal with his own entitlement

Cringe and cuckpilled
OP did the right thing

The fact that you equate flirting with anything sexual or cheating is mind boggling to me. Are you retarded by any chance?
>unrelated frog picture as op
Of course you are, idk why I asked

People flirt all the time at work so I guess youll never have a gf with a job huh?

You were probably talking to a guy lol

Yeah I had a similar thing happen with a girl from college, funnily enough we actually met on here but anyway. Yeah she told me she was flirting with a guy from her chemistry class and that she felt real bad about it, thought she wanted to tell me that just so she could get it off her chest. I broke up with her anyway because it just made my blood boil. She still messages me on discord every so often. I'd block her but I get a grim satisfaction listening to her flail and try to convince me.

You realize she is probably messaging you after chad fills her up with cum because she misses her emotional sponge right?

So be it. All the more reason to enjoy her desperation.

Nah, we video chatted and exchanged pics often

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>if you dont bow down before a woman and let her do whatever she wants your a sissy
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