"Diana why don't you date user?"

>"Diana why don't you date user?"
>No he's weird an ugly
>"Girl, you're about to be 28 soon, and you're still alone"
>I don't want to marry him though
>"So who are you going to marry? You know for a fact that Emil is cheating on you yet you're still with him."
>Just because you're married and everyone else is married doesn't mean I have to.
>"You're going to be miserable, and you're going to have a hard time trying to find someone. That teaching job isn't going to cut it.
>What does user have?
>"user owns this house"
Bros wtf I thought this was a meme. I don't want to go downstairs now.

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Keep me posted, go fuck and dump that roastie.

Just got back from the store, she didn't say anything.

>what does user have?
>user owns this house
Big giant fuckhuge red flag right there user.

Offer your house to Diana and beg her to take you on and teach you how to not be weird and so ugly.

>lives in your house
>not dating

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I know, is like those divorce rape memes the mgtows keep spamming.

My sister is staying in my house until tomorrow. She brought her best friend from grad school with her.

Bro, break up with her if she is your gf

And if she comes back crawling, dont you dare get together with her, even if shes offering sex.

If you do get tempted by sex, she will blame her next child on you and gain that sweet thot money. Her mother most probably will reluctantly side with her

That shits real though.
Im not mgtow but that shit is fucking real

Well she's only my sister's best friend, they're staying until tomorrow. But I don't think she's going to try anything, and if she does I'm going to be too stupid to engage in anything with her.
Seems like it, but I'm still skeptical. Women don't regularly marry the ugliest beta they could find to steal their property.

Could you give more context?
It may be just me being retarded but I'm strugling to understand hear, were you juste eavesdropping?

what the fuck is going on dude.

this chick is in your house. and shes dating some dude. and her mom is asking her to marry you and dump her bf because you are a beta provider? right?

and they are in your house because its your sisters friend. why the fuck is her mom there? wtf is going ON

>What does user have? "user owns this house"

My sister is the one talking to her about dating me.

>"Quotes" are my sister
>Regular text is my sister's grad school friend.
When I made this post I was upstairs listening to them talk.

the fact that your sister is looking out for her friend instead of her own brother is fucked up

>women dont regularly marry the ugliest beta to steal their property
That is exactly why they marry betas, if not that then to basically drain them of money.

Did they say anything else?
At least how did she responded to "he owns this house" and how much are you making a year?

That's women for you I guess.
She just switched the conversation to how my sister was worst than her. Also I make around 68k-70k, but I work way too much.

>I thought this was a meme
lol you're dumb, you have to very careful and picky with who you want to be in your life, theres good girls out there i think, just be careful

you have such poor reading comprehension that I'm surprised you even managed to read and understand the OP.

The memes that derive from these kind of scenarios are exaggerated but have their roots in perfectly real situations.

How hot is your sister's friend?
Doesnt seem like you have a chance anyway and even if you did you should avoid her she is probably going to divorce you after two years or worse cuck you with any guy she can find.