Why would a cute girl degrade herself like this?

Why would a cute girl degrade herself like this?

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she craves the BWC

Low self-esteem. Just because you think she's cute doesn't mean she does.

She needs the money, you can tell for the inexperienced way he's handling her.
Wish she posted here so I could give her money without having to degrade herself

Based whitebro. Asian sluts are made for miscegenation.

Hahaha, asian men, where are you? Protect your women you cucks.

Theres a compilation of her on pornhub, she sucks off the same dude a bunch, sometimes another guy joins... And theres even a vid of her getting peed on

You cant just say that without providing a link

You're just jealous you idiot.

sauce that shit then

Incels need to be hanged.

Did somebody call for a professional? OwO

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Im at work atm, keep this shit alive till 6:30 est and il link

Is my dick just big because that looks small to me

She's a Filipina that lives in Vegas that just sucks cock all day. I forgot what her Twitter was, but you could literally just DM her and she'd meet up to suck you off.

Ok. Post sauce

East side resident here. I'd hit it. Pic related.

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white women fuck niggers

there's nothing big about that cock

You guys are reaI faggots man

She was getting pimped out by her church iirc

fucking shit, why are all the good amateur asian girl videos always have non asian dick in them?
As a asian guy its almsot impossible to find asian on asian amateur porn without looking at fucking made in china shit.

thats just too blunt to not be true.
>say escort funds are church donations
>launder all proceeds and not pay a cent in taxes

The guys usually have laughably small dicks but sometimes a real one comes through.

i wish shit like this happened. like a girl thats just a disposable blowjob. then again STD's and ruining myself for my monogonous waifu~

need sauce bumping to keep this bread online

Niggers need to be hanged

>stiII no sauce

>bro just keep the thread bumped until 6:30 with no new content or discussion I'll tell you then lol


Because it feels great, there's something special in being cute and degraded at the same time.


it took me about 20 seconds to find and so can you! I believe in you, user!


Bigger than yours, buddy

>newfag can't backtrace webbums
lmao ya dun goof'd

It's not about what race is better, all it's needed is to be from a different race, this make degradation better.

Please fren. Pretty please

It literally took my less than a minute to find it. Learn to reverse image search, retard

What the fuck are you even trying to say, mate?

I'll rewrite it in a way you'll understand, "cheap bait"

Give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he'll fuck the fish.

See that little arrow thingy next to OP's post no.? Click that, hover on image search, click google.
Get workin' sonny jim.

>spoonfeeding this hard
This is part of the reason this site, and the entire internet, have gone downhill.

youtube.com/watch?v=2mHidubHeHY 0:13

Image search doesnt give shit, just a couple of webms, no actual name or accounts.

That would be just giving him the sauce. I'm teaching the little retard how to find it himself so he quits it with the saucefaggotry not just ITT but in future threads.

Man you're really bad at this. Keep looking and git gud scrub.

>getting peed on

Sauce? This os my fetish

You're certified retarded then. I found a 2:40 video almost instantly

God, I hate linking to reddit of all places, but turns out this chick got doxxed. The funny thing is her parents are active and influential members of some church. People posted her videos all over parents facebook page. Life sure is funny.

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Why do 35 year old American men dress like they're 10 years old?

holy fuck I love azn cuties. The memes are true lads

Finding a video doesnt mean finding the source. Jesus youre all fucking retarded, im not looking for a couple more webms, im looking FOR THE SOURCE OF THE FUCKING VIDEOS

the source is gone because they were taken down. enjoy whats floating around.

If you are reading this post her name is on your screen right now.

What, putitaxxxfilipina? That doesnt get me shit, just a couple of videos, no source

my man
doing gods work
bless you

Cuz asians are whores

What the fuck am I talking to

itt: pinkcels

>Why would a cute girl degrade herself like this?
How is this degradating? She's providing a service to whoever had the balls to take it.

asian women are the second lowest tier of women before black women

Are you fucking retarded or something? Do you not know what a source is? Do you think that if you find the source you'll get to fuck her or something?

>said the guys that cant get any girl