Complain about lack of partner to an asian girl I know

>complain about lack of partner to an asian girl I know
>she tells me I can find a black girl on tinder
How do I tell her that I find the women of my race physically repulsive and hard to look at?

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Just say, "I'm not attracted to black girls."
Pretty straight forward. Anyway there's no point in telling her because she clearly isn't interested in you.

i mean, everyone thinks you're physically repulsive and hard to look at so its a perfect fit, you have to make do with what you got

>I can find a black girl on tinder

Don't kid yourselves. They don't want you either.

Yeah but I don't want to be with someone I'm not attracted to
No I've been hit on by black women more than a few times. I ignored them

Just say you dont like black girls you fucking pussy

Tell her "You see, I am racist"

She's a liberal so I don't really want to do that

She will look down on you for being a self hating coon nigga. A liberal asian woman would feel bad for black women and be disgusted by you then lose all respect for you. You don't really need to be honest with anyone, you're a pathetic fuck. Just lie and be the pretend good guy. I guarantee she won't take it lightly, just despise you.

>nah I prefer Asian girls
I dare you op

Just tell her niggers are ugly and if she disagrees, then say she's a hypocrite for not dating you.

She will say "all people are beautiful, but you're just not my type"

Op will get rekt, chink women are crafty

She finds Neil Degrasse Tyson attractive so that isn't it. That and she literally told me she thinks my dad is hot

She already knows I prefer them, she doesn't know that I refuse to date certain races though

Hello, Tim. How have you been?

Just give up, nigger. Asian girls will never like you.

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snap! it was a double bait

this really, shes only talking to you cause shes been brain washed by the media, but subconsciously she knows your're just a smelly nigger

There's exceptions for anything, you don't unironically think bmaf has never happened right

Meh, don't smell like anything

Nobody really thinks they smell, you get used to it dimwit. But I guess as long as you maintain good hygiene that shouldnt be a problem. An autist such as myself doesnt have much dating advice but if you are looking for a serious relationship, dont put up a facade, you will have to keep it up forever.

Other people tell me I smell like nothing
We did a lot of weird shit in high school. African students had poor hygiene and were mocked for it so we did a hygiene smell test to see who had the worst BO

Apparently I smell like nothing