How do we stop hypergamy?

How do we stop hypergamy?

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>ugly beta men stop chasing women
>All women date Chad
>beta men dropout if society and become neets
>Women can't get bux to pay for their mistakes
>Women would want to marry betas so they can pay for their needs

It will stop itself when ugly men go extinct in two generations

but if ugly women reproduce, there will be new ugly men and women in the next generation.
should only Chads and Stacys reproduce?

Unironically men have to stop thinking with their dick and universally agree to say BEGONE THOT. Problem would be fixed very quickly. Women may lean on the state, but I doubt the state would be willing to encourage this shit anymore if men weren't filling their cuck role.

Looks are subjective, but yes lesser chads will become the New "beta"

We don't. It's in humans nature.
We should stop the autogynofags and white knights instead.

Thats why I said two generations. Ugly genes will just become irrelevant because of the number of cute genes. And were dimorphic lil man, if only attractive men can reproduce then all men will be attractive over time.

She's so cute, Robbie is a lucky guy

>Looks are subjective
No. There are objective standards
Good looking parents don't always make good looking children though. There's a lot that can go wrong in development.

Billy bob thornton is the sexiest man alive, but many girls think he is a creep. Looks are subjective. Some people think Asians can be attractive

Unfortunately most men are 50yboi beta cucks by nature and only Incels and Chads are high T alpha enough to act this way.

>If the distribution looks like this how comes that that point exists.
Read that fucking link you nigger.

Do you understand that males also inherit physical features from their mothers?

As an aside, the weimar tier conditions of society are what normalize this. Remove the guys upstream who send the money down the river to the mediamen who attempt to keep in place the illusion of what social norm is right now. They are absolute mind poison on every level and won't ever tell us anything of any actual worth. A society of people who are awake will never be what the upper echelons choose, that's reserved for them.

Truth is both men and women largely exist by social norms and stay within the lines that keep them from being socially taboo. Its depressing ape tier shit, but until we have some sort of mass enlightenment and most people finally understand how to individuate we have to be patient. What I'm saying is that if virtue was held to a higher regard in society, this would all fix itself naturally. Would you still have sluts and chads doing what they do? Yes, but there would be an element of social taboo for such behavior that has been lost that would return.

But this is all pipe dreams because you have to deeply insert an idea into the zeitgeist for it to get traction. We are getting to a point where the voices of true consciousness revolutionaries are becoming loud enough to be heard over the bellowing of the mouthpieces, but for now brothers, we must surf the kali yuga. All we can do is try to stay above water and try to find surf boards for those in our immediate lives.

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You read it. Looks are always subjective

So is this what normies mean when they say to lower your standards? Ugly betas now have to settle for literal mongoloids.

Yeah...nah. I'm good with my vidya and fapping.

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Not all features determine virginity. A big cock guarantees many kids with many women.

>nah nah nah wahhhhh

>>beta men dropout if society and become neets
And they spend their neetbux on ewhores liek belle delphine.
>Women would want to marry betas so they can pay for their needs
>pay for their needs
They can get jobs with equal pay to our jobs,equality literally turned men OBSOLETE,by removing their primal role of providing,and having females depend on providers.

Roasty getting toasty because you have shit taste?

You see, the basedboy and the chad are the duality of man. In truth, a man should be a balance of both. There is nothing wrong with serving society and women when they are not sick, but what basedboys do is let jezebel do as she pleases, even encourage her, and what chads do are create jezebels.

It is satisfying to serve a higher cause when one can find alignment with society's values, no one finds that in this society no matter how much they "enjoy" or live by its rules. People, deep down, all know truth. What we exist in is not truth.

based and trip-pilled

>Its depressing ape tier shit, but until we have some sort of mass enlightenment and most people finally understand how to individuate we have to be patient.
>there would be an element of social taboo for such behavior that has been lost that would return.
lmao, these two contradict each other you dumbass.

Not really, what I am saying is until humanity reaches its enlightenment and comes to truly understand individuation, social taboo seems to be the way to keep people in an order that is not completely cancerous. It is unfortunate one control scheme would replace another, but the vast majority of people don't seek these concepts out on their own, they must be put at the forefront of their experience. What is put at the forefront of their experience now is decadence and self-serving behavior.

ITT: braincels who don't know what hypergamy means. OP baited you.

we all will, because global warming will become a real problem in two or three generations

Global warming has existed for the entire history of man though. Wouldnt it be silly that we finally got the apocalypse prediction right THIS TIME after a million years of people saying we are all gonna die soon and getting it wrong? Lol

It matters little, threads are a medium for communication. OP's cannot direct the flow.

You actually think that global warming will kill off the entire human species?
It is just going to submerge some coastal cities and reduce the available lands for agriculture, maybe we will have less nibbas on this planet thanks to it ;)

This is why you don't have a gf

it's over bois

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based inkel memer