My dog just passed away this morning. Her kidneys were failing and they kept finding stones in her...

My dog just passed away this morning. Her kidneys were failing and they kept finding stones in her. We found her earlier under my grandpa's bed. We're going to bury her under a tree near our fence. I miss her so much.

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user, we all go through loss at some point. it gets better, i promise.
Don't let the happy memories make you sad though.
also remember it's ok to cry. It will help you feel better once you wipe off the tears.
it's ok to be sad.

She didn't die, she just went to heaven to make sure it's safe for you to arrive

have you ever though about how white people are the only race that cares about their pets this deeply?

fuck off user. this shit is not what this person needs right now. go ahead and take your edgy "different" opinions elsewhere, not on a thread where people are already upset. I hope the "dog overpopulation" eats you

You sound like a flaming homo.

user i'm not lesbian,,, i'm no homo i assure you

really sad. hate it so much when pets die.

but if you gave them a great life its all worth it. that's the most they could ever hope for. a loving home. don't have any regrets. everything dies.

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Alright, see you around.

tfw no dog thats happy when your hap
tfw no dog that sleeps on your lap because it loves and trusts you
tfw no dog that happily stands by your bed until you wake up and licks you on your face
tfw no dog that loves you genuinly for the person you are

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Hardest losses of all. Condolences OP.

I buried my Granda today but he had dementia for a decade so it was actually a welcome release for all involved most of all him.

Thank you user.
I basically grew up with her since I started middle school. We have 2 others but she was the only one we liked for how energetic she was. My mom also grew onto her and she loved here to.

Wow, I never though that someone in Jow Forums would be that considered. (I'm not OP)

thank you. i know there are so many sad people on this board and i always feel bad about it so i do what i can.

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go buy a new dog and get over it pussy

Sorry about your dog user, my dog is getting pretty old and has arthritis so think it will be her time soon and I'll be heartbroken.
Cherish the happy times, god speed pupper.

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user, if you were emotionally attached to an animal, would it be that easy for you? maybe if it is, you've got some issues that i recommend sorting out. this shit is tough, and i think op deserves feel-better messages instead of feel-like-shit messages.

>yfw we're on Jow Forums and this guys almost certainly rubbed his dick on that dog multiple times

never forget her user, cherish the happy times, anyone who doesnt understand pet love is either a chink or a nigger, is isnt out of hate that they are called subhumans

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my best friend dog's died today also, rest in peace little fucker

as long as you loved her and she loved you and it was a great time theres no real reason to mourn. death cant be helped. but you all did your best to enjoy what life there was. very sweet.

Im white and I hate when I go over peoples house and their shitty dogs jump all over me licking me. And when they come to the dinner table begging for food like scavengers. I even have boomers come into work asking for food for their fucking mutt.

Like maybe a cat i can understand but dogs are literal retards

I'm deeply sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is incredibly heartbreaking and I can't imagine the pain you must be going through. Just know that she will always be by your side, watching over you with her unconditional love.

Dont worry man, just cherish the memories of your dog

>white knighting dogs