I have heard your cries of grief and i present you 1 chance at a new life in a less technologically developed world that is dominated by magic and swords while also maintaining your memories.
If you want to be reincarnated there leave a reply to this post with a cheat ability of your choosing.
But be WARNED that you will die in your sleep tonight for the process to begin.
Chose wisely my children.

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>a cheat ability of your choosing
An off button so that suicide doesn't have to be painful should I wish to an hero.

I choose you die for your crimes.

I want to slay jews. That's all.

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Granted. When you will feel like wanting to kill yourself we'll talk about it and if you really desire it i'll erase your existence.
I'm sorry for the grieff you've experienced until now but it was better than me controlling everybody's will, that would've been crueler than free will. I'll grant you my blessing, please live a fulfilling life.
There are no jewish people in this next world but there are goblins, i'll grant you the talent to be the best goblin slayer.

sure why not? let me pause time without aging aswell if you dont mind.

Let's go motherfucker. I want an instant hesoyam button

You already did you lying cocksucker. You die for your crimes. You get the same say that everyone else did in being mortal.

I wish for the ability to effortlessly learn any kind of magic, I want to be an amazing and respected wizard.

Well, close enough I guess.

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Granted, but i can't stop your body's time as well so while you've stopped time, your body's time will be reversed, you'll get younger.
To enter this contract you need to reply to the first post, its like this to avoid accidental reincarnations.

I choose having an ability that makes me literally inmortal during a certain amount of time. Kind of like tryndamere from league of cancer

immortality please, typo god

A "save and load" mechanic of some sort where I can save a checkpoint at any given time, and load back to said checkpoint whenever I'd want to.

Make me a master wizard, able to perform any feat of magic

I want to never see another living soul

I choose to be an intelligent slime: fully in control of my body's form and function, nearly invulnerable and biologically immortal, capable of shapeshifting and absorbing organic matter.

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Granted, ability to rewind time but however far back you go will depend on your proficiency.
Granted, blessing of the the magic god, not even the elves will have a magic pool as huge as yours.
Special Granted, your soul shall be sealed at the center of the planet.

I choose this one instead of the one I said previously ( ) but changing it so that when I die I automatically come back to life in the last saved checkpoint

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Sick eat my dick you surface-fags

A cheatcode to access all console commands as well as access to the console itself so that I can play whatever game I want. All your cheats are mine!

meant for
please reincarnate me God. Preferably in the setting we both know I'm familiar with.

I want to be unkillable like in dark souls, bring me back to the moment before I made the mistake so I do it right, or rebirth me by fire in a new body to work my way up to the top again.

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I want to be the chosen one
thats my "cheat" i guess

Granted, but instead of "nearly invulnerable and biologically immortal, capable of shapeshifting" i will grant you unhindered evolution, there are no limits to how much you can evolve.
Semi-Granted, ability to create items by using your magic pool, kinda like a 3d-printer.
Granted, blessing of the magic god, but it will be up to your actions if you're gonna be respected.
Granted, if you die you'll immediately be reincarnated again with your memories intact.

Just give me the power to alter the world around me with my conscious thought
And none of that quantum shit either, I can already do that, I mean full on complete control over any matter I wish to control

I want the ability to become undetectable.

I want no cheat ability. I would love to live in that world as it is and experience learning magic and swordsmanship myself.

>a cheat ability of your choosing
A single pistol, with infinite ammo

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Granted, you can manipulate matter in any way you want, you'll only be limited by your magic pool in what you can do.
Granted, ability to become ethereal.
Granted,ONE time special condition of the modest ONE is met, all your abilities are maxed, all gods have given their blessings, have a fulfilling life oh modest ONE.
Granted, ability to make weapons from terra, limited by mana pool.

I asked for slime body morphology god!! I don't want evolution. Slime's are the apex species. whether they are magic goo, a virus, or liquid metal nanomachines. fuck you if you kill me and don't give me the superpower I want!!!

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Omnipotence, please.
>tfw this world will be flooded by virgin gods

Ability to arbitrarily swap matter in two known spaces
Basically teleportation but can be used to cut things apart

fuck it, i'm going to go full retard, give me inhuman durability and strength mother fucker

>implying I would do any better in that world
Sharingan as my cheat ability

I wish to become the god of dreams. Able to invade and observe others dreams. While I can exist in the real world I am ethereal. Cannot be destroyed or interacted with. But in the realm of dreams I am all powerful.

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Worth a shot, just make me strong and I will exploit it to my utmost

sharingan without chakra?

Tch... +6 months of total invulnerability granted, evolve and get the abilities you desire.
Semi-Granted, sadly i can't grant that but i can give you the next best thing, immortality.
Granted, spatial manipulation magic unlocked, limited by magic pool, please don't teleport in a wall.
Granted, blessing of the war god and unlimited regeneration,
Granted, ONE time special condition of the weeb ONE is met, sharingan has been granted along with another energy "chakra", dual energy pools granted, have a fulfilling life oh weeb ONE.

wish fulfilment thread? Ok I want to be girl and my cheat is having one punch man level magic, like magic with the amount of power that saitama has.

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I wish to be a vampire and everything that entails.

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Gravity magic would be neat. floating, pseudo-singularities, that kind of stuff.

specifically like Magic missle is the oly spell i know but its effortless to cast and as strong as one of saitamas punches

i wish i had the power to stomach the level of cringe in this thread
if any of you are over the age of 16 you need medical help

Also I want to be cute too, surely this is not too much?

>this guy does hate his life \
Good luck with your shitty cheat user

Granted, demi-gods magic missile, sadly you will be a bald girl but powerful nonetheless.
Granted, force of attraction manipulation magic, limited by magic pool, you will need to increase your magic pool for singularity type magic.

>To enter this contract you need to reply to the first post, its like this to avoid accidental reincarnations.

How about immortality and energy absorption like Ban from 7 deadly sins

i just want to live a quiet, happy life

Reincarnation like , i'm not a very creative guy

Thats fine bro, Ill just get a bunch of cool looking tats on my head and wear a hood all the time.

I wish to be immortal, I also seek true happiness.

I wish to be the greatest necromancer that world has ever seen

Semi-Granted, immortality, you can learn a power similar to that in the future.
Granted, ONE time special condition of the quiet ONE is met, hero status applied, all gods have given their blessings, the demon lord will be reincarnated at the same time as you, please protect the world oh hero ONE.

>To enter this contract you need to reply to the first post, its like this to avoid accidental reincarnations.

I wish that if I were to die in that world, my magicka would create a new vessel for my soul to reside

6 months of total invulnerability is unnecessary. slimes are nearly invulnerable and biologically immortal because of how their bodies work. they are only vulnerable to pure unaspected magics. their perfect cells can replicate without limit so they don't suffer from aging.

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I wish to have magic that lets me control reality around me

ganbate gravity hobo!

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i want high charisma with at least average to high intelligence so i can be well spoken so go with my charisma

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slime-chan is weak to this magic missile.

>Granted, soul transfer passive magic applied, you can take over any nearby living creature upon death while maintaining all memories, abilities and status.
Tch, only 3 months of invulnerability, your knowledge of slimes is incorrect.
Granted, blessing of the love god and average intelligence applied, notice average intelligence in this world is half of my, the creation god's, inteligente, please use it wisely.

thank you, im so excited ill go to sleep right now wish this were true

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Is this what average typo bait looks like?

try having a little fun user

Let's go, I choose "god mode" as my cheat ability

i don't want to be anything other than my ideal of a slime. how amI wrong?
they are a cluster of cells in complete control of themselves. bladed weapons slide right through them, blunt weapons may splatter them but it still doesn't hurt them. they are capable of changing their own dna and incorporating the natural abilities of anything they absorb. so if tgey were to absorb tardigrades or other extremophiles they could easily become immune to fire, ice, electricity damage.
so unaspected magic and atomic grade weapons are the only things capable of killing parts of them but they can regenerate from a single cell. so if they were to leave their cells around the world they could regenerate from any damage. they can clone themselves and shapeshift to avoid confrontation. they may be capable of dissolving in water but that doesn't mean they'd die from it. their cells are immune to senescence so there isn't a limit to how many times their cells reproduce which causes tussue damage via aging leasing to organ failure and death, rendering them biologically immortal. they are more than perfect at energy consumption efficiency and matter and energy conversion. They are capable of storing quite a lot of matter inside their bodies, and whatever cannot be densified like this still follows them as a slime puddle. intelligent slimes are not limited to the amount of matter they can control like unintelligent monster slimes are.
you are not very smart if you did not know how strong slimes are before "that time I got reincarnated as a slime" was released, and kind of dumb if you still don't realize it after the fact.
I've known the strength of slimes since prototype was released.

I wish to have the hands of the dollmaker. Anything I make out of any material turns into a real living thing defined by my specifications like a stamp on their skin I can define their voice, tone, attitude, and pretty much anything else I can think of.
>tfw will use this power to make my waifu
>tfw for a price willl make robots their waifu

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You gypped me. I rescind my consent to your stupid game.

I want to be able to change my body freely, from turning into an immortal dragon to becomming imune to the common cold

yay another slime friend!

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miss me with that low level mob shit

I want the power of Mind control, something akin to Xavier, where I can control everyone. Thanks lord OP

I want lelouch's geass and for it to not have any restrictions, that means being able to use it more than once on the same person, thanks

I wish to have boosted combat stats
... that's it I guess

Based, it's not too much of a cheat because it relies on your own abilities and actually allows you to interact with the world without utter game-over consequences, but also not consequences that are too dire to recover from. Plus, you can make obscure references no one understands like "The legend never dies."

>he doesn't know the true power of slimes
technically you just picked the boring omnipotent version of what l picked.

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I wish for the knowledge of player characters in this new world, their weaknesses, powers, and location.

I want to reincarnate as the same person in the same world. The superpower I want is the capacity to live without fear.
Good night user and good luck

I don't even care. I might be relatively weak in attacking power but slimes are nearly ultimate tanks.

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I just don't wanna get sick/old while being able to turn into a dragon for shits and giggles, I don't care about being a semen based lifeform

Anything that can done with time I wish to control

I'd like multiple save slots that I can rewrite and go back to. If I die then I go back to the most recent one. If someone else dies then I can roll back to another save and fix it.

>a cheat ability of your choosing
I know i'm a huge weeb but i've always wanted these powers.
The truthseeking orbs of naruto.
6 flying black orbs that can change in anything I want, that levitate, follow me and almost unbreakable and any other living creature it touches transforms into ashes.
Imagination is my only limit with this power.
(And can nullify any other magic spell touching it)

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jesus christ that level of time manipulation is so broken it's no fun at all.

you don't just want sage of six paths power? that comes with those.

Nah, it's too op.
I would be a literal bored God in that world.

Semi-Granted, can't grant "god mode", next best thing is immortality, but fear not, most of the gods have once been immortals, work hard to ascend to godhood.
Granted, shape-shifting spell and increased magic pool, spell power is limited by magic pool.
Granted, geass of control in unrestricted mode, ability to become immortal by passing on the power of kings.
Granted, appraisal max level, notice[all the reincarnators in this thread will be reborn at different times in this new world, some will have already passed on while others are going to be born after you die] have a fulfilling life.
Granted, blessing of chronos and unique element affinity time magic, please don't do lewd stuff while stopping time.
Granted, but starting with 1 save slot and a cooldown of 10 years, these can be improved through magic training.
Granted, starting with a small orb and can be upgraded trough magic training but spell nullification can't be implemented as it could damage the world itself.

six paths sage mode is just the ability to sense things around you on a global scale on a metaphysical level, and some boost in fighting ability, along with the ability to use all styles of chakra. the truth seeking orbs are just a mixture of all 7 styles.

Alright, will I look the same as I do now in the next world? If not then let's talk about it on the other side.

It's a cheat ability right? I want the ability of controlling people's perception of me. With an ability like that fighting me would be impossible since I could make my enemies perceive me as not a threat or think that I am actually a good friend of theirs. Thanks God, you're a cool dude.

Mate, immortality isn't the next best thing, I wouldn't die but would still be a normal human in a world of magic and dragons.
Best case, I would just suffer daily agony, worst thing I'll become a sick mage's guinea pig.
Gimme omniscience if I can't achieve omnipotence.
And if it isn't possible, perfect control of the laws of physics.

As if destroying every living thing with orbs isn't enough.
Ye let's just also add the ability to feel enemies from miles way. All chakra (all magic natures).
Another boost on fighting.
I would prefer just having the truthseeking orbs.

irl vector transformation would be a nice thing

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unlimited redirection of anything moving sounds pretty broken.

the orbs are weak to physical attacks and natural energy attacks you know

make me into the chosen one, that get's reincarnated whenever the world needs me again.

legend of zelda style if ya know what i mean. (link in this scenario, not zelda O-O)

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How the fuck do you use physical attacks against them? They can erase all matter on contact (besides wind of course).

OP that's all well and good but I've made 3 requests and none have them have been granted not even one. Can I get some input on what I'm doing wrong? that was my last one.

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did you not see Might Guy fight Madara?

In this world magic pool i increased in 3 ways:
-passively through being alive(although this is slow)
-trough magic training.
-trough god blessings or other unique circumstances.
You will eventually, inevitably become the strongest creature together with your other immortals.
Granted, physics laws manipulation magic, spell power dependent on magic pool.
Granted, cycle of reincarnation enabled, you will keep your memories and abilities but your stats will reset with each reincarnation, can't grant chosen one status, conditions not met.

>To enter this contract you need to reply to the first post, its like this to avoid accidental reincarnations.

I just wanna be happy in this new world