Tell me your biggest fetish Jow Forums

Tell me your biggest fetish Jow Forums.
For me it's getting cucked by white guys a.k.a bleached

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same, but only if hes a true Chad. sub chads are no bueno.

>being chucked by white bois

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I don't know if it's a fetish but being naked in public places/outdoors and trying to avoid being seen, the adrenaline rush must be great. I've never tried anything like that but I want to

unironically biggest fetish I have is being a white bull in a bleached relationship. I reckon you're probably on the discord.

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are you -Chad- or are you just some pinkcel?

I always wanted to fuck a woman in the ass wile she's giving birth

Eh, no sorry friend I'm not Chad. At least I've got a big dick, some height and am not an ugly fucker.

Been really getting into the ntr, mmf sort of shit though.

-and what the fuck is a pinkcel

Fucking feminine guys in front of my girlfriend while she gets off watching us. Done it once and it was very hot, hoping to do it again soon.

why dont you work out and BE Chad, friend?

Too unmotivated, and I do have an alright physique so no real incentive.

I want to be a tiny guy

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you probably have saggy pecs and a gut.

mine is true love

White dude here, wheres my uncensored version?

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Nah, no gut, no saggy pecs; just uh... normal.

What discord? Is it WMAF or WMBF?

I want to suck off a tranny
Sadly it won't happen since I got married before I found this fetish

stop using that word if you don't know what it means
you're most likely talking about kinks

Fat women. Bonus point if asian.

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Holy shit you first year psych major get over it
The terms have professional meanings but for the general population, kink and fetish means the same thing.
Yes a fetish is something someone needs and a kink is something someone likes that's extra, I took intro to psych too.
Stop being an autistic faggot

you stop using that word

fucking and cumming in sissies

>monster rape
>global bleaching program where shitholes get conquered by europe, men are castrated and sent off to labor camps, ugly women are sent off to a bit lighter labor camps and good looking women get assigned as maids for the army and colonists to serve and be breeding material with a rule that for couple generations each generation of maids need to be paired with whites to outbreed most of the non-white genes and all the generations of boys are to be castrated and sent off to labor camps until they pass genetic tests and become regular citizens

Has it happened yet OP or are you looking for one?