Should a virgin buy a fleshlight to get as much experience as possible before the actually find someone to sleep with?

Should a virgin buy a fleshlight to get as much experience as possible before the actually find someone to sleep with?

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I bought a cheap Chinese fleshlight off ebay

it feels EXACTLY like a pussy. not joking. like literally exactly. I dont know if its cause it was from china but it felt really fucking small. I had a 4'11 tiny as fuck small gf in high school and I fucked her a million times and I know for a fact that fleshlight felt exactly the same

I felt a weird deja vu whenever I pulled out of it because it felt exactly the same as when I pulled out of my gfs tight pussy after cumming

really hard not to blow a load with that thing

fleshlights are excellent. warm it up under hot water and rinse off after each use. use lube

probably not worth it since you have to clean it everytime, unless you just want to use it every once in a while when you're super horny

its worth it. just use it in bathroom and rinse it out

>you have to clean it everytime
Use a condom.
Although then you probably have to use extra lube.

that defeats the point, I want to cum in what I fuck.

>buys a rubber pussy
>cucks himself with a condom while using it

What? You think fucking a fleshlight helps you be better at sex with a woman when you find some girl who takes enuogh pity on you to fuck you? Lmao, the absolute state of this autistic madness.

You'll still have to clean it...
You cant just keep leaving lube in it

>You'll still have to clean it...
Probably not as often, isn't lube mostly water with some shit to make it a gel?

Just get a fat practice gf. I have 2 atm

Enjoy your mold then

i wish i could have an orgasm and not jizz like when i was a kid, shit fucking sucks

Not really, foreplay is what matters when you want it to last longer.

The rest depends on your dick length and sex position.

Simple foreplay like fingering her, eating her pussy or nipplesucking is best

As for sex position, if you do a "mating press" your dick is in the perfect position to reach as deep as possible

Theres the classic "doggystyle" which is just really comfortable

"Cowgirl" where you dont have to do anything and just enjoy the view and sex

Theres a hardcore position where you put the girl on your lap (facing away from you) and lock her legs with your arms and push her head forwards with both your hands
If youre a big strong guy or the girl is really fucking short/light, you can also manhandle her and do this position while standing

Go to the hood look for the pretty white girl who is looking at the cars and pick her up. Wear a condom. If you're going to make a purchase for sex why not just purchase sex.

Probably, yes. I only recently realized I had been jerking off weird/wrong my whole life, and how badly it fucked me up. I would basically jerk myself off dry and not stimulate the head of my dick at all. That's how I started doing it, it felt good when I would cum, so who gives a fuck? But when I thought about it, I realized how much different a real pussy would feel, so I made myself some makeshift fuck holes with a pair of socks, a rubber glove, and lubricant, and I would cum really quickly without even getting that hard. I'm trying to 1) stop watching porn 2) use lube every time I jerk off and 3) stimulate the head more. Hopefully, next time I try actually fucking something that simulates a vagoo, I'll last longer.

Gee user, how come your mom let you have 2 fat practice GFs?

No go on the numerous dating sites and fuck a sissy or any bottom it's free and feels better then fucking a plastic hole


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just buy a onahole, nips are the masters of cope so it feels better by a mile than a fleshlight

The head of the penis is one of the least sensual parts of the penis. It's almost entirely innervated with nociceptive free nerve endings, and has virtually no tactile sensitivity beyond the ability to sense irritation.

The primary sensory structure of the penis is the foreskin (including the frenular delta and the ridged band). The glans has some functions in sex/penile reflexes, but compared to the foreskin it's a sensory dead zone.

I wish my orgasm felt like the first time. I remember when I first came. I had tried to madturbate many times before that but I could never cum. Then one day, it started to feel really good and my cock was getting hotter and hotter, and then, all this cum started to spray out and I was exhausted. Now I cum and I just switch the porn off, and go back to what I was doing like it was nothing. Maybe I should try anal play or something. Was thinking of getting a small starter dildo

Fuck this virgin shit, i'm getting a sex toy. Any anons have recommendations for a ''realistic'' feeling fleshlight? Preferably one that ships to yurop?

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I have this butt fleshlight that I use and everytime I try to use it I cum in like less than a minute. It feels too tight sometimes and I am worried if I fuck a proper vagina I will cum just as fast. Is there any way to last longer?

Cut your fapping down to like once a week and it will feel good again.

If you can afford it then you should practice with prostitutes.