How are you guys planning to kill yourself ?
also general suicide/depression thread

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ODing on hard drugs

I'm going to jump headfirst into the Hudson River from the George Washington Bridge.

Anyone here children of single mothers?

stand on a chair with a rope around my neck & pay a girl to kick the object from under me while calling me a failure, nobody will miss me etc. pretty much dream death honestly.

not planning. when my mom dies im just going back to heroin. if I die I die. that's how it goes. but it feels great every step of the way.

Working really hard and saving all my money till I can afford a Ferrari and driving it into a brick wall at 200 mph.

Jumping from a very tall building, headfirst
>Fastest way to kill yourself, so no pain
>No risk of survival and living as a vegetable for the rest of my life
>I do a flip
>Head goes squash like watermelon

Lately everything I do, I fuck up and it's getting worse. I'm a dissapointment to everyone I know and I cant fix it.

I genuienly believe the world would be a better place without me, even if some people would be sad for my death.

you dont need to buy it
just save up enough to rent one for a day

idk if imma do it but if i do im just going to take as many drugs as possible and go kill the people i hate

The only thing I worry about that is the few seconds of time in the air. Those last moments where you can't go back but you're committed.

I envy americans so fucking much for their gun laws

>Getting really fucking drunk
>Self mutilating
>Writing a suicide letter that makes people vomit
>Listening to some good fucking music, taking the exit bag into nothingness
Why aren't you practicing writing your suicide letter, user? You wouldn't want it to be bad, would you?

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i wont leave any letter
its more fun to leave loved ones wondering what could have possibly pushed you to commit such an act

those seconds will be over in the blink of an eye and then nothing but the eternal bliss of the void

High speed car crash is starting to look more and more appealing desu.

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same here bro
no guns, not tall buildings, no fast trains, too brainlet to make a proper noose


oRiGinaL cOmMeNt lMaO

I'm gonna Chris Cornell out this bitch

Natural death of old age.

Life isnt suffering anymore. Its just blank.

Even alcohol and weed and MDMA can't make me feel anything anymore.

I dont even feel attraction to women anymore and im only 23. I know that finding a gf and having sex is the thing to do, but i just know there is no chance. I just couldnt possibly be someones reason for happiness.
Nofap no booze/drugs day 100 but that only makes me disciplined, doesnt give me happiness.

I make good money, im clean/look good.

The issue is that nothing captures me anymore. All thats left is to ride it out.

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No wait most of that is bullshit i sorted that shit out a while ago.

The real issue is I dont have any outgoing friends and i am terrible with people. Noone except my family and a few robots can stand me, and that extends to girls.

I was a few years ago, but not any more.

bad idea, ODing as a form of committing sudoku has a decent chance of not killing you and leaving you brain damaged or a veggie

Great thread.

I was going to kill myself on the 31st of October but I've pushed it back to 22nd of November because my sister is writing exams. So I've got 155 days left. I'm planning on taking sodium nitrite. According to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook, its quite a peaceful death. I've had suicidal thoughts since I was in the 9th grade and I've succumbed to them. I'm full on depressed and nothing can help me. I bought video games today to cheer myself up but I'm so anhedonic that I just don't give a shit about the bright colors and moving images. It's all so fucking pointless. Tried going to a therapist two years ago but talking to people makes me feel sick inside and therapists feel fake. I tried mapping out possible options for my future but it seems like there's no way out. I'm too fucking depressed and broken.

Also, I'm 154cm.

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Fellas. Witness.

Remember having a picture of a stealth bomber just like that I got from a book fair on my wall when I was a kid.
Nowadays I feel every thing I do is a mistake. I don't hate anyone but myself, why can't I just be normal. About to run out of money and despite my best efforts can't find new a job or graduate. Honestly too pussy to kms but I've never been closer.

I have long term plans on killing myself when I am about 32. It's a decent age to die. Not too innocent enough to die young, but not old enough to bare the burden of reflecting on a meaningless life.

I want to kill myself but i don't want to feel pain and i'm pretty sure that i can't afford a gun illegally to do it

I've lost all my friends and my best friend. My best friend.. she fucking loved me and I did horrible things to her. I have no idea how I managed to get someone to love me but now it's over. Life gifted me that girl, since I couldn't get something like that by myself, and I threw it away. Now I'll be on my own probably forever.
Since this happened I dropped out of gym, uni, hardly got out of bed, hardly bathed/shaved. I had never been so down before
The realistic option would be to jump from my window, as I live on an 8th floor
But I can't do it, my family is too good to make them suffer like that

Depends on the drug, "hard drugs" is pretty vague. Stimulants like cocaine and meth are a bad idea, even if you die, it'll be very painful.
On the other hand, a combination of a potent opoid (e.g. heroin, fentanyl) + any benzodiazepine should kill you for sure and without pain. Afaik this is sometimes even used for executions.
But yeah, ODing on some random shit you got off the street isn't a good idea.

A gun is brutal too man. Yeah you're dead shooting yourself in the head but it's kinda gruesome. Can't really shoot yourself anywhere. Something quick and painless but also open casket, no real imperfections caused by yourself sounds comfy.

>get no joy out of anything
>daily life exhausts me even though I'm only doing a fraction of what the average person does
>emotions range from at best not bad to at worse absolute despair
>no close social connections
>only get pleasure from food
>depression was getting better the last two months but now it seems like it's returned
>given the amount and intensity of my depressive episodes so far it's almost guaranteed that it will eventually come back and push me over the edge
I would kill myself but just about every school of christianity guarantees I'll go to hell if I kill myself. I guess I'll just do nothing for the next 60 years and just pray for some sort of freak accident.

I remember some user posted instructions to extract pure nicotine from cigarettes, he said it kills in seconds
does anyone have the screencap

also barbiturates, but they are very hard to find

You, like most people here, are only vaguely suicidal. If not, you would have done the slight bit of research that would reveal quite a few ways of offing yourself pretty painlessly and without the violence of a gun.

>doesn't know about sodium nitrite
>doesn't know about nembutal
>doesn't know about 'night night' method
>doesn't know about partial hanging
>doesn't know about charcoal method
>doesn't know about inert gases

Lol this is the first result i see on Google.


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That's my point. Anons are acting like suicide is impossible without a gun or that it has to involve some kind of pain. They've got all their notions of suicide from movies and don't know that you don't even need to hang yourself if you've got rope.

Actually already asked for a lethal dose of nembutal, just waiting the answer

From A?

oricorio is my favourite pokemon

Hanging up is a good choice. I'll do it in about 6 months after I return my debts.

they use 10 g in liquid form for euthanasia, according to wikipedia

I don't plan on it but I'm considering it since I'm a neet with no future for 7 years now

Just received the answer if anyone wants to know

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I'm too pussy to kill myself at this moment. But if I do I would probably pick this option

clear summer night going on a rooftop taking a portable chair.. about +20 outside in a hoodie and shorts.. about 3am take pills and od while the sun is rising. also listening to some good music

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where are you buying it from ?

i've got a list of things i want to accomplish before i die, but as soon as i complete that list i'm blowing my brains out with my sawnoff. until then, i'll chainsmoke cigarettes to cope with life

shit that thing disappears. have you seen the jet into concrete one? literally just crumbs left
F4 Phantom vs concrete wall:

Posted this in another thread a few moments ago but might as well join in here.
I was gonna do it tonight, then changed my mind.
Then felt fine.
Then wanted to do it again.
Then felt fine.
Then spoke to my ex and then went absolutely batshit insane saying all kinds of things that ruins whatever closeness you have with anyone that matters to you.

I'm just trying to decide the method.
I tried to cut my arm 30 minutes ago but I'm not drunk enough and didn't cut deep enough.
Now I'm adamant that after this litre of vodka it's happening, I just need to decide on a fucking method that won't make me pussy the fuck out.

Got a noose.
Got a blade.
Both options seem like something I don't want to do but the endgame is the main thing.
If I sit in a car with a sock in the exhaust, will I die without pain?

Pic related is the noose and knife I was planning to use but feeling too pussy to do because I'm not drunk enough.

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>buy 3/4 inch steel tube
>buy 1 inch steel tube
>buy endcap for 1 inch steel tube
>take shot shell I found innawoods
>glue BB to primer
>stick shotshell in 3/4 inch tube
>slam 3/4 inch tube into 1 inch tube with the endcap so it hits the BB and ignites the primer

gg ez 12 gauge to kys.

Alternatively, if woods shell doesn't work because of exposure to the elements

>drill out primer hole
>buy nailgun blanks
>replace primer with a nailgun blank

Extra power, too.

Pic related, but I won't bother with making a stock.

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Im on these drugs that regulation this condition i have and i have after 3 years i have to stop taking them or they'll shut down my kidneys but if i do i basically cant do anything, what would you do if you had 3 years left?

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i have planned to kill myself by the age of 44 no matter what but if i stay virgin then it might be sooner


Can you imagine how he was feeling when he designed this?

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ill end up here someday i think

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I would love to, but I live in the fucking Midlands.
If I had access to this I would swanton dive.
Saying that... I have a canal and train tracks 100 meters from my house, if I really wanted to die I'd have done it already.
Beachy Head is sound though... didn't they used to drive cars off the cliff?

I've thought about laying my neck on the rail while a fast train comes by. I hope it decapitates me immediately.

I struggle to get over some of the things I did when I was younger. I don't want to get into it but I was a real sack of shit who cared little for other people apart from how they would benefit me. It's safe to say I have changed through learning about psychology but over the past year I've had waves and waves of guilt and shame that have been incredibly hard to deal with. It's as if I've finally developed a conscience and now I have to grapple with how I've been living for so long without one. It's tough but at the very least I hope I won't hurt another person again, one way or another. I even feel guilty admitting that this has been hard for me, as if I don't deserve to talk about how hard things have been for me.

Maybe I'm deluded but I still believe I can have a good life some day. Yeah I've been a piece of shit, but I've never experienced a loving relationship with anyone and my family disowned me long before I learned to be empathetic. I feel like I deserve a shot at making a good life. But fuck suicide is sometimes tempting considering how far away a good life feels

Sorry if this is long, I just needed to vent

he is stalling

Was just going to be a bullet to the brain, but now that i'm a wage slave i'll throw in some meth too I deserve it.

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shoot your brain out, dont try to put it under your chin or some shit you could survive with your face off

why 44? how old are you now

been here, amazing view
i never felt so peaceful and relaxed

give it a shot maybe you can turn you life around and if you fail you can die knowing you did everything in your power to better youself, no pun intended

hey user do you wanna talk to me... im a loser too

>hey user do you wanna talk to me... im a loser too
what's on your mind?

one day, eventually life will become more difficult than its worth
when that happens it'll be time to die

nigga where you think you are

>Boo hoo, my life is so hard.
Get the fuck over yourselves. Stop being so pathetic. Your life is fine.

I went back to school for electronics engineering technology and have a job at the schools applied research energy lab that starts in July. Right now I'm recovering from jaw surgery which has fixed my underbite. Life is good right now and I feel happy 90% of the time. I used to.be really depressed and almost killed myself twice with pills but got scared both times and called an ambulance. Through hard work I turned it all around and I'm happy...at least, for now...

Why? I want to end my life. I wish to drop living. It is the ultimate freedom can have. It's childish and selfish to say you do not want that. It is my choice.

I do not understand why the world is so stuck up about it. Give me a pill to kus and I will take it. You will be rid of me and I will know peace.

Some of us have incurable conditions. Our life quality is non existent. Do I really have to suffer because others would be sad for a few days?

I just want it to end. At least grant the mercy to recieve assistance and get a painless death.

I will by hanging. I have the noose prepared in my closet stuffed away for when I gather the courage necessary to actually do it. Depression is getting worse. Nature started the clock awhile ago but she seems to be turning the dial to make it go faster.

Yeah I know about most of those with a few exceptions can be painful. Have you ever had a rope/belt/cord around your neck and tried partial suspension? It's like your legs lock up and you physically can't push your own legs out in order to create an effective suspension. I could only see myself hanging that way if I was extremely blackout drunk the charcoal method seems comfy though, the smoke produced by it might set off my fire alarm or someone would notice and intervene.

I'd really just like to buy a rope and tie it to a rail near a highway overpass then jump.

I sometimes think about chucking myself from some great height, or jumping out of a plane or something like that, but in my heart I know I don't have it in me to be so adventurous. It'll be hanging for me, I know it

Just take out a loan