Tfw no sniffly, thin thighs, autistic, NEET, RTS playing, catfishing, smelly, fucked up sleep schedule having, lonely...

>tfw no sniffly, thin thighs, autistic, NEET, RTS playing, catfishing, smelly, fucked up sleep schedule having, lonely, samefagging fembot to talk lewdly with on discord

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Stop using the same pictures as Cvnka you ugly fuck tranny

autistic girls never look good tho

they can meet all your clingy/ hidden from rival males checkpoints

however its no big win if you score them because they look weird and they are half-retarded.

She posts toga.

You gotta get out more, breh.

what are you? some kind of normalfag who has friends he calls his brothers?

What are you even rambling about? Why would I call someone a brother if they arent related to me?

Thats a lot of words just to say you want a trans gf

nevermind, i'm sorry i bothered you, if you're still there

No bother. Kick back and relax. This thread is for everyone.

>ywn a cvnka
ahh just end me

don't know why I came here, probs didn't want to do some hit and run on you, I'll be leaving then...

i know one thats pretty cute
she showed me pictures of herself from last year and its actually a startling difference

Why are you guys even bringing them up? Please leave my thread.

You are evil because you want to fuck a weak girl you gay coward pedo.
You cant handle a varbie.

Yikes! Angry tranny detected.

You suck at detecting the tranny mafia. Forgive yourself and try to be less evil next time and detect trannies better. And actually be a man and dominate a varbie instead of an urbanite lamb like bastard cowards with a mentality of rats and pests do.

Excuse me but why are you angry with me? If you are a varbie I would gladly dominate you but at this time for the purpose of this thread I'm trying to find a replacement.

Damnit still no thin thigh sickly neet or varbie to bully.

I guess today isnt my lucky day.

Bad doggy.

Just join her discord server an play games together silly

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Why aren't you posting with your trip, buttface?

good try user kek

I dont get it. Inside joke?

>She posts toga.
I didnt know there was a Togaposter on here, how can I meet her?

dunno what that means
>thin thighs
not really
>RTS playing
barely play them, but I'm good at bulding a nice village
don't know what that means
check, I like my smell tho
>fucked up sleep schedule having
not really, just when I obssess over something like a new game or a new doujin
not really

Plz be a burger
>Tfw no stinky GF to read doujins and get frisky with

sorry no
I'm not stinky tho

Join this shid NIGGERS !!!!!! /VdCm63q

Musky then. So we gunna e lewd or not qt? wiregel#3229

I desu don't know how to use discrod =(

Time to find out. Kik/snap? don't know how to use those myself

i don't get this part, why would you want a gf who catfishes??

I forgot

so not really time to find out

Same desu, oh well guess I'll go find a doujin myself.