Any schizoids or people with similar types of disorders? How are things?

Any schizoids or people with similar types of disorders? How are things?

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self diagnosed schizo here
I have to get that checked, but I won't fall for the rapist meme
>How are things?
pretty depressed atm, can't even get my /uni/ stuff done
What about (You)?

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Schitzotypol. Diagnosed from various counselors and psychiatrists. Currently on Prozac and Adderall. Last night I abandoned my only friend in the woods. Now he hates me.

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Technically not diagnosed either but no close friends and lack of desire for any type of relationship makes me almost certain, but aside from that okay, usually spend most of the day playing vidya and browsing. suicidal ideation comes and goes

Just finished uni and have no idea what to do next

I don't have any friends either, and I don't want any. I enjoy myself alone. I don't desire sex, either. Also got diagnosed with ADHD and ASD. I basically live in my own world.
I think I'll join the army after I finished uni.
>suicidal ideation comes and goes
I'm usually very happy about everything, but sometimes I wake up and want to kill myself for a week. It then returns to normal the next day.

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>I enjoy myself alone
This. Other people are annoying af to be around

The army sounds good, I can't get accepted in my country so I'll try the FFL at some point

what is the difference from the types of schizos? how do you deal with life? how do you feel knowing society feels no pity towards you and most of the homeless people are like you?

I'm not doing well, I was supposedly given too much money during 2 months time even though in those 2 months that was mentioned I didn't get a penny, but the process to get them to re-evaluate the decision is really confusing and bothersome, and when I tried to call their support center a bot answers and it wants you to say what your problem is, it doesn't give you options and a certain number for those options like everyone else has.
I'm scared that I'm going to say something stupid to that thing and they'll be laughing at me.
Guess I'll just pay 400$ that I don't actually owe them instead.

No desire for friends or family, Basically the ultimate loner. Can still function if they need to.

Anxious and has weird beleifs/magical thinking, closer to full blown schizophrenia but not as bad

Schizotypal but much worse + auditory hallucinations

>most homless people are like you
That might be true, but it doesn't really make me feel anything

They're okay for a while (to eat a meal with or have a brief chat) but after a while they get boring and annoying.
I don't know for sure whether I'll be accepted, I'm 200cm tall.
Why can't (You) be accepted?

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ACL tear medically disqualifies me even with surgery. FFL don't say anything and don't check medical records so its just better to go there

acl tear surgery is endoscopy, you will have small marks where they will suture alongside your patella, they will see it during medical examination
unless if you are black and your skin color can hide it

testin oringalliy

Schizoid with PTSD. Things are pretty shit now desu and I generally have no sense of direction in my life

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You don't know a fucking thing about schizophrenia

I'm actually schizophrenic, and get neetbux for it. You guys are fucking posers.


FFL don't mention it as a disqualifying factor so even if it does disqualify me I haven't lost much

>I'm actually schizophrenic, and get neetbux for it.

It's one hell of a ride.

Schizoid, been on the self improvement gains just over a year now that ive got a proper life philosophy. ive got pectus carinatum which made me fuck my posture in my teens, ive been correcting that, getting more hygienic, and am taking a martial art class which has been helping immensely in several aspects, and i just love to fight.

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>No desire for friends or family, Basically the ultimate loner. Can still function if they need to.
Damn, I thought this was a normal thing and not a mental disorder.

I always assumed schizoid was some kind of total nutbar deal and never bothered to look into it until a few days ago. Turns out I tick almost every box to an absurd degree (the lone exception is that criticism can set me off on occasion, though I always hide it from others). Self-improvement in solitude is enough to keep me happy, but prolonged social exposure absolutely fucks my shit up. I'll need to get a job soon to stay on my health insurance plan and I'm scrambling to find something I can do online from home.

Sounds like you might be a covert schizoid

If this is at all accurate, then I'm as overt as overt can get. I haven't left the house by myself in years for starters, and it usually takes people all of two minutes to figure out how socially useless I am.

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I officially have Autism Spectrum Disorder but after finding out about Schizotypal personality disorder I'm pretty sure I'm misdiagnosed. I match all the criteria for STPD while only the social awkward elements of autism correlate. It changes nothing to get the correct diagnose, people will just treat you the same.

I have schizophrenia.

I own 5 houses and an ecommerce site. The computer is a godsend because I am unable to handle dealing with people in person for long periods of time.

Oftentimes, for my houses, I don't even meet the tenants. I do a lease signing over DocuSign and set up automatic rent payments through a rent collection website.

These types of disorders and autism have crossover so it's a possibility that you might've been

Self diagnosed schizoid just quit my job today tired of people and their silly office politics. No desire for any relationships. Kinda feeling bummed out atm, but I'm glad I quit. I will never work in an office environment again and I'm now looking for work from home jobs.

It's possible for ASD and STPD to co-morbid but after years of being around autistic people I didn't find much correlation in behavior so I'm pretty sure only STPD applies to me. Of course autism is a spectrum with wild variation in behavior but I failed to see the key schizotypal elements in their behavior.

I've been diagnosed with bipolarity but I think i might be borderline
The first depressive episode i had was at 10 yrs old, my life has been completely pathetic since. 0 friends.


is on the shizo spectrum

what could possibly go wrong

I have DID.
I have had to restrain myself this past week due to urges I've had.

I am paranoid shizoid, shizophrenia spectrum

things are tedious boring and tense at the same time if that makes sense

I was just about ready to kill myself.
Got drunk, felt fine.
Spoke to my ex.
Blamed her for everything.
Wanted to die again.
Apologised for being a twat because I love her.
Ruined everything by being a twat.
Now I'm just deciding the method after I've drank more.

The meds and therapy never worked for me.

oh we know
weve been watching you so ofcourse wed know

What is full blown schizophrenia like compared to the schizophrenic pd's?

Therapy can be useful for me but I've never taken any meds so I wouldn't know

Not that kind of paranoid i'm actually a rational human being

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so rational paranoia like private sector companies abusing background data/cookies to create profiles of people that include details about them/their habits that even they don't know; and then also working in conjunction with misc agencies?
not that this information is preventatively useful (yet) but more like a databank form where they just pull from it as they want..

If you put it that way yes that kind of paranoia

Like William S. Burroughs said a paranoid is someone who knows a little of what going on

Or like Jordan Peterson said about exploring the unknown. The fear of the unknown and becoming somewhat paranoid isn't that irrational when you're a lone schizoid/schizotypal/schizophrenic, you do need a stronger instinctual warning system to tell you about the danger that possibly awaits you as you have less stable options in life to rely on for survival.

to clarify, not the original guy that was baiting you; am
id argue as a schizoid our emotions are actually more plain-text than other people, which could serve as as an advantage instead of a disadvantage. we don't get wrapped up in emotional aspects of life like other people do, and if we learn to control that we can abuse it.
pic related was given to me by my martial art school (we get checkpoint bonuses as we attend more classes, pretty cool even if a lot of it is branded) and it has a lot of interesting tidbits about intuition, fear, paranoia ect which can be used to help predict people. furthermore, fear is usually internally already justified, and we just have to look for overt correlative justification to solidify it.

feel like im missing something additional, but whatever.

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Interesting, as a fellow schizoid I've found that my emotions didn't run as deep either. I rarely feel anytinh apart from the base emotions like lust, fear (only when my physical safety is threatened)

I constantly hallucinate and hear shit. No voices but I'm not sure is it worth getting diagnosed any opinions.

idk if I'm schizoid, I usually get visual hallucinations when it's dark and audible hallucinations when I'm outside.
I barely left my home in 2 years.
I'm also a compulsive/pathological liar, which sometimes makes stuff a bit difficult.
I know that I have emotions, although dulled, but there are a few emotions that I never experienced myself.
I can't feel empathy but I guess that's normal for quite many here.