Join discord server

>join discord server
>instantly regret it


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Not enough sissies or twinks to go around?

Did you get ghosted by a trap?

join mine, no degeneracy here


Every fucking time or the server is pure fucking cancer

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not OP but what do you mean?

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its your own fault really

How degenerate are the discord I'm an actual old fag are they filled with transexuals or is it a meme?

What did you expect? It's nearly always going to be a bunch of degenerate gaymers vying for the attention of the few (if any) women on the server.

What a waste of a GET. Jesus fuck.

Fuckin' checked, m8.

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Do people on there fight for boipussy and other weird shit? Like a server gets a female and everyone drops everything and hits on her also nice numbers

cringe, and originally yikespilled

53000000% homosexual
How the fuck is this not original?

checked for six repeating numbers

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Not a meme. They're filled with primarily sadbois listening to vaporwave, failed males taking estrogen, and fags. If you join a Discord server other than one you create yourself, you're in for a bad time.

Jesus that's pretty bad thanks for the info lol

>Like a server gets a female and everyone drops everything and hits on her
100% true. Some retards are smart enough to be a bit subtle about it, but you'll always find 'em joining in on the conversation whenever a female's involved.

Not him but I saw 1 sissy on a discord I was on and out of 13 people on their 9 were trying to impress it lots of drama over a fucking tranny I left wont do again

thanks, I did it for my friend who has to wageslave.
ok fuck that.

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Wait until you see a genuine female get in voice chat.

That's really fucking gay man I couldn't stay on a place like that it would be like r9k but you can hear their voices sounds like AIDS

cheked origolyy

Thread derailed by consecutive numbers.

Check-a-roni for a faggotoni

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>Digits wasted
Every. single. time.

Thanks boys. all those (You)s. wow.

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Here an extra one just for (You) ;)

originally checked
nice one m8

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Good to know the sacred hex wasnt given to avatarfags and namefags. Hope you arent a homo


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Dem DIGITS doe

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uh oh...

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Want to date faggot

date one then.

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No user i pretty sure he was askign if you'd date him

>hex was given to a faggot
Proof this site has gone to shit. I beg to those who havent fallen for that trap to find another site.
Enjoy your little party because you'll be forgotten soon

oh I just realised. uhhhh
too late now I guess.

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i bet you wouldn't say that if you were face to face with the hexposter

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Its okay user im sure he/you will get another chance another time

i don't understand you faggots. i would feel incredible uncomfortable if every single thing i type gets logged and linked to an identity.
>hurr hurr 4chin does it
i don't have an account.

I'm usually scared of joining a server with +10 people
but this one is very smol and comfy, no traps

have a (You)

>hex poster is just another homo.
Why the fuck wouldnt I insult him face to face

mandatory checked. I still think you're a colossal faggot though

is it like being at a /friend's house/ ?

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oh no, they keep insulting me and giving me all those (You)s. I'm so sad.

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it means your digits need to be checked

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What is your discord fagboi orvinal

This. People used to always wonder why I'd insta kick bitches from ventrilo back in the days. If they're not in your room they serve literally no purpose but to breed drama.

(You)s dont mean anything in this board anymore. You can post the most degenerate shit and still hit bump limit.

Will make fun of you too dont worry

you could even call it friend house simulator
don't be scared by the server pic, we usually respect each other

rope yurself weeb faggot

CAn i add you to tease you?


>join discord server
>dont say anything for 2 mins
>get tagged and called a faggot for havind my inactive reddit profile linked on my discord

holy shit you are stoopid lole

Having a reddit profile
not a faggot
pick one and only one

I never said I was smart user

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you are a big dumdum eh?

>join discord server
>ghost it for days because I am too uninteresting, provoking, and shy
>get attached to certain people just from listening to them talk but never interacting with them
>remove myself from server a few months later

Can't even fit in with outcasts.

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Don't worry user I'm kind of a dumb fuck myself.

>op makes post about discords being solely about getting boyhole
>thread derails into getting hexxed boyhole
never change Jow Forums

We only go for quality boicunt

Well every discord server i joined all the retards just insult each other 24/7 and is full or porn traps etc.

shut up faggot orignali (feeel at home yet)

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Join this shit /VdCm63q

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the fucking hex what a time to be alive here have my lewdest pic desu

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Literal 1 in a million chance btw congrats

Believe in yourself dood. We're all socially retarded outcasts here

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I really want to say "it's just a messaging app" but every fucking server I've joined has been exactly like this. It's all stupid fucking meme posting and/or trannies.
I sort of what to make my own server, but shilling makes me feel guilty and I feel like my ideals would be so specific nobody would want to stay

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Oh also there's the shit with all these servers trying to act like businesses or whatever. I really don't get what the hell that's about. They have "partners" and shit and some even have a fucking patreon. Seems like Discord is appealing to these dudes too because now they have that boost thing for nitrofags

>Join IRC channel
>Every once in a while someone says "hi"
>A bunch of other people say "hi" in response
>Nothing else ever happens
I thought I'd have better experiences on IRC but discord seems to be the best there is. There's also Matrix/Riot but it sucks ass and is only marginally more active than IRC.

checed origonolio