No transpuppy general in the catalog? Not on my watch!~

No transpuppy general in the catalog? Not on my watch!~

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Um, there was one right here but it's okay to have more than one transpuppy!

When was the last time you didn't felt miserable, fag?

Do you run the poser punk fb page?

>faggot general
>spamming avatarfag tranny
>new tranny tripfag
>sissy general bullshit
>now some shit about a trans dog from animal crossing
I hope you get shot in the head with a rifle slug round on the near future, you disgusting reprobate

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Put up or shut up lil nigga

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After so many outright accusations you're just now looking for evidence that you might be correct? Are all bigots this schizo?

I know denial and lies come naturally for trannies, but he's right.

Post location tranny

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Thanks for standing up for me user! mwuah~~

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Green Hill Zone 1-3
Best be bringin your shooters boiii

Thought so. Get off my board, faggot.

This is a good mascot for tranny hate.

Its un ladylike for a transpup to reveal everything about herself on a first date. Post your location then we'll see :)

A puppers gotra do what a puppere gotta do!!!

Fight for teans rights! Owo

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I was giving my transpuppy some transkibble for dinner and she started wagging her tail at me and her hormones have been giving her some great booty curves lately and I got a boner, I don't think she saw it but I'm so embarrassed! What should I do??

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why do tranny wanna corrupt isabelle
she was a harmless, cute, innnocent character, and now they wanna attach their genital mutiliation to her wtf

Trannies want to corrupt everything they touch.

Isabelle? Who's that? This thread is about transpuppies

figures that you fucking trashfires don't even know the characters you're avatarfagging as

by god I want to fuck isabelle.

No faggot, it's about Isabelle, is it possible that no character in the entire media support trannies?

reminder this is promoting animal abuse
stop forcing your fag human culture on others you absolute fascists

this image screams insecurity

Puppyboy tirbs into puppgiro(male)

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Why don't you make your own characters instead of trying to make someone elses character trans?

They're vile hedonists that want to corrupt and destroy everything nice and pure. They are absolutely reolvting pieces of trash that need to be destroyed if we are to ever have a pleasant board again.

Transpuppies are for huggles, cuddles, wuddles, love, care, support, head pats, and nose boops. NEVER for abuse.

Delusional! Get help!

Do you think trannies can actually make something? We are talking the lowest breed of faggots, they are not that capable.

Finally, someone gets it. This isn't rocket science people!

animals cannot consent to a gender choice so deciding their gender for them IS abuse

They are sick people that need help, I'm sure that the right medical treatment can cure this disease.

user, Isabelle is not trans, there's not abuse here, just defamation done by trannies.

>mfw bigots live in their own dreamworld based where opinions are facts
Real world too harsh for ya?

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Transbuppers have full agency over their lives, and when partnered with a loving caretaker they are living their best lives possible. Clearly you don't have one because you can't be trusted with one.

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What's the deal between tranny cults and bestiality?

Do not speak for others, whiteyman. Just because you think they are happy does not mean they think they are happy.

I doubt anything short of severe beatings could fix their issues, and most of them are already past the age where that would be beneficial. It's either banishment or death.

You can always tell a transbuppy is happy because they'll be shaking that sweet ass at yo- err I mean shaking their tail!

There is a traditional medicine cure for your problem, pretty low cost, you can even do it at home
you will need:
- wicker fencing
- 1-2 strong or heavy guys
- 1 mud pit or peat bog

Apply the subject firmly to the mud until homosexuality stops

Maybe they really need a beating, but I think that there's a better treatment.
If you picked a sick tranny, put him into a healthy diet, a good sleeping schedule, little to no internet, some sports and no masturbation I'm sure they would be healthy humans again.

My transpuppy already has a daily schedule including all those things (I purchase only the best varieties of transkibble) and she's happy as can be! She rewards me with little smooches on the cheek :3

You forgot to add OP in the materials list.

I look forward to the day you niggers are hung from streetlamps.

You don't know that means they're happy. Fascist. Fascist nazi.

Don't look now, but a transpup is dabbing on you haters!

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OP counts as a mud pit

I wasn't a fascist until my transpuppy slowly but surely redpilled me. Now my family won't talk to me but I feel closer than ever to my transbup :D

I understand that this is a game for you, but I unironically, not in minecraft, would not be the slightest bit sad to see you dead in the streets, and I'm sure your family feels the same.

go to Hell, people like you really do hurt animals

If I died I'm confident that my transpuppy would avenge me

Hell is just a world without transpuppies

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>Hell is just a world without transpuppies
it's where you will be reincarnated as a dog that eats a vegan onions based diet and gets dyed pink and blue regularly because shes trans

Really projecting your own cruelty here. No one mentioned onions or using hair dye on transanimals before your post here, and no eligible transpuppy recipient ever would.

What's the difference between being a tranny and having cancer?

No teans rights Biiiitch

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people like you never stop at pretend, you always take it to real life. people like you do push their human culture on animals just like you do

Been looking for this thread...
I'm a proud new transpuppy caretaker and everythings been great but I'm worried about my inexperience.

Whats the proper hygienic way to clean her transpupenis?

>What's the difference between being a tranny and having cancer?
People still wanna fuck you when you're a tranner :3

The death rate and suffering are higher on tranny disease.

>If I post something on Jow Forums enough times it'll turn into real life! Meme magic bro!

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Despite making up 0.6% of the United States population, 40% of transgender "people" have attempted suicide.

While on the contrary, 100% of transpuppies are happy, playful, sweet little cutiepies. Little known fact: they are also immortal

Transpupperino bumperino

Uhh guys...? How do I tell my transpuppy that it might be time to lay off the hormones?

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