I think I have a problem... i get very attached to avatar posters and obsess over them...

I think I have a problem... i get very attached to avatar posters and obsess over them. Maybe its because there the closest thing to friends I have so I try to get as close to them as possible? Either way it's not good. my most recent obsession probably doesnt like how they have someone feeling this away about them and I'm sorry for that:(

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Why not add them on discord and actually befriend them so you can have some frens?

>my most recent obsession probably doesnt like how they have someone feeling this away about them

False. They all want attention and to be desired. You're completely falling for it. Just leave.

w...who is it?

No they dont they are nice and dont try to be the center of attention.

They don't have it and I know I'd ruin it by talking to them directly like that with no do overs.
Someone who is nice.

>I'd ruin it
So are they super judgemental or something? Because if not, then you wouldn't ruin anything, surely, user. It's hard to really mess up so bad that people stop talking to you.

But I guess it doesn't matter if they're a dinosaur that doesn't use the epic gamer social app discord(tm).

Aww come on, maybe they'd make a discord if you said you wanted to be their friend there. Especially if you said they were nice. You could even have a bonding experience of you teaching them how to use it. Also how can you ruin something if they don't know who you are?

>H-How do I set my profile picture, user?
This will be so cute

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I'm too nervous too do that. I'll just quietly admire from afar

they're probably nervous too, they're on r9k for a reason lol. It's unlikely they'd use voice chat willingly let's put it that way.

You say that but what if I mess it up and they dont want discord or to add me :( I'll feel like a total loser

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Dont worry OP I will free you from your addiction. Sit tight brother

If they really just don't want discord at all then that's not something you should take personally. You gotta put yourself out there, fren. It's how you grow

Elaborate??? I'm confused sorry

There's an avatar killer who goes around kill avatar posters.You might want to worry, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

Why would they do thst?/how
Those are the only people that make me happy here

AS for how, they're an extremely gifted killer. As for why, you'd have to ask him

Ambiguous. Do they just report them? Thats pretty lame and over hyped

No, I mean like actual murder, they've been around for a while.

Based. Hes getting kind of slow though...

Dows he post vids/pics I'd like to see proof I'm always looking to expand my gore folder

Yeah, bu that's the point. He picks off avatar posters slowly one by one so most people just think they left and didn't actually die. There's only been a few posts of his kills and victims, but they only happen once in a blue moon.

Oh shit is avatar killer back?! The fuck is he on r9k for? Has he actually killed anyone here yet?

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Is it finally happening? Oh god please be happening

What should I avatarfag as so that he kills me? I'm ready to bite a bullet.

just pretend to be an egirl thot looking for orbiters. If your lucky he'll make you eat your own shit while he flays you alive.

nonsense age hasnt slowed him down one bit

True. You guys may not have noticed, but some avatar posters and tripcode posters haven't shown up in a while.Could be coincidence. but most likely avatar killer got them.

Kek I forgot he was a thing. I don't think he would be on Jow Forums, let alone r9k. He was on /b like 4 years ago though, assuming he's actually just one guy. Would love to see an avatar fag purge here though