/self harm & suicide/

/self harm & suicide/

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girl bye

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Bumping for interest in the matter of an hero

If your over the age of 16 and still cutting yourself, you've got some fucking serious maturity/coping issues. Personally I did a lot of damage to myself (thighs/legs mostly) over the course of a few months when I was 14. Can't imagine keeping that shit up though.

I hurt myself for the first time in a few years and it was the most I've felt in months. Of course it's hot as fuck so hiding my scars isn't worth it sometimes. I don't fucking care who sees.

First time I've cut in over a year. Wasn't deep at all, but I think I'm anemic because I almost passed out

sauce on manga btw?

stabbed myself with a pencil. Didn't bleed or anything serious, but enough that i consider myself suicidal

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I just need access to a shotgun and a 12 hour period where I can be alone and entirely uninterrupted with it outside of my house. Then I will be free.

Only ever opened my wrists to get out of basic training. Stabbed myself in the leg in anger though after a fist fight with my step dad

some of us are fucked man.

Drink, smoke, do anything else. But yeah that's true.

ive been cutting myself for 7 years on and off. i recently got in serious trouble for it because i live at home. if you cut yourself clean up your mess.

you zoomers sicken me
the only acceptable reason to cut when you have eczema scratching that shit felt euphoric

who are you to decide that? if its my body, i should have the choice to do what i want with it as long as im not harming others. i didn't choose to be born, and i exist, which subjects me to harm and suffering. i deal with it through cutting. not a big deal, you dont have the right to say whats right and wrong when it comes to others choices if they dont harm others.

>it's fine so long as it doesn't harm others
what's the threshold for something that harms others, don't you think it harms your close ones when you do this?
By your own words this is not fine, so instead stop cutting or give up on the bullshit ideology about something being fine if it doesn't hurt someone else. Don't use others as a benchmark.

>who are you to decide that?
God, bitch.

I didn't start cutting until I was 20. I dont know, I really do have serious issues but then again so did I back when I was under 16... not sure why only now I have the compulsion.

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I think cut marks are sexy but i'm too much of a pussy to do it myself

I've been going to a lot of hardcore/metal concerts recently and getting really into moshing/throwing myselfnoff stage, at people, etc. It's been a great visceral release and it hurts in a way that I've found very helpful. Sometimes cutting is the best thing though.

If you only care about scarring you dont have to go that deep, just do it repeatedly over a period of time and they'll eventually scar up. That being said, mutilating yourself for a fetish is retarded

Sadist here, post your self harm images

Who the fuck self harms and then takes a picture of it?

Fucking attention whores

I thought a lot of self harm fags where attention whores desu

I mean every other post about self harm I've seen is like "omggggg how do I hide my scars?" Unless that unto itself is part of the attention whoring, wouldn't it be the case that most attention whores wouldn't care about concealing them?

I will only an hero via shotgun or some other method that would fully destroy my brain. Too scared otherwise.

>Who the fuck self harms and then takes a picture of it?
I did a nice graffiti scar on me.
just took pic because looked aight

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Aight that's pretty metal

as in physically harming others. i lack empathy, so seeing others upset when i harm myself doesn't change my thoughts about it. ultimately, its their fault, the issues with childbearing are:
>all people will hurt themselves
>all people will hurt others
>all people would hurt someone else
if you didn't think ahead and avoid creating something with the previous traits, they shouldn't have had a kid. now they suffer because of it, just like i do.

does anyone here want to form a suicide pact with me

sure why not. ready whenever desu