Being a fatcel is objectively the worst

Any fatcels here? Probably the worst type of -cel to be because even your fellow robots will hate you.

>inb4 dude just lose weight lmao
Yes, it is true that if you're fat its because you eat too much. But what causes some people to eat more than others? Its simply a matter of natural genetic appetite. Some people naturally have higher appetite the same way that people arent all the same height or dont all have the same IQ. So while genetics doesnt magically make you fat, it creates conditions in which its very very difficult for someone not to be fat.

Some of you will make the counterargument that its a matter of willpower but lets be honest with yourself, most of you do not nearly have the same appetite as fat people do. Can you speak of willpower being the reason if there is simply less of the thing that you use willpower to control?

Let me put it to you this way. If two people have to push a stone up a hill, and one has to push a 100 pound stone and the other a 50 pound stone, can you say that the guy who has to push the 100 pound stone is weaker than the other for struggling to do so? No, he just has to carry more weight (no pun intended).

Being a fatcel is objectively the worst type of -cel to be.

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dude just lose weight lmao

>dude just lose weight Imao

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>Im fat because of genetics!

Seething kekk

>take the weight loss pill
>now have a saggy grandpa belly

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go vegan and lose weight you fat piece of shit

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I'm addicted to unhealthy foods. I can eat an entire cake, pizza, box of donuts, family size bag of chips, and not be "full." Eating a pound of broccoli makes me full, but it doesn't satisfy those cravings. I'm only satisfied if I eat to excess, and even then, I don't always get there. I often grow board of eating before I'm full or satisfied. I'll sit down to eat for an hour at a time, and comsume everything in arms reach of me. I've tried to "just lose weight bro," but at this point the eating is compulsive and I'm too damaged to replace my coping mechanisms with good habits and behavior. I'm full incel, and I've given up on love at this point.

Fatcels are volcels
Also try intermittent tasting / OMAD, it helped me to lose 20kg

I've made threads trying to explain this but people don't understand.
Can still get gf
Can be fashionable
Can fit into normal clothes
Can go to beach without shame
Can expose self without shame
Cannot do any of the above
Must order larger clothes and waste more money
Need to feed

With the kind of mental gymnastics you're pulling off I'm surprised you're still a hefty lad, m8.

Part of me says they do understand but are just normalfags.

This SITE, not just board is a normalfag site and has never really been different. You cant be a robot if you viciously attack anyone you consider worse off than yourself, that just makes you a failed normalfag

If they're mental gymnastics then that wouldnt have any effect on the body, no?

Litterally a faggot, I'm short as fuck 5'6 and I cant do shit about it. If I was 5'10 and fat I'd just lose the weight. You piece of shit lose weight being fat is nothing since you can change it.

Desire is not a pail that can be filled. It is a fire that only grows as it is fed. The more you submit to your cravings, the more your cravings will dominate your life.
Throw out all your junk food, right now, and join a calorie-counting website, and start counting everything.
Take it from a guy who's gone through periods of losing and gaining weight. The only thing that works is brutal honesty with yourself.

You can get leg lengthening

Height isn't all that matters, dude. I'm 6'3 and hideous. Height doesn't make you automatically attractive; it makes ugly guys look like fucking ogres.

I lost 100 lbs and nothing really changed besides having less trouble moving around
Extending my life seems like a negative at this point

>Its simply a matter of natural genetic appetite
It's not genetic appetite you autist it's the size of your stomach, if you eat less consistently your stomach will readjust and less food will become more filling. Conversely, if you consistently eat too much your stomach gets bigger and stretches
I'm a fatass that's been dieting on and off and have noticed my appetite change a lot depending on how much I eat

fatcels are the only incels that make sense
every other variant are just whiners and closet trannies

I get what you are saying and I agree, that's what I've been saying for a long time. At the same time though, it doesn't mean that it's not possible to actually lose weight.

My advice would be to adopt a vegan diet, where you will eat a lot of high volume foods (it will give you the impression you are eating a lot) but low in calories (it will not get you as fat), like vegetables.

Restricting yourself to certain foods because you are convinced that's the way to go, will make it easier to avoid other fattening foods.
Also, who knows, it might give you purpose knowing that you are doing the right thing.

Good luck user. I know you can do it.

it dosent matter what i eat or how much i still cant get fat and then one fat person eats a burger and he gains weight. you're fat because of your genetics same way some people are short or have fucked up teeth or can change those things but what you can't change is your dna.

The only way out is resolution. Do what you want to do and have a resolve. Everything ends when you want it to, the world ends with you. Make them know this.

Just don't eat too much in one go. Years ago I used to go through a whole box of biscuits in a single serving but then I decided to halve it to try and decrease my fat and now I'm fine and still have the same appetite as I did then. Also stop drinking juice or other sugar drinks.

>all these people giving "advice" to lose the weight

You fundamentally do not understand. The junk food is the only thing in the entire world that gives me pleasure. Youre suggesting I cut out the only thing that makes me happy, even if it is just for a moment, in order to what? Be thin? Then what? Be even more unhappy all the time that I cant even find solace in eating?

At the same time, there's probably a high correlation between obesity and low IQ, so maybe it is inherited. Though it's surely a byproduct of post-war society and it's excess of consumable trash. Once times get hard again you won't see obesity anymore.


Stupid disgusting fatties. Gross

This desu. I've been on diets so many times and every time felt miserable without my chocolate bars. It's not worth it, better to give up and stay fat, good thing there's this body positivity fad which only seems to progress each year.

Honestly dude, you need to sign up for a calorie tracking website and fill out what you eat (honestly) everyday. It is the worst because it's self imposed. You're not born "genetically fat". Stick to calorie control over time and you will loose weight, and you will 100% feel so much better. It's worth it. Just do it. And don't get demotivated either, if you track some wild 5,000 calorie day all you need to do is go lower in the future to balance it out, it's not a daily thing it's over time, so either slightly less per day over time or just straight up fasting one day for every extreme binge you might go on for some reason or another. Fasting is good for you by the way.

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I lost weight eating whatever I wanted, even sugary drinks kek. It's just calories man. If you want to eat healthy that's another issue.

Don't kid yourself user. "Body positivity" is for delusional coping women only. If you're a guy, you're just a fatass.

>tfw (((psychiatrist))) drugs you up on metabolism-slowing meds that fatten you the fuck up even further

I've honestly just stopped taking them and I feel fine.

That's a lot of cope there. I'm a big fat fatty too. There's no "genetic appetite"
We just failed to show restraint and discipline along the way on our journeys to becoming fat. It's true, it's harder for us now. But that's because we made it that way. No restraint while the stomach slowly expanded little by little and the pounds added on. Sure it's a passive choice, but it's most definitely a choice

I'm fat because I like to eat a lot of shitty food and I don't like to exercise. Just own it

You're not born with a higher appetite. It's all learned behaviour. That's the main reason fat parents so often have fat kids. The parents probably feed their children a shitty diet and get them quite literally addicted to sugar, carbs and fat. Alongside that there's also a psychological component. The children see what and how much their parents buy. How often they snack. Or what they consider to be normal portion sizes. Becoming fat often isn't really your fault, if you've been raised to be fat, however staying fat throughout your adult life is. Losing weight can be awful and hard, especially if food is used as a coping mechanism, but our brain can be rewired through tremendous effort. Just like a drinker, smoker or heroin fiend can change so can you and every fat person

Yeah that's a bitch. I'm still on mine after a turbulent-ass couple years and am finally losing weight again just because I now have a tolerance to my meds, I'm literally doing everything else exactly the same, sometimes even worse. There was a point where I wasn't losing weight eating like a piece of fish and some rice every day, though that was the absolute lowest point. Shit was cray-cray

Being fat is not am exscuse you absolute retard.what matters is being charismatic and talking to the right people
T.5'7 250lb guy who got laid a bunch in highschool

You fatties are literally NIGGER tier, disgusting weak willed monkeys. I am a manlet, and can easily eat over 3000kcal in one sitting without being overly full. I would be so incredibly fat if I didn't say no to food and exercise. Even when I am full, I have massive cravings. But am I going to let these negative feelings drive me? You are pathetic

yeah, right, LARP more
it's like that with me, so it has to same with you hurr durr

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Im not kidding,faglord. You just have to talk to people and be sociable.

Yes, that is the way it is. You are weak; want to lose weight? Eat less, exercise, HIIT every morning when you're on intermittent fasting, water fasting.
Maintaining weight and losing weight is incredibly easy, in fact, it has never been easier with all science you've got available today. You are just an embarrassing faggot

I'm a decently attractive person with terrible social skills. My old best friend is an enormously fat fuck and has fucked so many beautiful girls it's unreal. If you're funny and confident being fat can work for you.

I believe you and I myself am a skelly. Im convinced appetite is largely genetic.
I have been the same weight for 6 years and my appetite has never grown any bigger. If I try to eat a bunch of sweets and junk food I get sick after awhile and stop eating half way.

It's NOT just a matter of natural genetic appetite, you STUPID LOSER.

I used to be fat. I lost 30kg and went to below average weight in 4 months. Your body craves more of what you put in it because you feed those gut bacteria.

I no longer like the sweet things I used to like. I find them disgusting.

I have no sympathy for fat people.
You whine and bitch about being ostracized for a factor that you actually have control over. It's not that hard

>I have no sympathy for socially awkward people. You whine and bitch about being ostracized for a factor that you actually have control over. It's not that hard

just stop eating, lardass

Even if we say its learned behaviour during childhood (its not) that still means its not a choice. And it still means your body has grown around being fat. Your digestive system has grown as that of a fat person, wether that was because of genetics or learned behaviour is not that relevant. Sure you can lose weight but your digestive system will not drastically change after growing up with the diet of a fat person. You'll still always have far more difficulty staying at weight than a normal person and you'll always be fighting an uphill battle every day of your life.

>just stop eating, Iardass

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Come on friend. You might be predisposed to having a greater appetite but that's no excuse for giving in to it, it just means you can feel that much more proud of yourself when you make it.

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cope more, fat piece of shit

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unironically stop eating so much and you won't be as fat any more. Get some willpower
t. went from 147kg to 84kg

What is the point of losing weight if all women are degenerate nigger-loving whores and you are about to enter wizardhood in 2 months? Theres literally no time to become a Zyzz in that timeframe.

so you don't die at 25 from a heart attack

Seething normalfaggot is seething

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>wanting to Iive

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what the fuck is that image supposed to mean, I eat literally anything i can get my hands on and I'm not fat

its vegan propaganda

>The junk food is the only thing in the entire world that gives me pleasure.

Then enjoy that pleasure, but realize that the price of that enjoyment is that you don't get to claim that being fat isn't your fault, and you don't get to complain that no one wants to fuck you.

You purchased the pleasure of eating lots of junk food by trading the pleasure you would have gotten from the esteem of others and the pleasure you would have gained from being in a relationship. That currency is spent now, dude.

My bmi is 30 and I've fucked 80 chicks. Being a fat guy isn't so bad.

It can't be a matter of genetics. The number of fat people skyrocketed over the last century. Humanity's genetic change in that time period is trivial to the point of being meaningless.

The average woman today weighs as much as the average man did in 1964. That simply can't be a result of genetics.

You can change these habits in a couple weeks. It's not hard.

Easier access to food and we don't work as hard.

>Then enjoy that pleasure, but realize that the price of that enjoyment is that you don't get to claim that being a virgin isn't your fault, and you don't get to complain that no one wants to fuck you.

>You purchased the pleasure of being a NEET and living however you want by trading the pleasure you would have gotten from the esteem of others and the pleasure you would have gained from being in a relationship. That currency is spent now, dude.

>Easier access to food and we don't work as hard.

But both of those are behavioral, and not genetic.

At first I was like "Thanks for the (You), but why did this guy just quote my text and not reply?"

And then I saw what you did there.

Yeah, being a NEET is very, very similar. And NEETs are a lot like fat people in that they expect to get the benefits of self-indulgence without any of the costs.

So you realize you are a normalfag

How does that make me a normalfag?

"I want to indulge myself, but then I want to evade the costs of that, which I think should be imposed on *you* instead!" is the core of the leftist mindset, and leftists are normalfags, so...

I was fat until I started strongman training. I eat 3 meals a day and am constantly working out. My job is heavy manual labor, I dont really go to the gym because I'm poor and still have anxiety. Funny thing is I'm bigger and stronger than everyone in my town but I still get anxiety.

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Strongman here.
A way to decrease your appetite is to do intermediate fasting or eat smaller meals. It will shrink your stomach.

If you are vulnerable to a disease, but you dont live in a climate where that disease exists, you wont get it. However if you were to live in a climate where it does exist, you would obviously get it. On the other hand a person who is not vulnerable to it, no matter what climate he is in he wont get it.

People with high appetite have always existed, but in the past there simply was not enough food available for that to be a problem. Nowadays food is basically unlimited, so scarcity as a variable has been removed, all that matters now is genetics. People now will eat as much as their natural appetite allows them to, so people with low appetite will end up skinny and people with high appetite will end up fat.

>if you arent normal and dont live up to the standards of society you deserve to suffer
I too wonder why that mentality makes you a normalfag

>going to a psychiatrist
That was your first mistake.
Learn how to give yourself therapy, it involves going absolutely bonkers for a year or more than you figure out life

user, its easier to lose weight than you think. It's healthier to be in shape and I encourage you to work out. Here is a tip to lose weight:
Cut out all pop/soda from your diet and eat 3 meals a day. Work out and you can use online workout routines and you'll lose weight soon. Also, dont expect immediate results. I promise you that eventually it'll work out as long as you do. Just keep trying and it will work eventually. Good luck, OP.

>boo hoo I hate being fat but I love being fat
Make up your mind you bitch titted sack of lard

t. skinny boye

>i dont like being fat but food is all that i have left

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When I started working out more and eating less I only got extremely strong in the first month. After a month I noticed my gut was shrinking and my biceps were starting to be more defined.
Currently have 20 inch biceps and a back like a Greek god

I'm not skinny but im not really fat either. I'm kinda just balanced and fine. As long as you dont have too much of anything you should be fine. Also, heres a tip for anyone struggling with weight loss, dont starve yourself. Just balance with exercise and eating 3 healthy meals a day. No, fast food also won't work.

>all these excuses so that he doesn't have to change
this is why you're an "incel", and also why you're still fat. get a grip. if you knew doing a certain thing is bad and you still did it, that's not our problem, it's yours. we're not here to cater to your fragile ego.

>food is all that I have left
That's what you think you stupid dumbass. You like food because when you eat your brain releases dopamine, if you would direct that energy to somthing else eventually your brain will release dopamine.
I get a rush when I pick up somthing very heavy or do something the average person cannot do. Maybe you can too if you find something you like doing

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Is it considered starving yourself if you dont eat because you're not hungry. Sometimes I dont have an appetite for days but I still force myself to eat something because I love my gains.

>People with high appetite have always existed, but in the past there simply was not enough food available for that to be a problem.

That is simply not true.

For this point to be true, middle-class white Americans would have had to be living in an environment of food scarcity in 1964. Is that really your argument?

Brain usage demands calories

>>if you arent normal and dont live up to the standards of society you deserve to suffer

>When I choose immediate pleasure over future pleasure, I deserve to get BOTH immediate pleasure AND future pleasure, and I deserve to be able to force the people who defer gratification to give it to me!

You're the reason why the only acceptable version of the fable of the ant and the grasshopper is the one where the grasshopper fucking dies. Because you see the natural result of your own choices - and your stated preferences! - as being suffering that is externally imposed on you.

Tough dots, you fat bag of shit.

Where did anyone ask you to cater to their ego

>Brain usage demands calories

Your brain uses more calories than any other organ in your body. This explains nicely why smart nerds tend to be skellies, and fat people tend to be fucking morons.

Like 10 or 20 calories per hour.
Still not an excuse to be a waste

Who said it was externally imposed? The argument here is that its genetic, thats the opposite of something being externally imposed.

This whole board revolves around internally caused suffering. If you hate that so much maybe a different site would be better suited to you

So thats why fatcels are so intelligent

No it explains why fatlets are so retarded, their brain is starved of nutrients so it has shrunk to almost nothing

something being more scarce doesnt have to mean there is a total scarcity

Food back then was less abundant and thus because of supply and demand more expensive. That ment less people could afford the amount of food needed to be fat, and so there were less fat people

Listen up, faggot. We all get that OP is fat cause he eats too much cause he loves food. Yes, he has always loved food and there's nothing he can do about it. There are people who don't feel the need to eat so much or who don't enjoy it and thus find it easy to stay thin. That's life. Life isn't fair. It's not an excuse for being a disgusting obese fuck.
OP, lose weight. You can still enjoy an amazing meal every once in a while without becoming a landwhale. It will take that initial effort to lose it, but trust me it's fucking worth it. I've been in your shoes and I took them off and threw them in the garbage. It changed my life for the better.

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Just eat less you lazy fuck

Saying that its genetic is a coping mechanism. You're fat because you eat you eat because your fat. If its genetic I would like to know what the fat gene is Mr. Genealogist.

The niggers in Africa are all skinny and starved, now theres a billion nigs there you would think some of them have the fat gene, so why arnt they fat. Is it Americans only or what

imagine being this bad at comprehending logical arguments

>Life isn't fair. It's not an excuse for being a disgusting obese fuck.
It literally is. Thats like saying life isnt fair, thats not an excuse for being a disgusting autistic loser.

Some people are born autistic, others are born with an insatiable appetite causing them to become fat as fuck. Thats life, and its unfair, and that is not just an excuse its the REASON why these things happen.

Post WW2 and up to 1970 was noted as being the most prosperous time in American history. A reminder that modern America has more poverty per state than it has as a whole in 1960

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Read this my man

Did you ever try not eating.

My cousin was born autistic, he can probably beat me in arm wrestling and has a collection of vintage cars that he restored. He also has more money than me. However he still have meltdowns and typical tard behavior

Being fat is not a disease so this doesn't work out for you. You don't catch fat from using dirty needles or being in contact with other fattys. You're fat because you eat you eat because you're fat.

You're also unintelligent, but that's not your fault its hereditary

obviously the guy who wants others to know how bad being a "fatcel" is. i mean, why else would he be posting this stuff on an anonymous image board.

I'm a recovering meth addict. I was obese too in my youth. I kicked all those habits out of willpower. I have cravings everyday all the time. You're just weak