Thats right, you disgusting loli loving pedos. Even your favorite media form is demonizing you...

Thats right, you disgusting loli loving pedos. Even your favorite media form is demonizing you, showing that you really are just a bunch of kiddie fuckers.

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This is not even a funimation thing? Fansub groups do it all the time. It's really all about the tone of the show. Also funi in general does their dubs in a very american tone of voice. No american who doesn't spend 60 hours in the internet a week has ever said "lolicon".

I haven't watched anime in a while, do people unironically watch official subs these days?

What else were they supposed to translate it to? Just leave it as lolicon and include a translator's note that lolicon means pedophile?

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Never buy anime localized by Funimation.

It could just be a fansub thing. Funimation is full of scumbags though so I could see why people may think it's intentional

Also you can believe me or not but real kids do absolutely nothing for me.

>calling lolicons pedophiles is scummy
okay pedo

If you're watching airing anime there's not a lot of choice now because fansubs are dead, maybe people still use official subs for bds too if nobody cares enough to sub it, I dunno. Of course you could always just learn Japanese too.

I never said that but ok retard

Is it not that actually

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What's the point in doing bad translation? Should I praise them for it.

it is but lolicon freaks pretend that they aren't pedos

but its the exact translation

Japaneses have the words "lolicon" and "pedophile", why they have two words for the same thing?

Doesn't the term "lolicon" refer to the child, not the pervert?

As in, by doing this, they're calling the kid a paedophile, and not the bloke who's into kids?

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Do you want the honest answer? Lolicon was the genre of animated porn in actual kiddy porn mags before that was made illegal in Japan. These days it just refers to kiddy porn in its own world separate from that. And I do believe there are lolicons who aren't pedos, but yes, it does come from that.
No, the term loli refers to the kid.

Yes, but it's a translation for american, they could not differentiate those words anyway.

I think it might be that western audiences think of lolicon as a strictly anime and manga thing. As in, they think lolicon applies specifically to 2D girls, instead of both 2D and 3D. Sorta like how people think "Hentai" means anime porn, when in japan it means any form of weird sexual thing, including 3D. Languages often borrow a word, without taking its exact meaning.

>all these (shills) trying to frame me

You're all worthless retards

"lolicon" is the genre, it's a diminutive for "lolita complex", "loli" refer to the kid and it's a diminutive to "lolita" and the adult is called "pedophile".

Look at all these normalfags getting triggered by men of culture

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"loli" came from Lolita, the book, and "con" came from "complex", the psychiatric term.

How the fuck did lolicon end up meaning prepubescents? Lolita complex was originally about pubescent girls, jailbait.


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I'm not attracted to kids, but for whatever reason drawings like this are VERY attractive to me. It's like the size of a kid but no parts that actually look like a child's. It's like a "just gotten out of puberty" look? Or maybe I'm not understanding.

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Speaking of Funimation, what's going on with the Vic Mignona lawsuit?

I came. Thanks desu.

funimation was always biased and trash anyways

The strange part is that lolita complex is about pubescent that behaved like adults... quite the opposite of peter pan syndrome

It's a correct translation but EOPs are upset because they think lolicon means 2D Onry.
Sankaku complex article author should be ashamed of himself.

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That's what I thought. But maybe in Japan loli actually does mean prepubescent and pubescent in the west

Should they change the word anime for cartoon?

They translated lolicon to pedo but they didn't translate fujoshi at all.

its because kids in real life don't have birth giving hips and huge titties. Most young girls look exactly like boys and have no attractive features whatsoever. It's the same thing as anime traps. They're basically girls with a penis drawn on and given a guys voice. Yet if you look at trannies in real life they're all fugly and look nothing like women.

Pedos are mentally ill people attracted to something that humans shouldn't be attracted to. I'd say its the same as furrys being attracted and wanting to fuck animals. Even in the old ages they would wait until a girl was a certain age before they would take her to bed with them.

We are too tolerant to use certain words.

There is literally nothing wrong with being attracted to young 2D girls.

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How do you translate fujoshi? Gay fans? We don't have any similar word in english, do we?

>There is literally nothing wrong with being attracted to young 2D girls.
Do your national security agency know you're a pedophile?

>Sankaku complex article author should be ashamed of himself.

Well Sankaku's image booru is full of pedophile porn (loli) tagged under contentious content. Not only 2d images but also 3d animations featuring realistic and sometimes cartoonish looking children performing various sexual acts. I don't think they feel too ashamed when they're only of the last image boards that host pedophilia images on the internet aside from e621 and inkbunny

Based, redpilled, and very cute.

What are they gonna do about it? Arrest us? I haven't committed any crimes yet and I don't plan to, so there's nothing they can do.

I think it'd be pervert, that loses all it's meaning since English has no gender structure.

Why would a NATIONAL security agency care about pedophiles?

True, and anyone who thinks 2D is comparable to 3D is just a coping normalfag.

>cartoonish looking children
>cartoon children

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>What are they gonna do about it?
Put you on watch and limit your employment opportunities to protect children.

I'm pretty sure that's correct. It's like how Hentai can mean live action porn as well but "educated" weebs think it just applies to 2D shit. iirc lolicon was prepubescent acting adult and being sexed

>I think it'd be pervert
It's a specific type of pervert is the thing. And you're right about the gender thing too. You can't really translate it, just explain it.

I think the closest western term for a fujoshi is a fag hag.

>Why would a NATIONAL security agency care about pedophiles?
They always need new recruits.

How do you translate "a girl that behave like an adult, like in the book Lolita"? One can translate as "pedophile" but it's not accurate

I-it's a drawing so its not pedophilla!!!111
Keep telling yourself that but at the end of the day you're still getting off to images of children.

No no no, I don't give a fuck about the rights of drawings or 3D models. He should be ashamed of himself for calling so much attention to a translation error that is conversely completely correct. All the translators on twitter are making fun of this guy.

tippy top kek. We should kill all women desu.

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>They always need new recruits.
If you need work for the new recruits to train on, I'm sure there are enough wackos making threats against the president, or saying they're gonna do some retarded shit.

I beat my meat to loli doujins and theres nothing you can do about it.

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not like there's anything wrong with that

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>fapping to anime preteens will cause you to go after real preteens!
>fapping to anime women will cause you to go after real women!
Choose both or neither.

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>newfag don't know about pizzagate
You need to luck more.

From the Japanese Dictionary defition: lolita complex is attraction to shojou. And mentions lolicon as a synonym.
shojou from a Japanese dictionary specifically states as being from 7 to 18 years of age, has not yet reached adulthood.

It's probably because the term lolicon is used for attraction to 2D girls and pedo is used for 3D in the west, generally only normalfags use pedo as an umbrella term for it all. Somehow pedo just seems more extreme.

>fag hag.
KEK. First time I've ever heard that.
"loli" the way the japs use it doesn't mean a 1:1 real life version of Lolita.

Every one of these has the ass rapist with an enormous dick vs a tiny virginal girl, with zero difficulty whatsoever

Makes me miss the old hentai

but only a little bit

In this case the translation "pedophile" is more correct than the original word.

Yes bro, pizzgate is totally comparable to dudes jacking it to cartoons, and is totally the kind of thing that would be relegated to the new recruits. Did you even think before posting?

And obscenely clean butts

Based, as always my friend

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user, I'll do what should never be done... explain a joke.
Pizzagate is about government officials being pedophiles, the recruits in the joke are not meant to hunt pedophiles.

[email protected] news

Eternally Based

I'm afraid not you subhuman weeb

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>Pizzagate is about government officials being pedophiles
I know that, but it's a bad joke because
>the recruits in the joke are not meant to hunt pedophiles.
is a dumb punchline. It doesn't connect to what was being said.

If you were too scared to understand the joke doesn't meant it was bad

Just give up, he's clearly mentally deficient, I don't even bother with engaging past most posters beyond 2 replies nowadays.

robots dont give a shit about people liking loli, its an easy way to spot the normans here

Too scared to understand what? The conversation was
>why would national security care about small time pedos?
Which lead to
>to train them on small fry
Which lead to
>but there are other, more relevant small fry
And then you come out with
>woah dude but what about that time that big fish politicians were involved in pedophilia?
It doesn't follow.

Don't give me excuses, coward.

Don't make shit jokes, faggot. It's like if I said "Biden feels up little girls". Sure, he does, but it's not actually a joke. And don't samefag.

Biden feels up little girls :^)

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>mfw languidly browsing this thread while I jerk off to loli in another tab

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That's a joke user, thanks.

desu lmao desu

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any time anonymous

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the gigs up nonces