Open your car door, see her, what do?

Open your car door, see her, what do?

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drive to odessa texas

Sock her in the face and throw her ass out

Ask her what happened to us cause I know we had something

Love you brooke to be honest desu

>Climb in on top of her
>Lock the doors
Welcome to the tickle truck, Brooke.

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tell her to get out of my car

When the fuck did she get boobs?

Knife her in the larynx

i mean she was 14 when she was posting here a while ago, anyone who didn't think she was gonna fill out is dumb

> 14

someone play a scream sound effect

Oh, my God. Ma ma milkers let me suck on them. I want my cock to slip between your lips and rub against your mouth and soft tongue your skin is so smooth I want to cum on it

no f'ing way

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just angles, her tits are small

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What was she doing on Jow Forums anyway?

Looks like an IG whore though.

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she is an IG ho, but she was on here too. People can do stuff on multiple websites

Brooke is so down to earth and based and I think shes the ideal gf but I honestly wouldn't know what to talk about with her.

Im just a simpleton

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i dont have a car

as flattering as the offer is I have to pass on that cursed ass

Call the national gaurd and declare national emergency.

Brooke is such a dumb person.

remove kebab, thots begone

Take my dick out and put it in her mouth.

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world's fastest rape

Christ, what an absolute minx.

>Close door
>Walk away
>Shit myself

Ever since shooping was invented.

>ywn shoop brookes boops

truly a terrible feel

shoot her in righteous self defense

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tell her to stop wasting her time on here and go stream instead like a real egirl