Taking away their smiles

Post THOTS and ill edit their faces into slut-mode so you can nut to their disdain.

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Thot 1

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Example thot #2

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Example thot 3
Come on, I know you wanna see your waifu pout

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So that's what she looks like after being abused

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>Post THOTS and ill edit their faces into down syndrome-mode so you can nut to their disdain.

I could do this all day. Gimmie something good to work with

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>to their disdain.
Not a single one of these faces shows disdain.

Marzia is gorgeous

I can scale it back but it depend on the face

post a THOT or GTFO incel

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Thot 5

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Marzia mmph

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Really? Nobody wants my services?

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Remove that smile

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remove the grin from this gentleman

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It looks like it's nearly gone already

Doesnt look like there is one.

you have a strange fetish friend

I have a girlfriend too, believe it or dont. I just get off to you invels fapping to your waifus

well, everyone has their own kinks that make them unique

Can you post more of marzia, its hard to find this type of content

Edit this thot for me please, senpai!

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My gf got home and is sitting next to me now so no more content until later. Drop your kik or some shit or just watch the threads in a few hours

Ill go to the bathroom just for this.
Best i could do desu, her mouth gets all pixelated for some reason

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Another giver

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Would like to see her with makeup removed and maybe some acne or something too.
Now this comment is probably original.

Please fix her, thots should not be happy

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It'd be cool if you actually had editing skills, but you don't.

Bella throne plz

do you have a link to latest faceapp pro for android?

These girls have nice cheekbones.

No. It looks pretty dumb Felix.


Op basically shops them into average russian girl.

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You're not bad at editing OP, how about use your talents for something less fucking pathetic.

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OP can you photoshop this russian girl into normal person?

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Like she had a stroke and put on some mascara? These are shit. What a weird hobby.

Is anyone actually into this. I much prefer the girls smiling and not downs looking

I like it. Girls smiling is haram.

woah dude take it easy with marzi
>tfw no more marzia vlogs

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