So? What's the answer?

So? What's the answer?
Only idiots get the wrong one.

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16 unironically and based and redpilled

obviously 1 this is easy as fuck

I believe the correct answer to this very complex problem is the number that goes by the name "Sixteen".

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It's 16

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The answer is 1.

Order of Operations.

>ambiguous order of operations


Did it just turn 8/2 into a fraction?

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go post this shit in /b/
what you'll get is a bunch of arguing between people who treat the equation as 8/(2*(2+2), and people who treat the equation as 8/2*(2+2). Obviously the second is correct, but some people think that brackets first includes the 2 directly outside the brackets. 16 is correct.

oops forgot the closing bracket, whatever


The division sign is used on purpose so people can meme about this shitty math problem.

Brainlet, stick it into any calculator and you'll get 1.

Because he used the divide sign rather than / the bracket is implied.

Okay but who the fuck actually uses the division sign in a context like this instead of putting shit underneath the fraction bar as to avoid this unnecessary confusion. Very unprofessional.

wrong. There is no "divide sign", it's just a different way of writing 8/2 that they teach in elementary schools to make things more simple. It has the exact same meaning, and you can't imply a bracket.

Stick it into your calculator and you'll find you're completely wrong

its 1 bc 2+2=4*2=8, 8/8=1. desu order ops.

easy, its 4.8

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huh, weird
turns out I'm not actually wrong

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very plebbit tier posts. disappointing.

It's the same thing you dumb fuck. The fraction equals the exact same thing

Answer is 1 either way you shake it.

8/1 x 1/(2(2+2))

Try 0^0 for a real mindbender.

I'm sorry that your calculator is gay

you're adding brackets into the equation that aren't there.


8/2 is one single term, if it was 8 / (2(2+2)) then it would be 1.
There is nothing indicating that the entire right half of the expression belongs in the denominator so 16 is the correct solution.

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x =2
8 / x(x+x)
8 / (x^2+x^2)
8 / 2x^2
8 / 2(2)^2
8 / 2(4)
8/8 = 1

Order of operations I was told is groups first, then powers, then multiplication and division left to right, then addition and subtraction left to right
8/2(2+2) = 8/2(4) = 4(4) = 16

>8 / x(x+x)
>8 / (x^2+x^2)
you're still making up brackets that aren't in the equation. You expand brackets out, you can't expand in. 8/2 comes first.

8 / x(x+x) = 8/x * 1/(x+x) not making up brackets here
8/(2) * 1/(2+2) -> bracket to denote (2) replacing x vs typing "82". Universally understood math notation.
8/2 = 4 * 1 = 4 / 4 = 1
4 * 1/4 = 1

Like I said either way you shake it.

Ty for the exercise. Reinforces algebra.

>8 / x(x+x) = 8/x * 1/(x+x)
that's true. In the original question, there is nothing to suggest that the (x+x), or (2+2) is a divisor. See .
Any other questions?

the bracket isnt implied, its uses as another way to say multiplication.
2(2+2) is the same as 2 * 4

i got -0

But you are adding in parenthesis. Order of operations, when ambiguous, read from left to right. The same is true in programming languages. If I write the same expression in C++:

a = 8 / 2 * (2 + 2);

The division will complete first, followed by the addition in parenthesis, and finally the multiplication.

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nice digits there user-kun

senior electrical engineering student here
the answer is 1 lollll

Actually based
Absurdism is the best form of shitpost only second to surrealism

the divisor is clearly x(x+x) or in this case 2(2+2)
another proof:
8 *division symbol* 2(2+2) is the same as
8 / 2(2+2)
PEMDAS rules so lets get the addition out of the way first:
8 / 2*(4) = 8/1 * 1/2 * 1/4
No laws broken here. Turning into fractions. 8/2 = 8/1 * 1/2

8/1 * 1/2 * 1/4

In English half of eight, and then a quarter of that.

nope. See It doesn't matter how much you mess with your fractions, you're still wrong

You're putting a higher precedence on the multiplication for no reason. PEMDAS means that multiplication and division happen simultaneously, not that multiplication happens first and then division. In this case there's no reason to believe that the 4 would suddenly turn into 1/4.

8/2 * (2+2)/1

I stand corrected user.

So basically it's one of these right?

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isn't this like 6th grade stuff? why is this such a big deal

it's been all over twitter today as well

For some reason people were taught that either multiplication comes before division (it doesn't) or that multiplication outside of parenthesis comes first (it also doesn't). It's always left to right, always has been.

Maybe you and the rest of them should go back to twitter then.

Right, but going from 8/2(4) to 8/8 is incorrect. That is not a valid simplification.

The almighty TI-84 has spoken. It is 16.
I don't really understand why it works that way, but that's the whole point of these threads.

Seeing roasties and boomers arguing about this on facebook is sad, but seeing it on Jow Forums is worse.

multiplication and division are on the same tier, you follow left to right, people think otherwise because of PEMDAS, but obviously didn't pay attention because M and D are one in the same. P E MD AS is what it actually is.

the answer is 1. anyone saying otherwise didn't pay attention in elementary school.

P-E-MD-AS not P-E-M-D-A-S you absolute fool. Imagine being this blind and not realizing you are the one who didn't pay attention in elementary school.

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I suddenly feel so much less insecure about my own math abilities.

It's 16, people often confuse the MD in pemdas to mean first multiplication then division, but it's actually both with regards to whichever comes first in the linear progression of the problem

>there are people who still think it's 1

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why did you put a fraction instead of original? It could be a different order for fraction then division.

did you skip the whole fractions to decimals part of school or what

holy fucking shit, ANOTHER one. what shit-tier countries did you all go to school in

BEDMAS my dudes

Like how yall 140+ iq and cant solve a simple equation. Proved that you niglets are as retarded as the normies (tip: PEMDAS)

I give up on trying to add more niggers until it's original

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fuck off op! everyone on instagram is acting like a fucking retard.

you idiots it's 1.

the equation is read like this
with x being the parenthesis. literally the 2 in front of the parenthesis is part of the parenthesis. if it wasn't then it'll be written like option 2.

if you're gonna put it in a calculator, you have to write it like this

8/(2(2+2)) or else you get the stupid wrong answer.

you robots are the same type of retards as normies. fucking disappointing and fucking disgusting. fuck any retard that says 16.

p.s top student in my math classes. basically a self-proclaim math prodigy with the grades to prove it.

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It's 1 and anyone that says it's 16 is a fucking retard that dropped out first year of hs

I actually learnt BEDMAS in school but PEMDAS is the exact same thing, the order of MD and DM is left to right. Also,


>t. fields medal

>i don't understand basic arithmetic: the screenshot
answer the fucking question

the question isn't 8/(2(2+2)), the question is 8/2(2+2)
of course you get a different answer if you input a different question you dunce.
>the equation is read like this "8/2x" not "8/2*x"
a calculator calculates 8/2x as 8/2*x regardless if you put the * in, try it yourself. the answer is 16.
when you put 8/2(2+2) into a calculator it calculates 8/2*(2+2). some even automatically put the * in the completed equation to show you the exact calculation.

Your dumb euroshit schools aren't at the top of the rankings for a reason.

mine calculates 8/2(2+2) and returns 1. If I enter 8/2*(2+2) it returns 16

If your calculator returns different results for the same equation then it's time to get another calculator. I've tried 7 calculators and 6 of them returned 16, 3 of which added a * into the equation which I did not do myself, and the other simply stated "error", probably just a dud.


here in more simpler terms
>2 is part of x. it's in front of the parenthesis and therefore should be multiplied with it. the parenthesis is not separate from the 2 you fucking retard.
>8/(2(2+2)) is the same as 8/2(2+2). i said write it like that or else your calculator will calculate the equation incorrectly. thus doing this 8/2*x and not this 8/2x. On a calculator you're suppose to write equations with variables as 8/(2(x)). you're getting 16 cause you're inputing the equation wrong.

8/(2(2+2)) is not the same as 8/2(2+2) because they affect how a calculator calculates

>"it's the same thing"
>"changing it gives you the right answer"
choose one.
the equation is written 8/2(2+2), so the answer is 16, not hard buddy

Anyone saying it's something besides one failed high school math and should feel bad.

>all this arguing
The guy who made that operation knew perfectly that most people were TAUGHT that multiplication comes BEFORE everything else.
This has nothing to do with brainlets or whatever lowkey insult attempt you're all trying to throw. Both replies, 1 and 16, are technically correct depending on the education. Only one is mathematically correct.

The only good thing coming out of this is that people will now take the habit to check the approved M.I.T solution instead of listening to the internet whenever something ambiguous comes out again.

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This user is right, here how it should be done

why is this trending on twitter?
Are zoomers not being taught the Order of Operations in school?

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Shut up nerds its obviously 8.