Inb4 /soc/

Will someone just please talk to me?

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>using a girl's name for discord shit

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Fuck you roastie faggot I won't be your orbiter get the fuck out of here

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Fuck off, tranny. Go away.

Didn't think I'd have to say this but I'm not transgender. Just for the record. Fucks sake.

>"female" on discord
>not a tranny

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So fuck off then roastie

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You fuckers are way too suspicious.


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Poop in the toilet thats in the bathroom

Not that.

You've got my attention, yeah.

what is /soc/ even good for?
I mean they made giving information bannable so the other point of it (social interaction) is prevented

You still looking for someone to talk to?

Nudes? Tribute threads? Sex shit. Not my forte.

You are fucking pathetic. Really.
Shut the fuck up you vapid whore.

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Consider yourself on my list. And to whom it may concern, yes I am back. I am here, and I will get you.

Bro, I really couldn't care less about random fags on the internet calling me pathetic.

Bro, I really couldn't care less if you cared or not.
Just shut the fuck up

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>Just shut the fuck up

>f*male name

Dang keep getting unoriginal. Yes I am.

Hey be nice in my thread everyone, will ya

You can absolutely fuck right off
Yes this original fucking content

This person is suspicious, besides the whole "dude-probably-using-a-chick-name" motif they seem to want attention and I would guess they are waiting for a very particular kind of user to talk to them. They seem predatory in a subtle way.

Sorry I come off that way I guess.

Good catch fren!

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Good catch? Wha- c'mon guys