Do I have to tell my bf about my bpd

Do I have to tell my bf about my bpd

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Nah you're BPD you're off the hook!

It's good to be open about things in a relationship, user

I'd bet my car that you actually don't have bpd, just kill urself already

No, he'll figure it out pretty quickly.

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I'm ummm not good at relationship stuff, but if you don't feel safe telling him, he's not exactly going to be a safe person to help deal with a crisis that might form. You're going to need someone capable of calmly working through quite emotional issues.

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There's nothing to do ever

I would say if you know that your symptoms are going to show up and you plan on having something long term with him, then yes you should tell him.

At least that will give him an idea what to prepare for. Though I will warn you, a lot of men are able to handle it and you should probably seek therapy to try and better yourself. I have bpd and therapy has helped me greatly in regards to holding down relationships. I'm still not perfect but it helps!

Goodluck user.

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>if you don't feel safe telling him, he's not exactly going to be a safe person to help deal with a crisis that might form. You're going to need someone capable of calmly working through quite emotional issues.

Good advice desu

my mom has bpd and a host of other issues. I know for myself I would need to know that she was in therapy, and maybe even be as involved in that as I could be. Her thing was having zero self-awareness about any faults. You don't sound like that at all. You really should be proud of facing something like that.

Maybe I'm romanticizing things, but I kinda like the idea of being with another person with fairly heavy issues. For the right person, I think it can make you far more empathetic than a normal person could ever be.

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I think we talked a night or two ago in the mothers thread! Anyway, yeah actually being involved with therapy with her would be super helpful! Its actually suggested. That way both people can acquire coping skills and vent their feelings in a safe environment.

Though maybe you are seeing dating someone with a mental illnesses with rose colored glasses, you may be right that it could make you more empathetic. As long as you're able to be patient and adaptive but it seems like you have both of those qualities.

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You must tell him that you got a bunch of vegetables (plants) in your house and it got you cured of it.

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Are you BPD, Bandage

Not Borderline, but I am bipolar with minor psychotic symptoms.

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yeah, that was me in that thread. I've actually linked a few people to it. I think it stands as a fairly comprehensive novel on issues that are quite relevant around here.

I know that I could "handle" it better than just about anyone else, but I think I could do that in part because I'm especially vulnerable to being ensnared by it. There's literally nothing that I couldn't cope with by being patient and adaptive as you said, but that can't be all you are. My poor dad languished in his marriage for 25 years doing that. Just trying to keep the peace, and she refused to work on anything.

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I sort of vaguely told him I have some issues, but wasn't that specific about what I was diagnosed with. I've been in therapy before, but am not in it now for several reasons.

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eyyyy, that's my brother's diagnosis. Crazy that I'M the one who escaped with the lesser issues in our family.

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Count your blessings fren

What reasons? I think if you're here asking if it's time to tell him, it's almost certainly time to tell him. He should be helping you deal with this, it's just that you need to be helping yourself as well.

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Crazy lays are fun for a while and make a good story when you get fed up with them

Hopefully you do not end up being taken advantage of, I would be careful of that. I'm wishing you luck out there user.

I understand, you may want to be more direct about it though. With my current boyfriend I was pretty vague at first about my issues and then once my issues actually presented itself it confused him and frustrated him. It wasn't until I went more in depth about it when he finally was able to understand better and its helped our relationship greatly. Sadly its hard to tell if your boyfriend will be as supportive because of how stigmatized bpd and everything is. I would suggest making it known to him that you are indeed working on your issues and that you have had in the past.

Yeah, I am unable to attend therapy anymore due to insurance issues. So I kinda feel you but you can still better yourself without it.

haha, I think I'm still years away from being able to see it that way. It's just crazy how fucked our family is, really. It's so hard to see anything that happens to me as significant until I think about how someone else would see it.

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>how stigmatized it is
it's unreal how virulently hated the disorder is. I tried talking to one of the people saying the kinds of things we're seeing in this thread, and he told me she was had bpd because she couldn't choose a restaurant. It just gives normal incel rage a free label to rage against I guess. None of these people have ever dated someone with it.

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What kind of psychotic symptoms do you have

No you shouldn't, he might use it as an excuse to leave you

Minor hallucinations (shadowy people, shifting walls and stuff like that) and psychosis

>she was had
want dead deceased unbelievably not living

I worry about what will happen if I ever get a gf and I have to tell her that I have anxiety and depression and almost killed myself

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Do extreme emotions like rage or hysteria count as psychosis
Screaming at a room full of people because they piss you off and threatening to kill everyone in the room in an uncontrollable rage for example

I feel like that would be a stretch, but honestly I'm not that educated when it comes to psychosis, because I try not to admit to myself that I deal with it. Makes me feel crazy

No. Also that fucking tripfag is just exaggerating his illness. You would know if you had a psychotic episode. It literally means you're delusional and can't tell what's real. BPD rarely includes actual psychosis, just extreme emotional reactions followed by apathy and self-loathing.

>bipolar with minor psychotic symptoms
is a typical diagnosis as far as bipolar is concerned, but you knew that right? Just like you knew bpd has nothing to do with being bipolar, eh?

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That's why I said BPD and not bipolar you stupid cunt. In bipolar, psychosis comes with mania. Having extreme emotional reactions does not count as mania. But you knew that, right?

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I'll be honest. Everything you said actually made sense, you just didn't delineate who you were talking about between the two statements

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I actually didn't read the reply chain before replying to you so I see where the misunderstanding arose. Sorry about that.

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he will figure it out soon enough, roastie.

I wish I had a gf to care about

Can I go to a doctor and ask if I have bpd
I have all the symptoms, I went off on my ex and a moment later I kept texting how much she meant to me
Me lashing out cause if reasons was one of the reasons for my downfall, if I have bpd at least I will have an excuse for being a shitty person
She doesn't wanna get back and I don't want much to do with life, so can I just a doctor to diagnose me

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