When was the last time you cried?

when was the last time you cried?
today i cried because the boy i like yelled at me

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I cry every single day of my life

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Why you cry so much? Are you some sort of faggot?

I wish I could cry more, just as a release. I just feel so terrible and there's no escape.

I'm sure you loved it inside though. didn't you slut?

I haven't cried in a decade, I just get pissed off instead

What if I've liked, it's not your problem.

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why did he yell at you op?

Cried when my girl of 8 months broke up with me. We got back together and broke up again a few days ago & no tears. Also why did boy tell at you? :0

I bet OP is a huge slut who desperately wants that boy to rape her

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I cried after asking a girl out and she said yes, although this was like an hour after and I was playing a really important song in my life, it helped me cope with last summer, which was shitty and I was depressed and alone, so listening to it and then thinking of how much my life has changed to the better. I'm on cloud nine and I couldn't feel happier.

cos he sent a pic with trannipills visible in the background

16th birthday

A few days ago when I watched Magical Sempai for the first time. I feel for her.

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Because you will never be a girl?


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Im crying right now. Found my ex gfs spare car key in a drawer and have been in tears ever since. I miss her so fucking bad. 6 years of my life wasted I really want to end everything Im never going to find anyone like her.

Last time I cried was when I was 9.
Mom thought me how to make hot chocolate and we did some together, then she went to work.
That's when I realised that I didn't really like hot chocolate and I poured it into the sink because I wanted her to think that I drank it.
Felt disappointment in myself after that and cried a little while calling myself a failure.
After that I really haven't had any reason to cry.

I havent cried since elementary school
Not bragging, I've come close and have felt immense sadness, I just cant cry any more for some reason. Not when my grandma died, not when my friend killed herself, nothing. I wish I could though

we had an argument and he snapped but apologised later i guess..
im still upset over it. how do i stop being such a little bitch?

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