Alright, which one of you fags did this to mootykins

Alright, which one of you fags did this to mootykins

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He did it to himseIf.

now I'm worried he actually died.

Well he's either dead or locked away in some government facility wishing he was dead.

He did. He's a born again normalfag.

He has a boyfriend and a job and has moved up in life. Unlike you losers.

It's time for you to grow up

Is it bad that I actually admire him? I wish I could have created something like this.

he's cool. I remember his final livestream and it made me sad.

You should have more faith in yourself. You can still create a better site than this plague infested retard pen.

I meant more the rose tinted version I remember, not this current place.

>theres fags on here older than moot
>he "outgrew" Jow Forums
feels fucking awful

No man
Moot escaped.
He's free now.
I still miss him

I was there, man. It was bittersweet. He also fucked up Spike's lines from Bebop but that's okay

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I kind of admire of him too, I appreciate that he's not like the average Jow Forums user.

who's mootykins? another tripfag or what

he was an hero to us all

He heads google maps in Tokyo.

I know this is ironic but the fact that we could very well have a post like this in 100% sincerity feels surreal to me.

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>Moot stepped down 4 years ago
>Millions of users can't remember the moot days
Life's a trip. That chart that gets posted from time to time says I'm cancer but I feel like an oldfag at this point.

When looking at how many older sites in the 90s/00s have kept their original culture, it's interesting that most sites have been flooded with Jow Forums culture but not even Jow Forums itself is capable of staying intact. SA might be the only site that is, culturally, has remained constant over the years. I dread the day posts like that are the norm and everyone forgets who moot was but also doesn't even know Hirojewki and why he took over. Used to be a close-kit community with moot at center stage and now it's... nothing. Just fucking nothing. We try to keep the original culture alive but the oldguards are moving on. Soon it will be unrecognizable.

hes still good
moved to japan to work on google maps