Lets have a female NEET thread going on

its been three months ever since i graduated hs and I have no desire of furthering my education or getting a job any time soon. I don't know how to drive and don't have even a single friend in my life so ive completely shut myself out from having any form of human interaction with these past couple of months. I am not looking into changing my situation, not even the slightest so I will stay where im at.

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Just find a boyfriend, bam. Easy mode

I'm a dumb bitch (female)

If ur a cute girl come live with me

Honestly male robots have it on easy mode. Do you understand how hard it is to be a woman and NOT find a partner? Thats expected to be difficult for men, but not women....
Its like the Arnold meme, some people are just meant to be alone.

you should really learn how to make yourself useful. this goes for any kind of neet (male or female)

T-t-triple dubs?

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The difference is, you can't find a partner due to lack of trying.

too bad I'm ugly, stupid and mentally ill

Same except I was stupid enough to attend uni for 2 years. Dropped out because lost all will to study and couldn't pass finals. Obviously won't get a job and everything seems like a dead end from here on now. Inb4 retards here tell me to get a bf, I'm fat and I don't want to lose weight just to match someone's standards.

>someone's standards.

health and safety standards?

>The difference is, you can't find a partner due to lack of trying

It's funny that some robots here actually believe this and think it unironically. The same could be said about anyone here. Why don't you just drop your standards and date a 0/10 landwhale user? You're not trying.

Being a hideous female and trying to find a guy who is interested in you (in person and not an online whiteknight neet incel) is extremely difficult and in my experience damn near impossible.

It must be nice being a girl because you really can do this and not worry too much about the future. See I'm a NEET myself as a dude and I live in constant fear that tomorrow my dad might say that enough is enough and force me to get a job to stay here. Sure the same can happen to you, but if does you can find an easy way out of it. Like literally being someone's gf and having them provide for you while you do fuck all during the day and sucking his dick at night. Me? I'll be fucking homeless, might snatch your phone if I catch you outside and flip that shit for a quick $50.

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Yes. Don't give a damn. I like my burgers with fries please.

Are you a virgin? If not then why are you a shut in?

Girls can be homeless too retard, except they can't snatch shit from people, they're weaker and they'll get raped and murdered in the first couple of weeks. Finding a boyfriend just to get by? Prostitution basically. Dating anyone without loving them is vile. And it would only work if you're attractive and clean, which btw most homeless people aren't.

You're assuming I'm not hideous and mentally retarded/ill, which I am.
I'll end up on the streets just like you once my parents are no longer here.

Sister do you have discord pls.

reading a manga about NEET's and its pretty relatable, called neeko wa tsurai yo

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I see ugly and fat girls with hot guys every day. Being a young woman is all that you need to get a good dick.
t. bisexual bot

and how would you go about doing that? (for male and female)

ahh then you're on your own.

I always knew I was going to be alone.
Anyone even considering dating me after knowing who I really am is a red flag.

want a neet bf?
mental illnesses are good to
state? live with me pls

most homeless people are men
only the most disgusting and old women can become homeless, but even that is rare

I think one problem that most neets have is lack of passion. Lack of goal. (also lack of discipline but I like to blame parents for that) We don't know what we really-really want. I think I like many things, but I don't have a hobby, I can't dedicate myself to anything. I've been trying to change that by doing something I'm good at over and over again. Not so successful because I lack discipline, but it's a start.

how are you a neet but have a place of your own at the same time? your parents house doesn't count user

please be my gf, unless you have a penis or you aren't a virgin

Are you fat though? If not that's an easy yes from the tards here

who are you?
settlement bux
bough a place in the wilderness
and why wouldn't parents house count

Snap: wealthyydreams

White bitch here, won't lie, a seller but my bundles are worth it. Freebies on my story.

>I'm fat and I don't want to lose weight just to match someone's standards.
kek, stay classy, fem bot. Who would possibly, in his right mind, want to date someone like you?

They're rare because they get fucking murdered and sold on black market retard.

Females can't be neets fuck off. 75 percent of the homeless in first world is male. Fuck off. 75 percent of the suicides are male also. Fuck off. Tits or get the fuck out so fuck off.

>bough a place in the wilderness
Thats like every horror serial killer movie personified

fuck off citynigger

Fun and friendly/r9k/ discord! Join now for fun!!



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lmao, no they don't
They just end up being someones gf/wife you disgusting used up roast

Been there. Even though it's a waste, you're at the best age to NEET it up for a couple of years and getting it out of your system. No one really cares if you're a bit useless at that age, especially when you're female. I did it until 22 and honestly don't regret it. If you don't have too much outside pressure or feel stressed yourself, it's like an extension of your childhood.

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stop crying you stupid bitch fuck you
if you get offerrs tons of offers then you can't complain

My unwillingness to starve myself for your approval ruffles your feathers, doesn't it user?

im a virgin and I dont have a penis but why does my virginity really matter in the first place? unless you are one yourself.

>im a virgin and I dont have a penis but why does my virginity really matter in the first place? unless you are one yourself.
fuck off roasty whore

You go on believing that. Male life sure is fucking hard, no one would take you in to degrade you and make you into his cockslut. I can smell your jealousy through the screen.

>not eating cakes for lunch is starving

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that realli doesn't correlate anything
. .

so youre admitting youre a non-virgin looking to deflower me and probably leaving me because im no longer pure in your eyes? yeah, no.

You'll never learn. Virgin girls just like roasties find guys who chase hymens disgusting. It's an unpleasant fetish, borderline pedophilic.

What does that have to do with being NEET, you absolute retard. Anyway, men are silly billy crybabies who'll hang themselves over nothing.

kill yourself
Low IQ subhuman

It's mostly due to sedentary lifestyle and consumption of carbs, but you can think whatever you want of fatasses. You won't get them unless you become one of them.

why are you acting like a psychopathic cunt all of a sudden?

I things worked differently it would be amazing.
I would love to be some girls pussyslave

>op doesn't even notice my post

For the same reason i don't drink from a cup that was used by someone else before.
The idea is just disgusting.

I previously did and you called me to fuck off because im a citynigger

ok so answer this question honestly: are you a virgin yourself then? Its only fair if you abide by those same standards you put onto women.

>borderline pedophilic
There are girls in their 20's who are virgins
You think about age, just because we live in such a disgusting and degenerated society that women are encouraged to fuck around asap.
I would be happy to get even a 30yo virgin gf

welll ........
then 25% is . .
not not ?


well i mean you did accuse me of being a serial killer and answered no questions
what is wrong with the damned rural places?

In my case, yes.
I suppose that i would be willing to change my standards if i also had a previous relationship.

Men and logic dont go hand in hand together

good good good

try to grow !
(in this opportunity)

yes 25% is a minority of the cases

and a minority of females browse r9k
do you see where I'm going with this?

(in a mutated kind of originality)

but they aren't over the age of 40, which what the majority of homeless people are
Also, sweetie just don't get fat or lose weight, and you will get a bf who will take care of you, it's so fucking easy it's insane.

I suggest finding girls who shower

except for philosophers
and good men, yea
and mathematicians
and scientists
and engineers

Not op, but everything. City aint bad, not best (small towns is where it's at) but wilderness is fucking creepy

>he is a male virgin
ahahahaahah so your opinions and preferences don't matter

yuu're just not connected like yuurrr supposed to


I find it still disgusting no matter how much she showers.
And sorry roasty you can't shower away your STD's, abortions and the damage to your brain.

that's where it e s p e c i a l l y matters ..

als0 : not 0P

I hear someone hasn't been to LA
First day there I saw a homeless girl, maybe around mid 30's and she was a feisty one, instantly attacked us with garbage and water because something had triggered her with the most foul mouth you could imagine.
Naturally she was black so not a white girl but still

It doesn't matter how old she is. Female logic is if you care that she was having sex before, you're weird and a creep. I'm a virgin and I definitely wouldn't trust a guy who thinks it's an issue. That just means he's insecure and controlling on top of everything.

people live their lives yuu fcqing grimace

yuu think she's just out there waiting for YUU
........... -_-

>wouldn't trust a guy who thinks it's an issue
And i wouldn't trust a "female" who thinks it isn't an issue, i also would suspect that she isn't a virgin in the first place and that this is why she has an issue with it after sucking 100's of dicks, she doesn't want to be judged for it.

I see you are new here.
You may wanna go back

See that's why you're single. You have an incel's point of view and you don't want to consider other logic behind people's opinions for a second.

I had gf's in the past

You just claimed you were a virgin

*knock knock* hey champ how are you? Boy problems huh? Champ all you have to do is go up to them and shake their hands and tell them that you wont let go until they take you on a date champ. I did the same thing with your farther and you can see what happened. You have to leave your shell champ. You have to show them who are you really. It's that easy champ. The boys will line up to take you on a date champ.

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I'm not the same user. I do prefer virgins for relationships, this is why my previous relationships didn't workout. I can't really see a girl who isn't a virgin as a human being, a cumdumpster at best.

Literally just say "hi, you cute, wonna fuck?"

>in the past
So? You probably don't have them now because of your stupid insecurities and ideas about virginity being a staple of every good woman. You can be a Chad for all I care and this part of your personality is already extremely unattractive.

>this part of your personality is already extremely unattractive.
You only say this, because you are insecure about your value as a female due to all the dicks that you have taken.
And you would talk to me like this if you saw me in person, though i'm not a "Chad" i am somewhat attractive.

Point proven I guess. Not recognizing someone as human because of your arbitrary views only means that you'll have to stay alone until you change your ways and stop putting sex on a pedestal.

fucking kill yourself
kill yourself
pathetic cucks

Women get attention and get shacked up rather than be bums and or become an hero. Actual retard.

You can be a fucking neet someplace that doesn't HAVE to glorify it as a coping mechanism. You've destroyed the good company of helpless males here. You've destroyed a brotherhood you harpy. The slippery slope is why people gatekeep a whore taking advantage of thirsty men. Get standards.

You say all of that, just because you are used up and you are salty about the consequences of it.
But don't worry, there are many 50ibois who will be your bf's even though you are a whore.
>stop putting sex on a pedestal
It has a significant impact on the ability of girls to pair bond. And if i have to stay single as a consequence of my preferences i'm more than willing to do so, though i'm quite sure that i will find a quality girl.

I'm mostly insecure about my value because of dorks like you who give virginity way too much importance, to the point that the idea of losing it is utterly terrifying, hence why I can't trust anyone and is on my way of becoming a 40 year old spinster. But I'd rather be that than let someone with opinions such as yours get anywhere near my hymen.

this is the difference between male and female robots. female robots would be normies with the slightest effort. male robots can pour their heart and souls into getting a gf and come up short. ik because i've done it myself.

Oh no poor you
your not even a neet bitch it's only been 3 months
just play video games on twitch or get orbiter bux
wow so hard

any other fembots on welfare for autism?

lucky fuck
they give any female ssi

1. I doubt that you are a virgin.
2. You are probably an ugly feminist, so your hymen has zero value just like you

Good day to you sir.