What's a weird food combo/weird food you like to eat?

What's a weird food combo/weird food you like to eat?
For example: milk coke, rice with ketchup, cereal with water

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Ritz crackers with pepsi

Rice with lemon juice and three different hot sauces

coleslaw with barbecue sauce is pretty good

buffalo pretzels on mayo/lunchmeat samwich

Avocado and banana with milk

My cum with cheetos

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piiza and milk

when i was younger i used to make Milk Soup

It was milk with tomatoes, onions, salt, and cinnamon

it was like hot cereal

I think that's cream of tomato

Anyway I like pineapple jalepeno pizza

Rice with sriracha mayo
Fries with ranch

deep fried chicken livers with honey

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doyle soup

i dont think u understand
nothing was pureed, it was literally just like cereal but instead of cereal bits, it was tomato and onion bits boiled in milk, with a lot of milk.

I add brown to everything

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used to eat wheaties in a bowl of orange juice all the time when I was younger

Toast sandwich, Waterbread and toilet paper.

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Cheetos and salami

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Lemon and lime lemonade. Thats shit is GOOOOOD!

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Pumpkin soup and bacon flavored dried seaweed.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream and Dr Pepper

McDonald's fries with ice cream.

Yogurt and bread. Especially Wheat yogurt.

Tartar sauce and scrambled eggs
Honestly, I dig tartar sauce with almost anything

cheez its and milk

ramen with milk

Fried chicken with hot sauce and honey

Hot Cheetos with mayonnaise

You guys are fucking retarded what is all this crap holy fucking puke

The most unusual thing I do is probably Rice with worcestershire sauce, but then again, it's nothing

what the f8ck is wrong with yiu

Masdam cheese with siracha and crunchy peanut butter on toast.
Bonus points for oven grilled cheese.

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Rice with mayo and garlic sauce

Scrambled eggs with salsa
Black cherries and most salty food (not mixed just alternating bites)
Sassafras tea and vanilla icecream

This is it son

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Spicy chips with rice

Mayo sandwich (bread mayo bread and optional cheese)

Mac n cheese w ketchup

Fried anchovies

>milk coke
wouldn't that curdle the milk instantly

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Costco pizza and Costco chilli, they go stupid well together
Are you the weirdo that dips Ritz in Pepsi

I thought the same but then I remember ice cream floats

Burger king chicken fries with strawberry ice cream dip. Deep fried pickle can substitute the chicken fries.

Why do Asians open bags of chips like this now.
I swear I never saw people doing it until like 4 yrs ago

Sausage dipped in chocolate yoghurt

BBQ sauce on Toast

The hell is up with fast food icecream? I never order it but even qt normie girls dip their fries and nuggies into it.

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used to only eat cereal, then pasta with hot dogs and ketchup when I was in highschool, nothing else

for me it's hot dogs burgers and pizza fries and chips plus cereal
nothing else

Italian salami with lemon slices

but is that actually weird though?

Monte cristo sandwich (jam with ham and cheese? Weird) and the sandwich the goth chick from breakfast club makes

Crushed garlic straight out the jar

I like to eat a chocolate biscuit with chips

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tuna & ham sandwich

potatoes - ketchup
chicken - ketchup
Turkey - ketchup
white rice - ketchup
steak - ketchup
scrambled eggs - actually no ketchup

I sometimes eat salmon with chicken flavored instant noodles. Fucking delicious.

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egg roll sandwich

Oat cookies spread with peanut butter, cheese and a bit of teriyaki sauce on top.

scrambled egg and white rice

Combo? I don't know. But I like to eat lamb heads pic related. After they are cooked I eat the tongue (standart), brain (also normal), but I also eat the eyes. I just remove the iris and cornea because they are bitter. A girls almost puked when she saw it, dunno why.

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I wouldnt eat that but id like the skull, do you keep the skull?

>A girls almost puked when she saw it, dunno why
A true autist

I like dipping bread into hot sauce.