I want a transbot discord GF

I want a transbot discord GF
Am i asking too much,oh Lord almighty?

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>tfw none of these posts wanting a trans gf include you because they only want passing/cute transgirls

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I want a caring trans GF with a 7/10 ass
I dont even mind If your face looks manly, i'm a faggot anyway

My ass is 2/10, sorry

Thats up to me to decide

I've seen your panty pics, your ass is at least a 6/10

>discord gf only eats bean burritos from taco bell
>doesnt like onions at all
>loves funyuns
>loves miracle whip
>make fun of her for not dipping her raw onions on mayonnaise
>tells me to shut up
>apologizes and lets me leave the call to enjoy music
god i love her so much

asses are hard to maintain user

We must all make sacrifices and put effort into some things

Im a transbot who passes for female, we can talk or vc if you want. You are not asking too much....

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UMU, this is Fine by me, although i dont like to VC...

Too bad you'll never see it

Yeah with cheating angles, contortions and a filter
I cheated

>I cheated
Why would you do such a thing? Now I feel weird for jerking it to that pic

you didn't actually do such a thing do not lie it's bad to lie

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Why though?
You might have a 10/10 or a 1/10 Butt,that depends on angle and your posture actually

your ass was really cute and lewd and I just couldnt help myself

Well apparently it's a 6/10 with cheatcodes

What the heck user you can't just do that
At least not without telling me about it

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Again,i would prefer to rate It myself

now i want to see it

Well too bad, it's against the rules to post pictures of yourself!

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i think this was it

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Post your butt so I can fap to it and tell you nice things thus boosting your cripplingly low self esteem

why tf is it so low res though
Preview mode I guess

cute butt user

Not half bad,i'll give her a 8/10

I want to stick my penis in that butt!

>why tf is it so low res
found it in an archive
you might as well furnish us with the higher res one

Fug it here take it ban me irl

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>tfw popped a boner from staring too long
I hope you're happy

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Now post the front.

Maybe a little...

No thanks that makes me sad

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C'mon I want to see that little clitty, maybe I can flick it around and give it a little taste?

Post the front, user.

>Maybe a little...
whats going on in my pants isn't little


wtf gimme

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Im not asking you im telling you

Don't be shy baby I just wanna make you feel good lemme suck that cute girlpenis

I can't user it will kill me

pls no I'm not shy it makes me very uncomfortable do not touch please

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are you going to get surgery?

>wtf gimme
you want me to give you the dick? very lewd

*touches fempeen*

I'm not sure... neovags are kind of... not great... I might get an orchi and that's it and just deal with the pp. If I'm more comfortable with my partner I don't mind if they touch it, so long as I know they're not treating me like a boy in their mind

user I have a secret...
I am very lewd


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Has anyone else here stopped caring about looks entirely (unless the other party is extremely obese or something)?

I want a relationship with someone who's ugly, i don't know if i could be in a relationship with someone average or above average without constantly criticizing myself or feeling bad about myself

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I learned to accept myself,so desu i'd gladly try a relationship with anyone below 7/10

>posts ass online
>acts shocked people masturbate to it
lmao quit the shy anime girl act you troon you'll always be a non passing monstrosity

>you will literally NEVER pass

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lmao stop bullying them
>you'll always be a non passing monstrosity
at least they're getting some form of positive attention

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yeah but besides that, why attentionwhore with your ass pics and then act shy about it?

it's called being playful user

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seems like erping to me

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>its called being x
Well you definitely have the snarky passive aggressive nature of a woman.

oh ok, doesnt work as well when its a scruffy man with a flat ass instead of a 2d girl


I'll literally squash you with my 400000 lbs of fat binch

transbot catgirls when?
I need them in my life

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there is racoon and clown trans girls on this server

If this is Nude Paradise i swear...

That would apply to all of this damned board

Place full of fags, enjoy

why am I starting to think like this too, wtf
I guess if they forgive my bad shit I can forgive theirs