Take the black pill

>tells her he hates monogamous relationships right on their first date
>cheats on her multiple times
>demands she abort when she accidentally gets pregnant
>asks her how she plans to pay for "her half" of the abortion cost
>she stays his girlfriend the whole time
Some guys can say or do literally anything they want and girls will still stay fiercely devoted to being their girlfriends, doing everything they can to keep him around and make him theirs.

And then there's people like you. Yes, you, user. You, for whom getting the next date is a balancing act on a razor's edge.
>Were you forward enough? Or maybe you were too forward? Did you seem too eager? Wait, you double texted? You used punctuation in said text? Oh my god, you used an exclamation point in your text -- well, I wouldn't date you either! So creepy and gross!

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whats your point retard? Some people seemingly naturally draw in people while others have to actively put effort into it

I think the blackpill simply suggests that how ones face looks is what literally determines your success in dating.

The blackpill concept suggests that there is no way of solving this problem other than to accept inevitable defeat.

You could be fat, broke and unpleasant but if you have a handsome face, then you will get women. If you have an ugly face but you are fit and you go to work, you will most likely end up alone or you will have to date the ugliest women (and thats if they are available).

>Some people seemingly naturally draw in people while others have to actively put effort into it
Yes user, some have to put in huge effort to be 100% perfect at all times, while others can literally beat women and still be attractive to them.
Glad you understood.

Why would anyone hit on that fat Genghis Khan looking mutt?

That is definitely the most roastie thing I have watched in a while that is for damn sure.

why do you underestimate us as a species?

I can't stand this woman. She's such a fucking pompous faggot it enrages me. I remember a few years back she made a bold claim that we should teach dudes not to sexually assault people and magically fix all the bullshit wrong in the world as if guys aren't actually aware that when they do bad things, it is bad
Normie chicks are the fucking worst honestly

As a guy that's 6'2, fit, have a decent job but an ugly face, I completely agree. My dating endeavors have been nothing but failures. I specifically pick pictures where my face is obscured and when they as to see more of my face and I send it to them, they unmatch everytime. I even got rejected by a fat girl on there. Face is everything when it comes to attraction.

Bro just push her off a balcony

She also complains about yellow fever yet refuses to date asian men and only dates white guys

Also claims to be bi yet has never slept with or dated a woman

Honestly I've had relationships and all that and I've still taken the blackpill. Or even the voidpill if you'd like. It's not even that women act a certain immutable way that defers all genuine feelings to status and opportunity, true though that may be. It's more that I'm just tired of human nature. I don't fit into society. Everyone is looking for the same thing and I'm looking for something completely different. I sometimes think that I would have been an Alyosha Karamazov in another life, as I live an ascetic life and don't really concern myself with anything less than absolute truth. I've similarly cucked myself as he has by comforting women and giving them guidance with no intention of becoming intimate, but only because it is in my nature to do so. I should have been some kind of nomad. Everything in society washes over me like rain; it falls to the ground like so many drops; I may become soaked, but in time my clothes dry and the grey clouds pass. I'm just so tired of it all. Everything in my life has been accidental, nothing stays with me, nothing is good enough I suppose. They say you have to be happy with what you have. And well, if all I had to worry about was myself, I would be quite happy. There is no way to truly be free while remaining in society. I suppose the voidpill is nothing more than a yearning for freedom that will never come, so you close your eyes and disappear into a world all your own.

>came out as bi

Why bother, just means another demographic of people who find her too ugly to date.

Damn. How bad is your face? Like 3-4/10?

I am the opposite where I'm a 6 but skelly and literally live with my mom, and I mean it's good enough to get some attention from 4s and 5s if I play my cards right and don't act like a beta. They get standoffish if I seem desperate of course. I've been rejected too by the cuter ones once they find out I'm a loser pretty much. I've recently taken a break from dating to work on myself though.

Nah, guys like me don't go on dating apps expecting to meet quality women. You want quality women, go to quality sites.

As a study in subhumanity notice how the lower third of the girl in the pic is literally 1/3rd the size of her middle third when it should be equal

Directly explains the histrionics of needing to broadcast that she (purportedly) gets romantic attention she's so far beyond that it triggers repulsion instead of reciprocation

>quality sites
such as?

>Some people seemingly naturally draw in DAMAGED PEOPLE WHO WOULD TOLERATE THIS KIND OF ABUSE while others don't


Asian women are pretty crazy in general and very impressionable like a little kid. There is no limit to their narcissism and insanity.

I thought the point of the video was that you should develop a sense of self-worth and choose your partners more responsibly.

And that's fucking fair how faglord

i think about this all the time. theres people who beat their wives/gfs and they somehow are able to get/keep girls but im stuck here alone. and im not complaining about the "nice guys finish last" meme but there are people who wouldnt beat up their gfs yet women would rather date those who do

This girl fucking eyebrow mogs Rock Lee and still has the nerve to stir up shit

I like how redditards claim that we live in a just world and that male virgins can't get laid because they're just awful people, and women are completely incapable of having poor judgement and making bad decisions, yet I know plenty of women who've been beaten and raped by their boyfriends and still keep coming back, or dating guys who were unemployed and cheated on them regularly because they were a good fuck. Being a good person has fuck all to do with it, if anything being an asshole makes you more fit for survival and a more viable partner/more fit for survival.

My ex was as you describe but she eventually found someone else because it got pretty unhealthy. I think women do believe the sex is better when a relationship is toxic. But it's never worth it. Bitches are crazy.

hmmm your post is moving
but i would say to yuu
freedom in the contract that is civilization is going to be from the mind and spirit
connecting through that, and through feeling , will open up a greater harmony and magic than the body alone would allow .
even people.

"let the world be without your hope, without your encouragement. if we can let the weight down, we may find we are here for a specially individual embrace. your energi is to accept the embrace that is this bestowal by Creation. your flourishing is from an intimate connection that has been born in through yuu. it is not anyone's place to see that the rest of the world flourishes, but by this it would be so ."

hahahahaha yes! this is so d u m b l y the case
i think it may be because they chase someone who in a way excites them, despite any cost , and for these the others simply don't excite
(though excite may be too strong of a word, here)

so this excitement is more to them than even being cared for .

to her point, i also don't like when people hit on me at work and i'm a male. but i think what the picture is supposed to illustrate is that an ugly woman gets hit on

see also
my original post heer3

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the thrill of being killed pleasurably .

>quality sites
no such thing.
Dating websites and apps are for the lowest common dominator. No one worth being in a relationship with uses one.

So fucking true that second greentext part.
So. Fucking. True.
I literally stopped asking my friends for advice because of convos like that.