Mom gave me "the talk" again

>mom gave me "the talk" again
How do I make her understand that I'm not a socially retarded autist by choice? That no matter how much she repeats "just talk to people, it's easy" or "it's a matter of practice", I won't magically become a well adjusted adult?

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just say you would prefer to continue like this rather than put in the effort to improve, and if she says you can only live like this because she's paying all your expenses, threaten to accept being kicked out. she won't cross that line, but there's nothing else she can do to progress the argument.

>mom asked me if I'm depressed again
yea but it's not like I'm gonna just tell you
bitch gotta earn it

>she won't cross that line

I wouldn't bite the hand that feeds you. Some people aren't gonna put up with a NEET son for life.

you gotta believe she won't. call her bluff and you own her. she's not so heartless that she'll let you starve in the elements

This is terrible advice. In the best case, he looks like a piece of shit, only tolerated out of obligation. Worst case he's homeless and estranged from his parents.

his mom is trying to reform him. he either has to endure "the talk" indefinitely, pretend to make an effort to appease her, or put her in her place.

Let's not pretend he isn't a piece of shit tolerated out of obligation. Might as well accept it, make her accept it, stop the conflict, and then do what he can to not let the burden he puts on his parent's house be felt too much.

Or he could take steps to improve his situation. That might be a good idea. Make himself less miserable.

>taking his mom's side

dude seriously? I mean, I agree, but we're not talking to this user to tell him to listen to his mom, we're here to stabilize his position as the worthless neet he has chosen to be.

>it's a matter of practice
you're mom has a point. getting started and through the initial stages of discomfort is the hardest.

Don't complain, it's pointless. Especially to women. It shows that you're a manchild who can't handle his own sh... Oh wait.

can you believe the normalfags on this board user? It's like they didn't even read your post

eat her fucking heart in front of her

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If you ever have a problem dealing with old people just lie. No matter the situation.

Listen to your mother. It may not be easy, but you can take steps to improve your life. You're not living life to the fullest of your potential.

>"it's a matter of practice"
but this is accurate

mom is the only one who understands my anxiety we have a horrid relationship because we are so similar. i feel as though i cant talk to anyone else about it

I used to be in this position and being honest worked out the best in my case. I explained my situation and asked for professional help. I don't know much about your situation but my mother was very supportive and even attended the first few sessions.

kek spoken like a true npc

Your mother is mostly correct, you are a low t fag, and social behavior can be learned by basically everyone (except those that have true mental illnesses, something you clearly don't have)

Just tell her that you are very introverted, worked for me.

But for real, how would you prefer that she reacted to this situation?

My mom thinks I have depression and wanted me to go to therapy, good thing she forgot about it. I am perfectly fine I am only having a lack of interest in my studies because I am tired and bored of them already. Doesn't help that I am studying something I don't enjoy that much

Op beat the shit out of her and rape her

You think you're supporting user, but all you're doing is enabling him to destroy his own life. Wallow in your own misery if you must; don't drag others down along with you.

You're probably american, so at least be glad you live in a country where talking to random people is acceptable and normal, fag. I don't even get that chance.