Bro, what?

Bro, what?
Virginity is an epidemic

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And that's just the ones who aren't lying about it.

Thanks to feminism, women have 100% freedom. And that means total freedom to date and talk to whoever they want. Believe it or not, I am not in that 30%. I ended up losing my virginity to a 2/10 back in 2017. I did not want to wait because I knew that I would never be able to date anybody else.

Does it count when i did it condoms on

Assume men overreport sex. Assume women underreport sex.

>28% male virgins
>18% female virgins
So for about every 3 male virgins theres 2 females. Looks like you incels will have to decide which one of you doesnt get the pussy

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Probably less than 10% of women are virgins at that age and with men it's likely approaching a third.

let me guess, the source: your ass

What cased the spikes before and what cased them to decrease?

post by race you faggot

If you honestly think people are honest on these kinds of surveys, there will be no convincing you.
People lie when surveyed about their diets all the fucking time in order to preserve their egos from judgement by people they don't even know, and it skews the results so badly that nutritional advice based on them is worthless. People in studies about weight loss will actively lie to the people taking surveys just to feel slightly better about themselves.
Extrapolate. Expand. Apply it to the question at hand. That's my fucking source.

hookup apps + shame-free promiscuity has led to this

there's now no social consequences for being a complete whore, the long term consequences of this are declining birth rates due to the collapse of the family unit

Not sure about the 90s and 00s, but 2008 is when the recession hit. I don't think millennials will ever recover from it.

TL;DR: I dont have a source and Im fucking retarded

Sauce would be wasted on somebody who can't read a handful of sentences without their brain fizzling out. I don't have crayon drawings for you.

I'm not surprised. I was literally a slightly weird normalfag during grade and middle school. it was only during high school where sexual selection became paramount that I became an outcast

Would those crayon drawings be devoid of a source as well?

Look, you can read. You even know words like "devoid." I'm impressed. Finish this post and you'll have proven 5 sentences isn't too long for you. Good job.

>4 sentences
>not one (1) has a source
This is... just getting sad...

You honestly want me to provide you with a source showing that people are dishonest? I'm fine swinging dicks at each other all night, but seriously, you sincerely want a citation for that one?


>since they turned 18

I'm not going to. It's ridiculous that you honestly need a source to prove that people would lie to one another.

Its even more ridiculous that you cant post a single (1) source.

It's really and truly just not.

>7 replies and 0 (zero) sources

Make it 8, Einstein.

You love me dont you

how many of the 70% have just fucked a couple of 3/10's? or a steady 3.5/10 gf? how many have less than 3 sexual experiences every year? it's way closer to 80%.

men are in crisis. srs.

Good chunk are beta providers who marry / date whores that sleep with them once then withhold sex while they sleep around with other men.

Not really. Either you're a troll, in which case I'm sorta neutrally impressed, or you're sincerely demanding that I provide a citation showing that people lie in order to protect their good image, in which case I'm actually pretty contemptuous towards you.

Hate stems from love. Admit it.

dude hes right just admit it.

I loved an idealized abstract that can never truly exist. A you that can use Google. A you that doesn't require a citation to prove basic human nature that people are universally familiar with. A you that wouldn't blindly assume the sincerity and integrity of randomized test subjects while critically trying to debunk basic reasoning. An ideal you. A you I could love and nurture.
But alas! That you never existed. And so, yes, that puppy love curdled into hate.

That isn't what that chart says though. Percentage of men/women not having sex in X timeframe is not equivalent to virgins.

I'd be very surprised if a single woman was a virgin past the age of 25, let alone 30. At that point you're looking for a damn unicorn.

All I hear is that you love me user, and that is very sweet.

>incel tears

don't jump to conclusions from a single study

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Hahaha le 27%
even I as a tranny have a boyfriend and get laid, seethe more incels

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Fact: 25 is pushing it in our culture of whores and wastrels.

>incels completely and utterly BTFO by this redditor

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Do people actually buy this nonsense? Women dont want to be respected

Maybe if you stopped focusing on the damaged ones who cry the loudest on social media, you'd find a normal woman who does.

That fits the narrative very well. Guys are so pathetic now they'll even fuck you.

This, more incels try to act all chad and that hurts them even more so then they start getting butthurt that stacey doesn't notice them because they have unrealistic standards and so go all mgtow and start bashing all women.

I'm passable, hons have no chance and ugly girls also have no chance.

>just be a good guy lol
>like just be nice lol

It's never been about all women. It's been about whores. That used to be a minority. It will be about all women when all women are whores.

>become MGTOW
>spends 24/7 on the woman-hatred forums
same with the tumblrinas
permanent sour grapes

>I'm passable, hons have no chance and ugly girls also have no chance

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>it's never been about all women
haha no

All I see is incels seethe at women.

You're a woman so you don't know what it's like to be sexually/emotionally frustrated.

I know that not all incels are the sex crazed kind but those seem to be the majority if not the vocal minority. Every woman is a whore to them because either they've been rejected by Stacey or they just daydreamed about walking up to her and dating her but never had the balls to do so, so they're bitter that women don't just throe themselves at them.

getting married btw
Seethe more

It makes sense. The poor obsess over money and the rich have the luxury of treating money cheaply.

Oh so we've devolved to posting shitty reddit posts here now? Why don't you go back?

I couldn't care less about your personal life since I just reciprocated how rude you were.

I hit on fat chicks and girls with cystic acne though, and I have a job and I'm average weight, above average height. I'm just ugly

>be genuinely nice because nobody is a dick for no reason
>get rejected a million times
>become bitter
>"ugh nice guys amirite?"

nice =/= trying too hard expecting something in return
everyone can tell your endgame, it's why they're called nice guys

I think incels are doing it wrong. They're not killing the right people. Instead of aiming that barrel at your own cranium, aim it at Chad/Stacey's faces instead. It's not quantum theory, goddamned retards

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Not really, I don't hold doors open for fat balding dudes because I expect them to pay me or fuck me.

>aim it at people who didn't develop mental illness from having their efforts unreciprocated their entire lives. the people who can lift you up.

you're not talking about chads and staceys, you're talking about promiscuous trash. chads and staceys are good people.

If I were to admit that "nice guys" exist, would you admit that women frequently string them and other men along and then gaslight them upon being called out?

This, some Chads are very kind. Some of them even offer help with women if asked, and will introduce you to some thotties they know that might be interested


Suck a shit turd slut, it has NOTHING to do with personality/character it's all BASED ON APPEARENCES.
Doesn't matter if Chad is a sadistic asshole or a benevolent fruit cake because Chad is fucking Chad, by definition he's sexy so you will go for him regardless of anything he may say or do.

Apply this example to a nonchad/uggo incels and you (should) see the point. Unless you just want to to lie and play games, you stupid bitch

Both genuinely nice and "nice" guys exist but it's easy to tell who's genuine and who isn't.

Should be the same for thots, if you cant tell the good women apart from the bad one then you just have a faulty radar.

We aren't supposed to hate each other. We were meant to be partners. They've convinced women that they don't need men, and men that they can go their "own way." They turned us against each other. Society is diseased on a spiritual level. This is the work of the enemy.

If women wanted to be respected they wouldnt be dating most men.

>Doesn't matter if Chad is a sadistic asshole or a benevolent fruit cake because Chad is fucking Chad, by definition he's sexy so you will go for him regardless of anything he may say or do.
>you will go for him regardless of anything he may say or do
Yeah, if you're a very damaged woman with 0 self-respect who was abused in her childhood, AKA 10% of the female population at most.

>Apply this example to a nonchad/uggo incels
You're using yet another extreme to make a point.

Why do you guys keep focusing on the extremes only - extreme mental illness and extreme unattractiveness?

Yeah, cos 0.1% of men date 103% of all the women, I know. I like charts with no sources drawn in MS paint too.

Im speaking from personal experience you retard. Who are the people who are least successful in my friend group? Who are the most? Have I had more sex when I respected women or not? Its so obvious. You are either baiting or double digit IQ.

>Who are the people who are least successful in my friend group?
So stop hanging out with shitty people to places where shitty people go. You are becoming one yourself judging by the fumes coming out of your posts, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Even if this study is altered, why would they even do that ? Why would an institution alter their results to show a increase in male virginity ? It doesn't make sense, this type of information isn't valuable to anyone, I don't even know why they make surveys about this

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>Why would someone be not as good at asking questions that won't skew the results?

Happens all the time in surveys. Very few agencies know how to ask questions that won't produce unintended hype.

It's not a conspiracy, it was probably unintentional. I'd like to read the questions they asked if someone can provide a direct link to the General Social Survey.

I don't how you can mess up such a single survey, it's two simple yes or no questions
>are you older than 18 ?
>are you a virgin
Those are the two questions you need to ask. Maybe I'm applying a very simplistic view to a highly complex task, but I don't see how you could fuck up such a simple survey.

>men under age 30

welp only a few more months until I'm no longer included in this statistic. wonder what the numbers are like for over 30s

Thank god I lost mine. Was concerned there for a moment.

Fun and friendly/r9k/ discord! Join now for fun!!



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For the life of me I can't find it on the GSS site.

The image posted here started circulating on twitter. It looks like a meme chart drawn by someone who interpreted the results god knows how.

Here is what a legitimate GSS paper on the topic looks like:

>i'm sooo traditional i want a virgin waifu and we will be virgems together and lose it together on our wedding night while a romantic anime ost plays:)
>wait..i can't fuck other girls first?

You're saying an incel meme chart is fake? Blasphemy!

The dude who made it probably read statistics on men 18-30 who haven't had sex WITH WOMEN in the past YEAR and went... Well no one gives a shit, I didn't get laid this year either. But... If I hype it up and say men 18-30 who are virgins. Now THAT would be decent clickbait.

Also conveniently omit the "18-30" part and say virgin == incel and you can say 28% of men are incels.

or he was like "guys didn't have sex the WHOLE YEAR? LOL!!! THEY MUST BE INCELS ANYWAY"

user this is bewteen 18 and 30. They probably had sex before becoming 18 and now they got a wife that dont give them sex.
They are not us, they are normalfags