Are you male anons going to settle when the time comes?

Are you male anons going to settle when the time comes?

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Absolutely not
I never settle for shit if it doesn't meet my standards

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I first saw this pic in high school and it has unironically altered how I planned out my life.

I'll settle for being alone.

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>make money in the hopes it will attract women
>be surprised the only women you attract just want you for your money
Pro tip: never do anything for women.

This. If women are your entire reason for doing anything then you are not in control of your own happiness or fulfillment. You've basically turned yourself into a serf looking for a master to please.

this. i've accepted that i will be alone the rest of my life.

The important thing is actually accepting that and not just giving into despair of effecting any positive changes in your life. The difference is that somebody who has accepted it doesn't obsess over women or feel angst over being alone, they have other goals they aim for instead.

Most of you are larping the MGTOW meme anyway.
Ya'll go back to blue-pilled mode anyday.

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MGTOW are like kids who pretend to run away from home for attention. Nobody who willingly associates with that pseudo-ideology has any intention of living alone, it's just a ploy to get female attention. They are, to a one, obsessed with women. That's why they subscribe to a "movement" that defines itself by its relationship to women.

Instead of joining a hobbyist group that's actually focused on literally anything else besides women.

How did it alter?

I was technically on the other end of this scenario. Had a LTR with an absolute freak in bed, did pretty much everything and fulfilled all of my sexual fantasies with her. She left me for him, but knowing what we previously had done and that she was an immense downer outside of the sex helped me get over it.

Kept me from cucking myself twice

Greentext it my guy

it's better to be alone than to be with some used up whore.

Helped him to delude himself that anyone would betabux settle for an unwashed NEET who lived at momma's.

I'm too fat to really be with anyone. Hypothetically speaking if I had money and was good looking I still wouldn't get married because of trust issues. I've been fucked over so many times that it would be asinine to trust a woman no matter how long I've known them.

I'll leave the romance to anime and entertainment. I enjoy it plenty in there but that's it. Also Yuri.
I'm not really mgtow more I can't get girls and even if I could physically my own personality would stop it from happening.

my only goal is the suffering of normalfags that ruinned everything including this board since trump got elected

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Give me yuri recommendations fat user.

I really want a middle aged asian gf, I love asian mommies. Too bad they're pretty much all married and don't have sex drives

This comic frightens me.

Marriage is retarded so, no.

I have zero interest in being with anyone.
My family seems to think you need to have someone in your life to be truly happy.
Why are normies such sex obsessed deviants?
"Hey bro. Get laid yet?"
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Why? The men in that comic made two enormous mistakes that no one in their right mind would make, so the chance of ending up like them are actually completely unrealistic.
1) They weren't fully aware of their wives' libido before getting married.
2) Either way, they didn't simply divorce them after finally realizing the incompatibility.

Why would any successful man settle with a used up hole

>didn't simply divorce
Yes let her have half of what you have earned genius.
The mistake is getting married with a non-virgin.

I guess I took it for granted that they had signed a prenup or lived in a country without oppressive marriage laws. If not that was a third mistake of theirs.

Because some men are extremely pathetic.

Here it is, visualized.

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Sorry am at work, here's a few off the top of my head
>Strawberry panic
Staple Yuri anime I had to adjust to the art style but if you're an autist who enjoys romance you can get into this
There's a high school and a college continuation so start with high school
Pretty funny even though I'm not into loli it's a nice read for anyone
Go to dynasty scans for all your Yuri needs. If you want more specific Yuri let me know, like age gap or office lady or some shit I can name a few more.

"fembot" threads are total cancer

And that's ALLEGEDLY the woman-hater forums.

Imagine actual non-seething incels in real life.

I guess I technically qualify as an incel (never had any girls interested in me and the only time I tried I got friendzoned) but holy shit I can't imagine unironically using incel terminology or voicing incel philosophy IRL, and I don't even know how I would react if I heard a real person actually say them

This article came out where I live so I was explaining a little about it to one of my friends, and holy shit it felt so weird and uncomfortable to do so. Even though incel at its core is just a status, it's hard to believe that people who voice the concepts actually exist

And I say this as a person that would be deemed genetically undesirable in the physical sense in practically every single way except maybe face

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nah, I never bothered investing in a career or saving money so bitches won't even want me as a provider lel

Your "comic" is utter shit. Stop spamming it.

I was extremely surprised when I saw these Beta losers on Jow Forums begging "Fembots" for contact address and getting in touch.
First I thought it was just like LARP and its ironic but then I realized there is enormous ammount of these pathetic losers even here who would literally do anything for even chance of talking to HOLE.
Like its incredible ammount of these pathetic idiots who are salvinating over HOLEs even if they are not 100% sure its real female enough that they just write "teehee fembot here" 100 of them just out of nowhere begging like starving dogs.

I really want to shot these pathetic niggers in head like pathetic slime they are. Jesus Fuck
Not even surprised about stuff like Belle Delphine making 100k a month when there is literally hordes of these losers giving their hard earn money to some E WHORE for not even nude pictures.

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I was married once in my early 20s, I really do not think I could do it again. To me loneliness >>>>>>>>> day to day misery of that marriage >>>>>>>>> feeling like shit after it is over

I will find fulfillment and joy somehow

kek I love those "cash piggy" dommes
imagine making millions of shekels from pathetic losers who WANT you to deny them attention and degrade them

bad parenting

Fun and friendly Jow Forums discord. Join now for frens!!



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I've come in terms with the fact I was not meant for this world. I have no desire to pro create or be in a relationship. I only want to get rich to leab comfortably and further avoid people. Some of us had to repress our feelings for so long we began suppressing even the postice ones.

Irredeemable and sagging, by then she'll deserve me.

pill me on this server.

As long as she gives me children and is a good mother to them.

Well when get rich I can just bang them right? I don't have to get married. They can be no good whores for all I care. As long as I use protection I'm good.

Because reproduction it's a common thing in being alive.
The true is that if you can't attract a mate you are a failure, unfit , weak and there's something wrong with you.

Basically this.
Remember to have many kids in case some of them come defective and you have to take them out

Can't forget Sasameki Koto, my good man

If I can find a loving wife who would make a good mother, sure.

if not, I'll be the rich uncle who does cool shit when my brother and sister are raising their own families

Looking at how some people live in loveless marriages, working like a slave to appease some harpy who doesnt even welcome you when you get home and is repulsed by your existence and constantly shits on you to your kids before inevitably divorcing me and taking half of my shit is something I dont want.

Nah fuck women I'm gonna blingblingmaxx and hide my sadness under layers of being a fucking retard

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