Throw me down an undiscovered rabbit hole robots

Throw me down an undiscovered rabbit hole robots.

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There is a ring of people controlling what memes get made popular on the more normal social medias any and all meme that sprung up from nowhere was actually made by them privately then they decided to release it to the normals

if i discover one, ill be sure not to throw you down one

Quite interesting, so what youre saying is someone controls meme popularity between normies probably for profit?

There have been threads here but checking out foreign radio stations is pretty fun. And makes you realize how godawful american stations are


The world is run by luciferian child rapists.

Have suspected this for a while. A lot of the memes in recent years have seemed inorganic and agenda driven.

i meant with some actual shit to see not schizophrenic propaganda

The climate change hysteria is being pushed by subversive and powerful organizations intent on establishing a one world socialist totalitarian system.

thanks bro actually got me listening to J-pop powerplay kawaii

climate change is rreal fuck you

Nice conditioned response

Clone my brain/spinal cord and then connect us to a digitally rendered computer software virtual reality game world. Make thousands of clones of us and let us spend thousands of years in anthropomorphic cat world simulation. I MEAN IT!!

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Absolutely for profit. You can actually get people to pay you for advertising their stuff on your page so if they got several accounts to the center of attention by posting the right memes at the right time they can get several thousands of dollars from posting pictures on the internet

Theres a group of people in r9k dedicated to ruining your lives just for some laughs.

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Come here for ther best nudes! Hot femaless and traps

discord gg/dmB39ty

Very good conspiracy friend. thanks.

why why why why

I can see that happening,yes

Just like we're back in highschool right?

Ive gotten enough information about people here to [redacted] and I enjoy it.

this is all bullshit. I know people that are big on twitter and other social media websites (15k-100k+ followers) and they're just throwing shit at the wall, or in this case our timeline, to see what sticks. if people like it, more ppl will create content related to it.

Lotteries are traps for time travelers.

>Why why why why


This one has to be true I remember the clownworld memes literally started overnight. like I was on Jow Forums and everything was normal for Jow Forums standards. then I went to bed for 8 hour's got up and went back on Jow Forums the entire catalog was clown Pepe's and people saying honk honk I was extremely confused.

>being stuck in a minecraft server for a thousand years
imagine the smell

You are a sheep. Do your own research and stray from the hive mind.